Chapter News
February 2010


Meeting date: 2/02/10

Meeting in Session: 9:02pm

Meeting Adjourned: 9:30pm

Presidents Report: Conferences: Great Lakes Weather Conference in Valparaiso IN March 20 register by Feb 26 registration is $50

Severe Storm and Doppler Radar Conference in W. Des Moines IA March 25-27 register b march 13 Registration is $75

Vice President’s Report:  Committees

Committee reports:

Public relations: We need people to sign up to talk to a 7th grade class, there are 3 times that would work on what ever day we want. Thursday or Friday of any week. 915-1001 1227-113 West intermediate 7th grade.  We need to make a new powerpoint.

91.7 might broadcast our meeting times as advertisement.

Conferences:. See above in Presidents report.

Activities: Friday 26th of Feb Ski trip to Caberfae Peaks, $20 to get a lift ticket and rentals, or just $10 for a lift ticket.

Bowling Feb 16th Chippewa lanes. There will be pizza like always.

Jobs/internships:. Check out the board.

Fundraising: La Senioritas dates(march 17 or march 31). Other restaurant ideas: Papa Johns or Bennigans. Scott’s idea: Beer pint glasses that we mentioned last time. Bring in designs next time

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking: $5.92

Savings: $3690.81

Secretary’s Report: Please make sure you sign the attendance sheet that is going around. Attendance is important to the club. If you miss more than two meetings (unexcused) you will have to repay your dues. Please e-mail SCAMS or Secretary if you are going to miss.

SGA Report: Up all night has a lot of fun activities Feb 27, if you want to volunteer then go see Sara.

Help for Hati with the Redcross.

Breast cancer awareness Feb. 14 during basketball game. Wear pink if you go.

Amnesty passed, CMU looks the other way if you go to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. Encourages people to go get help if they need it.



T-shirts: if you signed up come and get it or if you forgot then we have a list for you to check.

Cort got around to compiling the numbers that they spent in Atlanta ($628.88).  Would like to ask SCAMS to reimburse a fraction of the cost $200 total $100 each. Motion passed.


Meeting date: 2/09/10

Meeting in Session: 9:00pm

Meeting Adjourned: 9:37pm

Presidents Report: Bowling Feb. 16 at 9pm

MOS data with Dr. P Feb. 23 at 8pm

Skiing Feb. 26 at 3pm

Valparaiso conference march 20

Iowa conference march 25-27

Senior banquet April 27th at 6pm will take place of a meeting

Vice President’s Report:  Committees

Committee reports:

Public relations: If you are going to be in the groups speaking at Western Intermediate School meet in the Moore lot, if you are really interested in going then talk to Brandi after the meeting

Conferences: see presidents report

Activities: next week bowling instead of a meeting, at Chippewa lanes

Feb 26 skiing at Caberfae $20 to ski and rent, chip in for gas meet at 3pm in Moore lot

Possibly sledding on the 19th

Euchre on Thursday day nights.

Jobs/internships: Job board is updated

Fundraising: March 17th at La Senoritas, get 20% of the bill but we have to make at least $300

Papa Johns easy way to make $100 sell coupons for $5 we get $4

Bennigans April 5 or April 12

Pint Glasses vote on the image: lightning bolt wins

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking $45.92

Savings $3450.81

Secretary’s Report: Make sure to sign the attendance.

SGA Report: US census person came in to talk and explain everything that goes on/all the rules

SGA flyer detailing what went on last semester, if you want to read it stop by Sara after meeting

Parking on campus statistics, they wanted to know how to make the campus parking better, ideas should go to

Valentines Day dress in pink for the basketball game: Pink Zone Sunday Feb 14 CMU vs NIU

Webmaster: added events calendar to the website.


Still have t-shirts


Meeting date: 2/23/10

Meeting in Session: 9:00pm

Meeting Adjourned: 9:25pm

Presidents Report: on March 16 Kim will come and do a presentation on Grad school

MOS data with Dr. P moved to March 2 at 8pm

Skiing Feb. 26 at 3pm

Valparaiso conference march 20

Iowa conference march 25-27

Adopt-a-highway April 11th, kickball/picnic April 9th

Senior banquet April 27th at 6pm will take place of a meeting

Vice President’s Report/Committee reports:

Public relations: If you spoke at the Western Intermediate School please stay after to sign your name on a cloud chart that will be a gift to the class.

Conferences: see presidents report

Activities: This Friday Feb 26 skiing at Caberfae $20 to ski and rent, chip in for gas meet at 3pm in Moore lot

Skating Sunday march 28

Euchre on Thursday day nights.

Jobs/internships: Job board is updated

Fundraising: March 17th at La Senoritas, get 20% of the bill but we have to make at least $300

Papa Johns easy way to make $100 sell coupons for $5 we get $4

Bennigans April 5 or April 12

Pint Glasses vote on the image: lightning bolt wins

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking $41.61

Savings $3471.81

Secretary’s Report: Please sign the attendance sheet.

SGA Report: SOS forms are now online so that students can get personal reviews of the professor/classes

If you want to run for VP or President of SGA then talk to Sara

Webmaster: nothing new

OPEN FLOOR:  vote for investing in a vinyl banner for the club, it would cost around $50-65 (36 voted for).

vote to use $10 of SCAMS money to  make a basket to donate to the mobile food bank that helps people in Mount Pleasant who are below the poverty line.  (38 voted for).---Jenny Frautschy.



February 5, 2010 

Alumni Weekend

-The tentative weekend we’re looking at is the weekend of April 24th

-A poll will be sent to alumni asking their preferences for a weekend

-We’re going to need help folding envelopes on Monday, February 15th @ 4:30 p.m. in the reading room. The more people help, the easier it will be.


