Chapter News
July 2007


The July meeting of the Smoky Mountain Chapter of the AMS was held on Monday night, the 23rd. Around 25 people met at Knoxville's McGhee Tyson airport for a tour of the 134th Air Refueling Wing (Tennessee Air National Guard). Our host was First Lieutenant Jaime Oakley (Wing Executive Officer). This tour started with a greeting by Colonel Timothy Dearing (134th Refueling Wing Commander) and a briefing by Major Elizabeth Matthews (one of the pilots in the 134th) on the overall mission of the Air Refueling Wing and how they obtain weather information. Everyone was then shuttled by Master Sergeant Randy Patterson to one of the hangars to get an in-depth tour of one of the refueling planes (type: KC135) by Senior Master Sergeant Jeffrey Stewardson (Aircraft Mechanic Supervisor).---David Gafffin.


           Initial briefing by Lt. Jaime Oakley.                                                       Full view of the KC135 refueling plane in the hangar. 


Major Elizabeth Matthews explaining about the cockpit of the plane.     The back of the plane where the refueling boom operator works.

 The refueling boom in the back of the plane.                                                                 



Puerto Rico Weather Camp 2007

              The NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences (NCAS) at UPRM, in collaboration with the Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorological Program of the Department of Physics and the UPRM Student Chapter of the AMS hosted the First Weather Camp from July 16th - July 20th. This summer camp aimed for junior and senior high school students, provided students with the opportunity to explore the field of atmospheric sciences, meteorology as well as other related fields including oceanography and environmental sciences. Through interactive hands-on activities and field trips, students gained knowledge and insight into: Meteorological Phenomena, Global Climate Issues, and Applied Physical Sciences. This camp was located at the UPR Mayagüez Campus at no cost to participants.


Freshmen Week Orientation

              On July 31st we gave a presentation of our chapter to encourage freshmen students from the College of Arts and Sciences of UPRM to become members of our chapter. We told the students the objectives of our chapter and the advantages of being in the UPRM Student Chapter of the AMS. We also presented weather experiments to the students.---Nestor Flecha.


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