-35th Annual Northeast Storms Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY

              -Registration Fee: $125/student

              -Registration Deadline: Friday February 12th

-Great Lakes Atmospheric Science Symposium

              -Registration Fee: $30/student (an extra $12 for lunch and $25 for dinner)

              -Registration Deadline: April 3rd

-Feedback from the AMS conference in Atlanta

A Possible Cornell “Weather Fest”

-We’re thinking of the possibility of putting together a sort of afternoon program at elementary schools that would demonstrate how science can be fun and interesting.

-We’re also thinking about the possibility of collaborations with other departments (e.g. natural resources, astronomy, chemistry etc.) and other clubs.

-We’re going to need a lot of help and participation to make this a reality!

-There is also the possibility of getting funding from the university if we’re able to develop this project.

Severe Weather Awareness

-In terms of community outreach, we’re looking into putting together tables for information distribution on severe weather awareness (similar to past with tables outside of P&C).


-We need people to write articles for Ithacation. If you’ve done research or just want to write about any weather related topic, write up a short blurb and send it to Julia (jlw226) or Katie (kv57).

Cornell Daily Sun

-We would really like to also have people write meteorology articles for the Cornell Daily Sun. It would be a great opportunity to get the greater Cornell community interested in weather. Contact Julia if you’re interested (jlw226).

CCAMS Apparel

-We will have new forms available soon for another round of apparel orders. The selection will basically be the same as last time.

2011 Great Lakes Conference

-There is a possibility of Cornell hosting the nest Great Lakes Conference during spring break of 2011. It is especially important for students to also be present during the event. This would be a terrific opportunity!

Meteorology Internships, Scholarships and Graduate Programs

-There is a lot of interest into putting together a collective source of information about internships, scholarships, and graduate programs to further facilitate the search process many of us go through.

-If you have good information or sources, or have had an experience in any of these programs, let us know.

-Also, be sure to regularly check the bulletin board outside the classroom for new updates on various programs and scholarships.

-We’re also looking into the possibility of arranging a club email to contact alumni in hopes of later being in a position for students to contact them at a later time if those involved are so inclined.


-ICTV is a program over at Ithaca College where students create shows. There are opportunities to get involved in the weather broadcasting positions that they have.

-If you’re interested in broadcasting, this is really a great program to get involved with.

-Email Morgan (mam323) for information/advice or if you have any questions.

Athletics Forecasting

-We need people to give weather forecasts for spring sports this semester (baseball, softball, and men’s/women’s lacrosse).

-Three forecasters are needed to make about 2 forecasts a week.

-Contact Chris if you’re interested (cmc254).

We will be having another meeting for those interested in the Cornell “Weather Fest” idea and Severe Weather Awareness on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH ---Lisa Bacis.



Meeting Minutes – Winter Weather Forum

February 1st, 2010

National Weather Service, Mount Holly, New Jersey 




February Newsletter.---Andrea Bleistein and Samantha Segall.



The Emerald Coast Chapter of the AMS met at the 46th Weather Squadron at Eglin AFB on Feb 26.  The meeting begin with a brief discussion of chapter business.  Nine people were in attendance, and dues was collected for four new members.  During the meeting the 46th Weather Squadron commander, Lt Col Tamara Parsons, and the 46th Weather Squadron Director of Operations, Major Ed Harris, discussed their unit mission.  Then, we had a brief tour of the weather forecast operations area, and learned about all the weather observations sensors on the Eglin AFB range.  We also discussed potential future meeting topics and locations.---Dave Biggar.



The High Plains AMS Chapter met at the Town and County Kitchen in Norton, KS on February 3rd.  We met at 11:30 am and enjoyed a tasty lunch prior to our business meeting.  17 members and guests were present.  After our meeting, Al Pietrycha/SOO from GLD shared a report he and GLD Lead Forecaster, Mick McGuire, had recently put together after visiting 4 nearby WFO’s, and discussing how the Mesoanalyst position was used in each office during severe weather.  The report was not only informative, but revealed there is quite a difference in how each office conducts severe weather operations.  Much discussion followed, and many ideas were exchanged.  


Treasurer Matt Masek/LBF gave a report of the treasury, which is fiscally sound.  Some 2010 dues were collected at this meeting, and all members are encouraged to send your $15 dues to Matt Masek (or our new Treasurer) ASAP.  The committee overseeing the Jim Johnson Scholarship consists of Chris Foltz/GLD/Chairman, Jennifer Ritterling/DDC, Teresa Keck/LBF and Scott Bryant/GID.   Letters to students will be going out soon, and Chris Foltz was going to send information to our webmaster, Jared Guyer/SPC, so someone going to our website could find out how to apply for the Jim Johnson Scholarship.  Christina Henderson/GLD sent a first version of our Chapter poster, and asked for anyone’s input.

President Mike Umscheid/DDC updated everyone present on the upcoming HP14 conference to be held in Dodge City, Aug 12-13th.  We have secured 3 keynote speakers:  Dr Pam Heinselmen/NSSL, Don Burgess/OU_CIMMS, and “Doppler” Dave Oliver/KFDA-TV 10, a CBS affiliated television station in Amarillo, Texas.  This conference will be held at Dodge City Community College.  Hotel rooms have been blocked/reserved at both the Holiday Inn Express and Comfort Inn, under the name “National Weather Service/National Weather Association”, with other hotel information available.

All conference information will be posted on our Chapter Website soon, .  Our chapter will also post conference information on Facebook, as an event.  There will be a Wednesday afternoon workshop prior to our conference, centered on “Local Modeling”. 

Officers were elected for 2010:  President – Mike Umscheid/DDC;  Vice President – Al Pietrycha/GLD;  Treasurer – Cory King/GID; and Secretary – Tim Burke/DDC.  The next scheduled meeting is in mid April.---Tim Burke.



Meeting Summary

Feb. 16, 2010

Our first meeting for 2010 was called to order at approximately 7:15 PM on a cool and snowy night at the NWSFO Indianapolis.  Despite the weather, 17 members were in attendance.

After the announcements and business portion of the meeting, attendees were treated to a presentation by Joe Nield (NWSFO Indianapolis) about the Great Blizzard of 1978.  This storm was arguably the worst winter storm to affect Indiana in the past 100 years.  More than 15” of snow fell at Indianapolis, and transportation and commerce were paralyzed throughout the state.  Impacts were also severe in portions of Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio, where the lowest non-tropical air pressure on record was observed in Cleveland (958 mb) as the storm passed by early on January 26, 1978.  As might be expected, winds with the storm were extreme, topping 80 mph in some places.

Following a Q-and-A period after the presentation, attendees were treated to a tour of the newly renovated NWSFO facility.  Meeting adjourned around 9:00 PM.  Next event is the 2010 Central Indiana Weather Symposium on 3/13/2010.  Next regular meeting is scheduled for 4/21/2010, details TBD.---Dave Call.



Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 

Start Time: 7:03pm

After welcoming the attending members, President Hatteberg introduced JoBeth Minniear for a presentation about her CMMAP internship this past summer.


CMMAP stands for Center for Multiscale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes; JoBeth was located at Colorado State University in Ft Collins, CO. The CMMAP internship provides research experience and pays travel costs, housing, food, and a stipend.

To be eligible for this internship, you must have completed at least one year of college, have a GPA of or above 3.0, have an interest in learning about climate and weather, and be considering a career in atmospheric sciences or a related field. Students should apply because you get to participate in cutting-edge research and work with world renowned Atmospheric Science faculty. This research experience provides insight to what graduate school is like and helps students gain professional development skills. It will also help students be a more competitive candidate for graduate school and the workforce.

During the internship, JoBeth plotted many variables associated with a high resolution tropical convection system. She also plotted the CAPE and CIN at the surface level of the simulation to find which level of the atmosphere should be used to calculate these severe weather indices. Her research was important because these processes are the reason clouds exist. It may also help improve forecasts in the future.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this research opportunity, please contact JoBeth at 

President Hatteberg


Spring clothing orders are right around the corner, so we looked at two different designs for this year’s t-shirt. Our shirt this year will have “I survived Winter ‘09-‘10…”, and “…and now we will survive the floods” will be on the back with a graphic. Watch for an email with more information about where to sign up and shirt prices.

There will be two NWS Storm Spotter Trainings in the month of March at Iowa State University. The Beginner’s training will be Thursday, March 4th at 7:00pm in 4-H Building on campus. The Advanced training will be Tuesday, March 23rd at 7:00 pm in 2050 Agronomy. Rod Donovan will likely be leading the Advanced Training. Everyone should go if possible for a reminder on severe weather. These sessions last about an hour and are free to everyone. Email Rachel at with questions.


Roger Wakimoto of NCAR will be coming to talk to the AMS on Tuesday, March 9th at 1:30 in Agronomy 3140. He is coming to give a seminar talk and will give us an hour long talk earlier in the day. Dr. Wakimoto was a student of Dr. Fujita, and we are very excited to have him.

There will be a Weather Radio Programming Event with the NWA on Saturday, April 24th at HyVee. We will have a table set up by the door and there will be a display of Weather Radios right by us so the public can buy a radio and then get it programmed. The cabinet has also been discussing a weather radio programming event for ISU. More updates to come.

We are almost ready to start putting up the signs and protective coverings for Storm Ready. A sign-up sheet went around, so please email Rachel ( if you are interested in helping out with this.

Vice President Hoffman


The 14th Annual Severe Storms and Doppler Radar Conference in Des Moines, IA is March 25-27 this year. The non-member student rate is $75 and member rate is $55. We are trying for partial reimbursements again this year from LAS and will find out how much we will be reimbursed soon. If you want to go to the conference and get reimbursed, you HAVE to pay the conference fee by Monday, March 1st. Please drop off money at AMS Mailbox in 2101 Agronomy or pay Justin. A sign-up sheet went around for the reimbursements, so if you were not able to attend the meeting, please send Justin ( your permanent address so he can reimburse you. The hotel will be $105 per room per night, and four to five people will be in each room. Please email Matt if you have a preference with whom you will be rooming.

The Alumni Luncheon during the conference will be Friday, March 26th at 11:00 am. It is only $5 for lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery in Des Moines. Please pay Justin and fill out the form. Checks should be payable to ISU AMS.

We are currently making plans for the AMS Table at VEISHA. Matt will be emailing our contact for this about getting our table in the LAS tent again this year. Please send Matt any ideas new ideas for our table. There will be more information about this at our next meeting.

Iowa State Meteorology window clings are still $5. We sold two today!!! Whoo!

Treasurer Wittrock

Our current balance is $4580.

Please pay any dues you still owe: WxChallenge, broomball, curling, and Cy’s Eyes on the Skies all still have people who need to pay! Please pay by March 1st!

Sophomore Chair Effertz

The Spring Break Destination is Norman, OK, and Galveston, TX. We will be going to the National Weather Center (including the SPC and NSSL labs); Space Flight Forecast Center at the Johnston Space Center; and a Houston TV station. The total cost will be around $2600, and nine people are going on the trip. It was moved and passed to give $300 towards the trip.

Secretary Minniear


The NWA of Central Iowa asked for help at one of their fundraising events. They will be working the concessions at the Women’s Basketball game on Saturday, February 27th. Thank you to those who are willing to volunteer your time!


Social Chair Witter


Coed Volleyball, Coed Broomball, and Coed Softball are now open for intramurals. If you are interested in playing any of these, please email Rachael at The dues for broomball are $5. If you sign up for broomball, you need to pay even if you do not actually play. Please consider this before you sign up! Volleyball and softball are FREE!

Our next social event will be Vegas Night! There will be poker, blackjack, and other card games. We will be using the commons area in Agronomy so we can use the round tables. A date has not yet been set, but watch for emails with updates.

Academic Chair Rabideau

The Poster Contest forms have been updated and sent out. The forms included the official rules, tips for good posters, prizes, deadline, etc. They are due April 6th, which is the Tuesday of Severe Weather Awareness Week. It was a lot of fun to judge these last years, so if you are interested in being in the judging committee, please email Shannon at

Please check online for class lists and review leaders. Email Shannon if you have not gotten an email from your review leader. Please send your review session leaders your exam dates so they can set up a review session.

Please continue posting questions on the forums, especially for exams and homework! This is a great resource to get help from faculty and other students!

Check out the Career page for updates. Many REU and scholarship deadlines are coming up. If you are interested in the Military, there is a scholarship for meteorology that pays a very large part of your tuition. Please check this out if interested.

Webmaster Carletta

You can sign up for the forums at . Please email Nick at for any problems with the website.


Historian Lueck

Please send all photos to Ryan ( or upload at You can also upload the photos to the AMS group on Facebook. There were sadly no pictures from skiing, but were some from hockey game at Dave’s. Check out the Facebook page for these!

There are fun weather tidbits for the “This Week in Weather History” in 3008! These are changed weekly, so check them out often!

The AMS Scrapbook has been started, and we have now seen proof of this. There are a few pages done, so ask Ryan to see the awesome ISU AMS Scrapbook!

Cy's Eyes on the Skies

Cy’s Eyes is going very well. We have had some problems getting into studio on time due to supervisor being late, but things are going smoothly otherwise. Please pay your dues as soon as possible!!

There will be a critique session on Tuesday, March 2nd. You don’t have to be a member of Cy’s Eyes to come. Please come if possible as the broadcasters would like an outsider’s opinion on their tapes also.

Radar Workshop

There will be an introductory radar workshop with Andy Mair and Ryan Alliss coming up soon. This is for beginners and is about how to use GR2 Analysis. This is a great opportunity to get some experience with GR2!

Scott Lincoln and several other grad students at ISU have altered the GR2 program for the Radar Workshop at the Storm Conference. They asked us if we would be willing to test this out before the conference, so we will be doing this on March 8 at 4:30 pm. We would like at least 10 people to come to this if possible. This is a good chance to practice issuing storm warnings, and you will get to see the actual results right after.

Tornado Chasing Information Session

Since we live in Iowa and (most of us) love storms, we will be holding a tornado chasing information session. This will cover chasing tips, safety, and cover the basics for chasing. We will talk about what to bring with you chasing, things to be aware of when chasing with group and the forecasting of severe weather days. The ISU AMS does not have an official chasing club, but there is a discussion group on the Forums for those who would like to chase.

WxChallenge update

Ryan Alliss has updated the ISU WxChallenge page, so check out the new, sleek look! In the results section on this website, the yellow shading is people who are eligible for end of year challenge. Please try to remember to forecast daily, or you will be bringing our team down in the rankings.

Forecast Discussions have been moved to Monday at 4pm in Agron 3128. This is a great opportunity to see how upperclassmen and faculty forecast.

Past President Hobbs

Justin Wittrock won the last period of the Iowa Forecasting Contest, and we are now forecasting for Mason City. You can still join this contest! Email Jon at if you would like to join.

As this is Jon’s last year at ISU, we would like to have a small party to thank him for all his help in the past years. He has been here about eight years now, and has helped us out immensely with all aspects of the club. This party will tentatively be set for our last meeting.

Outreach Chair Suess


Science Bound, an outreach event at Iowa State, will be Saturday, February 27th from 9:45 -10:45am. Please sign-up if you are interested in helping. This will be held in Agron 3128 and 3140. We will be playing around with tornado generator online in one room and watching tornado videos in other room. Please help if you can!

The Walnut Hills Elementary Science Event will be Friday, March 5th. Please help if at all possible! We will be giving a 45 talk to 3rd graders about different aspects of meteorology. Please watch for an email with updates.

Calendars are available $10 now. If you would still like to join the calendar committee, email Liz at Our next meeting will be Tuesday, March 2nd or Thursday, March 4th at 5pm. Please watch for an email update from Liz.

KaleidoQuiz Update


KQ is March5-6th this year, and for those who have not heard about it before, KQ is a 26 hour quiz show on the radio. We need as much help as possible! If you have friends that would like to join our team, please have them email Liz ( with contact information. Please do not sign up if you cannot commit your time. KQ is really fun if everyone participates, and Liz would really like to have 5-10 people for any given time. Please email Liz with any questions.

It was motioned and passed to reimburse Liz for the registration fee for KQ. It was also motioned and passed to give up to $125 to our team for travel costs.

End Time: 8:16pm.---JoBeth Minniear.



The February 2010 meeting of the Kansas City Chapter of the American Meteorological Society was called to order at 630 pm on February 18, 2010 at the Ameristar Casino in Kansas City, MO.  Attendance for this meeting was around 40 members, with five new members enrolling for the rest of the year.


Chapter News/Discussion:


Several old news items were brought up during the February meeting.  The initial treasurer balance as of the 18th of February was $1261.00.  Several expenses were incurred during the past month, including travel for Greg Carbin as well as travel expenses for February 2010 speaker, Tim Samaras. 

Due to new restrictions proposed by NOAA regulations the club is in need of a projector, projector screen, speakers, laptop, and accessories.  At the January meeting, several members stepped up to to help supply the organization with these necessities.  A used laptop and pair of speakers were donated.  


New Business:


The Kansas City chapter poster was delivered at the national AMS conference by chapter member and former officer, Michael Hudson.  Michael reported that there were upwards of 12 local chapter posters with numerous compliments received on the quality of the chapter poster.  Unfortunately, the chapter did not win an award this year. 

Vice-President Joe Lauria who is also a Meteorologist at Fox4 in Kansas City, briefed the organization about the annual science fair.  The science fair will be held March 25th at Union Station near downtown Kansas City.  On average nearly 1300 students participate in the science fair with only around 10 involved in the environmental sciences.  It was proposed to donate $100 dollars to sponsor a scholarship for the environmental science winner.  The motion was passed by a majority vote.

Lastly, due to the chapter activity year coming to a fast end, a call for nominations for officers was made.  As a reminder the Kansas City AMS has a 2 term limit for members in their current leadership role.  This year will present a unique situation where all 4 current officers will no longer be allowed to serve again in their current positions.   Nominations were taken for all positions and will once again be called for at the March meeting.  Nominations can also be made by email.

Finally, John Ogren, AMS member and former Deputy Regional Director of the Central Region, presented local chapter member Suzanne Fortin (Science and Operations Officer at NWS-Kansas City/Pleasant Hill) with the national NWS Isaac M. Cline award plaque for her work in EEO and diversity management. 


February Speaker:


The February 2010 speaker was Tim Samaras. Tim is an engineer with Applied Research Associates in Colorado; and the director of the TWISTEX research experiment (Tactical Weather Instrumented Sampling in/near Tornadoes EXperiment) whose goal is to obtain near surface in situ measurements of tornadoes to better understand tornadogenesis. He has worked tirelessly to develop new and improved probes that are placed within the tornado path to sample thermodynamic variables, as well as documenting the tornado with high resolution video from within the probe itself. Tim has appeared on the most recent season of the Discovery Channel Storm Chasers series, and prior to that appeared on several National Geographic Channel series. In addition to numerous journal and conference pre-print articles, Tim has storm related DVD's in print, as well as a book Tornado Hunter available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.---Matthew Dux.



February 18, 2010

We will start nominations later

Close a week before elections

Speeches on april 13th

Wxfest great volunteer turnout

Balance $474.88

Golf tournament


Chicken breast buffet lunch (there will be beer)

Trying to mend the fences from November for this event

Thank-you Alec

As of 4:30pm Dr Barron is our presenter for banquet

March 31st, wed, 6-7 pm

Ramada is closing (no longer option)

Holiday inn next option

Bowling tournament





19th best bet

Car wash

New group, “super suds”

Easier than buckets and squeegees

Tully gym science fair- still looking for people, you get lunch

April sci fair

Origins fair and lecture series

Weather works camps

Internship hunting!!---Christina Gilbert.



The February AMS/NWA meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm by President Greg Story. He welcomed the members.  Stan Christmas gave the treasures report and showed the members “the AMS Weather Book Ultimate guide to American Weather” that will be given to the science fair winners.

Our speaker for February was Tracy Howieson, Hydrologic Services Program Manager, NWS Southern Region; Tracy gave a very interesting presentation on The NWS Regional Operations Center in Fort Worth.  Tracy outlined the Regional Operations Center (ROC) operations, the Southern Region Headquarters covers 10 states, and Puerto Rico, 32 WFO’s, 4 river forecast offices, 7 weather units (aviation) , space flight which provides weather support for the shuttles and the FAA weather training to FAA trainees.  The ROC has a program manager, tactical lead (who mentors the duty officer) the duty officer serves four weeks and comes from an office from within the region.  The last 3 days of the duty officer’s time at the ROC he/she trains the new incoming duty officer.  The mission of the ROC is to support all the NWS field offices, state and federal partners with weather and water decision support, briefings, keep stakeholders informed of any significant events.  First thing the duty officer does when he/she gets to work is to gain situational awareness throughout  the region, by checking phone messages, emails and NWS chat, creates a power point presentation for FEMA Region 6 on severe weather, winter, fire and water, how it will impact at the state and federal  level.  The duty officer also conducts a weather briefing to the region staff, and watches the news for events.

If there is a significant event the ROC also provides generalized weather briefings and will check with the WFO’s to make sure that the same message is getting out. Goal: is to provide partners with weather information to allow them to make critical decisions within disciplines.  The ROC provided Haiti with post earthquake weather support.  They provide surface forecast support for 7days, 3 times a day, 2 marine forecast, and 24 hour aviation.---Bobette Mauck.



February Chapter Minutes.---Andrew Latto.



Meeting Start: 11:10 a.m.

Treasurer’s Report:

First time conference go-ers get $5 off!

Any good conference give away ideas?-talk to Jason Davis.

Secretary’s Report:

T-shirt contest design deadline pushed back to Friday, March 19th, submit ideas to Ellen Lytle.

AMS/NWA & VUSIT combined fundraiser-will be selling Valpo Meteorology, AMS/NWA, VUSIT window clings.

Vice President’s Report:

Great Lakes Conference is March 20th:

Must register by this Friday (26th) or have to pay $15 late fee.

Register online at    (click on NWA link)

Dress attire is business casual.

Rides will be provided.

Les Lemon will be speaking the Friday before the conference at 7:30pm in KCH (March 19th)-pizza provided.

President’s Report:

New meteorology board is in the hallway!


Relay For Life is Saturday, April 10th -11th (6 p.m.-6 a.m.) at the VU arc.  Sign up for our team, Twister, at…

Relay fundraiser ideas-shaving cream fight, potluck, silent auction.

AMS/NWA Talent/No-Talent show may be at VUSIT late night.

Vote on: no discrimination by color or age by our chapter, make Treasurer also the webmaster, purchase plane ticket for Les Lemon, hotel for Les Lemon & Andy Clausen, Rental car for Andy Clausen, Strongbows catering, supplies for conference.

Meeting over: 11:25 a.m.---Lisa Meadows.



This month the Oswego State Student Chapter of the AMS has been preparing for Conferences.  We have over 40 members going to the NESC and 4 students presenting at that conference.  Also we have been getting for our Conference April 17-18, 2010 GLASS (Great Lakes Atmospheric Science Symposium).  We have been asking members at meetings to give forecast discussions to end our meetings.  Also we have put together a Club Honor Roll in which members receive points for each month based on attendance and activities.  One of our officers has also put together a Better Forecasting Bureau (BFB) in which the older students spend time with underclassman and help them learn about certain weather phenomena and how to better forecast them.---Christina Faraone.



Minutes for February 24, 2010 Rutgers University Meteorology Club  

·      President Geof Grek starts meeting.

·      President Geof Grek reminds people that permission slips for the Northeastern Storms Conference are due to Matt Drews by 2/25/2010.

·      President Geof Grek hands out Yankee Candle fundraiser. Due the week after Spring Break, and to be returned to him.

·      President Geof Grek shows the new t-shirts. Sales begin at the end of the meeting for $10 each.

·      President Geof Grek runs the Photo Competition. Only 1 photo was submitted, so the competition was postponed until next meeting.

·      President Geof Grek asks if there are any questions in regards to the Northeastern Storms Conference. Gives a brief overview in regards to what the conference is, how it works, what to wear, etc.

·      President Geof Grek presents a PowerPoint on the 7th Symposium on Space Weather (from the AMS conference)

o   New developments in NOAA SWPC - Space Weather Forecasting and Modeling

o   Coronal Mass Ejections from Multiple Viewpoints (other seminar attended) – getting a 360 degree view of the Sun (Stereo satellite project)

o   Third talk: Solar Flare Forecasts Based on Subsurface Helicity

§   Main goal of Space Weather Forecasting; currently relies on observations of the magnetic field

·      President Gepf Grek proposes ice skating trip. Vote from members present confirms interest. Will be looked into.

·      President Geof Grek announces that there will be no Weather Trivia due to shortage of members present and the fact that he is the only executive in attendance.

·      Meeting adjourned.---Jacob Carlin.



February Chapter News.---Lindsay Rice.



The Texas A&M Student Chapter of the AMS met on Tuesday, February 2, 2010. Officers discussed upcoming events for the Spring semester. Our guest speaker was Mr. Rob Liles from Trinity Consulting. Mr. Liles spoke about how to obtain meteorological careers in consulting. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 2, 2010.---Rita Matos.



President Chris Bovitz called the February 2010 meeting of the Chapter to order at 7:00pm on January 16, 2010.  Vice-president Matt Friedlein, Secretary-Treasurer Bryan Howell and Newsletter Editor Kevin Huyck were in attendance along with 15 members and guests.  The meeting convened at the Twin Cities WFO in Chanhassen, MN.

The meeting began with the customary introductions followed by a reading of the January meeting minutes.  A motion to accept the minutes was made by John Wetter followed by a second from Diane Cooper and approval from the membership.  The minutes from the September meeting were then read by Newsletter Editor Kevin Huyck in their entirety for reference.  Since the September minutes had previously been approved, another vote was not necessary.  The Treasurer’s report for the preceding month was presented next with a motion for approval from Jim Marusak and a second from Lisa Schmit.  The report was then approved by the membership. 

Preparations have been made to organize a local National Weather Association chapter and those preparations were presented to the membership for approval.  A letter has been drafted to petition for a local chapter and needs to be singed by at least three NWA members.  A motion to proceed with the preparations was made by Diane Cooper and seconded by Mike Bardou with approval following from the membership.

The Chapter is exploring sponsoring a break at the upcoming Northern Plains Convective Workshop.  Coordination with the local AMS chapter in Sioux Falls, SD will be required to determine the sponsorship level and that information is hoped to be in hand by the next meeting to act upon.

Two science fairs were held over the past month with members of the Chapter serving as judges.  The first was the South Central/Southwest Minnesota Regional Science & Engineering Fair which was attended by Vice-President Matt Friedlein and Mike Bardou.  The second fair was the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair attended by Melissa Stambaugh and Jonathan Cohen.  Those who judged that were in attendance at the meeting gave brief reports of the presentations they gave out awards from the Chapter to.

The next scheduled Chapter event will be the March meeting, which is tentatively scheduled for Monday, March 8th somewhere in downtown Minneapolis.  Someone from the Twins organization/Target Field is expected to be on hand to talk about weather contingencies at the new Twins ballpark.  If that cannot be arranged, the backup plan is to hold the meeting at the Twin Cities WFO with a look at the spring flood outlook being provided by the WFO and/or the RFC.

Vice-President Matt Friedlein briefly spoke about a project that he is working on related to the August 19th severe weather event in the area.  He is looking to survey members of the chapter about the event and will be providing more information about the project in the future.  Diane Cooper then requested that any flooding pictures from the anticipated spring flooding be sent to her.  Those that do provide pictures are asked to send them as soon as possible after taking them.  Mike Bardou then motioned to adjourn the business meeting with a second from John Wetter.  The motion was approved and the business meeting was adjourned at 7:41pm.

Diane Cooper was the night’s speaker, presenting on “CoCoRaHS in Minnesota.”  The CoCoRaHS (Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow) Network is a community observing project that has quickly expanded across the nation, with Minnesota being the last state to join.  The program started in 1998 at the Colorado Climate Center at Colorado State University in response to the flooding in Fort Collins, CO in 1997.  In that event, the heaviest rainfall fell in between the reporting sites, so a higher density reporting network was created in response.  The Oregon State Prism dataset is similar to CoCoRaHS, but uses models to extrapolate the data between observation sites.

The CoCoRaHS program has three full time staff member: Henry Reges, National Coordinator along with a web developer and a station administrator.  Numbers student volunteers help as well.  Funding for the program is provided by Colorado State University, city and state level local districts, observer donations and a grant from the NOAA/NWS which expired in 2009.   CoCoRaHS data is used by many different groups of people, ranging from meteorologists and hydrologists to city utilities, insurance adjustors, engineers, mosquito control projects and farmers.

CoCoRaHS was launched in Minnesota on December 1st, 2009.  Minnesota was the last state to join due to the fact that it already had a high density volunteer observing system already in place.  The data from that observing network is expected to be fed into the CoCoRaHS system in the near future, as well as the NWS Co-op stations.  In a little over 2 months, 118 stations have joined the CoCoRaHS program in the state of Minnesota, with most being located in the southern half of the state.  Ms. Cooper then fielded questions about the CoCoRaHS program before the meeting was adjourned at 8:32pm.---Bryan J. Howell.



Minutes from:

February, 9th 2010

Odegard Hall Rm. 356

5:00 p.m.

Members Present:

Al Borho – Advisor

Kelsey Watkins - President

Leah Tatarak - Vice President

Erin Bertschi - Treasurer

Matt Saari – Secretary

Andrea Neumann

Miranda Hilgers

Mike Lanciki

Amanda Mills

Aaron Kennedy

Justin Weber

Scott Rowe

Melissa Becker

Alec Davis

Nichole Shotwell

Kelly Buer

Ben Schink

Call to Order:

President Kelsey Watkins called the AMS meeting to order at 5:00pm

Past Minutes:

The minutes from 1-26-2010 were read.

Officer Reports:

-President’s Report: none

-Vice-President’s Report: none

-Secretary’s Report: none

-Treasurer’s Report: Our balance is $3524.20

Guest Speaker: Dr. David Delene, Assistant Research Professor here in the AtSci Dept., came in and talked about some of the research he has done and is doing. His main focus is research projects in Saudi Arabia.  If you are interested in research or a possible job this summer, feel free to contact him. 

New Business:    

-Education/Outreach Committee

-Fundraising Committee-

Popcorn Fundraiser at the Union next week Tues-Fri! Sign up if interested.

Baked goods are on-going. Please sign up to bring goods!

Possible 50-50 fundraisers including GF spring river crest height.  

-Banquet Committee

WE HAVE A SPEAKER!!! Jerry Straka will be our speaker.


-Activities Committee

Winter Photo Contest is going!! Submit photos by Friday

AMS Shirts and other apparel is coming! 


- SCEP applications are due by the end of the week.

- Dues are due by next meeting! It is $15 dollars if you did not pay for the entire year.



-The meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:47pm.


Minutes from:

February 23rd, 2010

Odegard Hall Rm. 356

5:00 p.m.

Members Present:

Al Borho – Advisor

Leah Tatarak - Vice President

Erin Bertschi - Treasurer

Matt Saari – Secretary

Mike Lanciki

Nicole Bart

Garrett Jepsen

Justin Weber

Miranda Hilgers

Scott Rowe

Melissa Becker

Andrea Neumann

Amanda Mills

Call to Order:

President Kelsey Watkins was out of town.

Vice President Leah Tatarak called the AMS meeting to order at 5:03pm.

Past Minutes:

The minutes from 2-09-2010 were read.

Officer Reports:

-President’s Report: none

-Vice-President’s Report: none

-Secretary’s Report: none

-Treasurer’s Report: $3524.20

Old Business:


-Popcorn fundraiser was last week. Thanks to all who helped!!

-Dues are due TODAY!

-Photo contest is up!!! Vote for your favorite photo!

New Business:        

-Baked Goods Sign-Up

-50/50 contest is running. Make your guesses up on 4th floor by the secretaries. The contest is for Grand Forks Spring Flood Crest

-Spring Trip-need to decide when and where we want to go. Ideas include Rapid City, Bismarck, or Thief River, ND. Possible dates include April 10-11, 17-18.

-Interest in Spotter training-need to pick a date. Possibly end of March at night sometime.

-Spring picnic will be May 9th.

-The Big Event will be May 1st

-Hot Dog Fundraiser will be May 3-6

*--If you want to go on the spring trip, you must volunteer at 2 fundraising events. Baked goods counts as one event per week of goods.--*

-Education/Outreach Committee

-Fundraising Committee

-Banquet Committee


-Activities Committee-

T-Shirt order forms are being written up. Look out for more info.


-Next meeting will be March 2nd, 2010.



-The meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:21pm.---Matt Saari.



February 3rd meeting minutes
Meeting started at 5:00 p.m.

Trips/Tours Events Student Opportunities Fundraising Activities



February 9, 2010 Meeting

At our February general meeting we began with discussing all of the new and exciting activities beginning in the spring semester including The Big Event, elementary school outreach, and a field trip to an environmental quality facility. We also discussed our new possible T-shirt and polo designs and went over our new constitution and approved it.

Pat Hyland then presented his lightning research.  Lightning is the 2nd deadliest weather phenomena with 100 causalities annually. It can strike up to 6 miles from the location. Odds of being struck by lightning are 1/700000 based on known deaths, but it is estimated to be something more like 1/400000.  The two current issues of concern include understanding the threat before the first flash in the area, and the end of storms. The most common understanding of lightning threat is the 30-30 rule. (If it is 30 seconds after lightning that you hear thunder then it is 6 miles away, and it is not safe until 30 min after storm has passed.)  Pat has been working with lightning mapping arrays and electric field meters to try to detect lightning before that first strike.  Electric field meters measure the electric field at predetermined intervals and are deployed in networks to help create contours of electric fields beneath storms as a hazard warning decision support tool.  Cloud to ground lightning is often preceded by strong electric field at the ground and early detection of this can occur about 10 minutes before the first cloud to ground strike.  This research is greatly beneficial to our understanding of lightning.---Stacey Hitchcock.



Monthly Meeting/ Saint Valentine’s Day Activity:

              On February 11th, 2010 at 10:40 am we celebrated our monthly meeting combined with our Saint Valentine’s Day Activity. A total of 26 members attended. First, we briefly discussed the economical status of the Student Chapter and the future activities that would be held during the months that followed. Then, we enjoyed together as a Student Chapter with music, games and treats. Activity ended at 12:00 pm.


Activity: Weather Today

            We had a Weather Today on February 9th, 2010. A total of 23 members assisted.  This Weather Today consisted on presenting the posters of those students that participated in the AMS Annual Meeting at Atlanta.


Hot Dogs Sale:

            On February 1st, 8th, 22nd we had Hot Dogs Sales as fund raising activities.



Interactive Weather Radar Training:  GR2 Analyst and Assessing Radar Meteorology

Daniel Noah and David Anderson

DATE:                            February 10, 2010

LOCATION:                  University of South Florida, Natural and Environmental Science Building, Tampa, FL 33620


The February meeting of the local chapter was attended by nearly 35 members. Mr. Dan Noah and Mr. Dave Anderson conducted an interactive session on the basics of GR2 Analyst, as well as the instruments and methods used to obtain data. This software allows the input of weather data for tracking and visual interpretation of radar imagery. The software allows the user to obtain both two- and three-dimensional perspectives of radar data. The data can be input from all over the country with the ability for real-time updates on weather data.


Before the software was demonstrated, Mr. Noah went over the different methods and instruments used to obtain weather data.  First, RADAR was described.  RADAR is an acronym that stands for RAdio Detecting And Ranging.  One example of media radar in the Tampa Bay Area is “Klystron”. The media “Klystron” produces an enhanced signal amplitude, frequency and phase versus a magnetron, which is used with older radar technology. Both the National Weather Service WSR-88D Doppler Radar and the “Klystron” radar produce 10cm radio wavelengths.

Mr. Noah continued to go into detail about the NWS radar. An antenna dish is used to broadcast the radar signal into the atmosphere.  The dish itself is usually relatively large, for example the one shown in the presentation had a diameter of twenty-eight feet, which is used by the NWS radar. The larger the dish, the smaller and more focused the transmission beam will be. A radome is constructed piece by piece and sealed around the antenna dish.  The radome was described by Mr. Noah as protection for the antenna dish from severe weather such as wind, rain and hail. The radome has a fiberglass coating to prevent rain from damaging the protective layer. This sheeting helps maintain the accuracy of the radar. Precipitation is detected by the transmission of beams from the antenna that reradiates off of precipitation.

Radar is transmitted in pulses. The pulses, as described by Mr. Noah, are measured in microseconds and occur about 1,300 times per second. The amount of time the transmitter transmits is approximately 7.5 seconds per hour, as much of the time the radar is “listening” for returns from the atmosphere.

The base level products of radar are used to create all other products. These are known as the base reflectivity, base velocity, and spectrum width. With base reflectivity, the resolution is more defined than the legacy resolution at 1/4km versus one kilometer. Two radars can be utilized to sample the same storm differently because of variations in distance. The distance creates varied sized beams. The base velocity measures movement of particles both toward and away from the radar. The precipitation moving towards the radar displays as a green color and movement away from the radar is depicted in red.  Spectrum Width (SW) is a variation of wind speed/direction in a beam sample. All of these measurements, when put together, give us useful and visual data of weather.

Mr. Noah went on to describe other aspects of radar and newer technology. The radar beam becomes larger and higher with distance. Because the earth curves away from the radar beam, the radar may not measure anything below a certain elevation. The Dual Polarization upgrade for radar will help determine if precipitation is hail or rain. The newest technology described was the Phased Array Radar. This has no moving parts and allows for data collectors to track everything from severe weather to aircraft to enemy missiles and clouds.

Mr. Anderson led a demonstration of the GR2 Analyst software with storm data from three weather events impacting the area:  a severe thunderstorm wind event at the Florida State Fair in February 2010, the Groundhog Day Tornado event in February 2007, and the landfall of Hurricane Charley in 2004.

SPEAKER: Mr. Daniel Noah, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, National Weather Service, Tampa Bay Area, FL.  Mr. Noah is a local expert in radar interpretation and warning preparedness and awareness activities.  Mr. Noah has served as a Lead Instructor in numerous educational campaigns to mitigate the impacts of hazardous weather and earned the coveted distinction as a Florida Professional Emergency Manager following rigorous training in emergency response.  Mr. David Anderson, Owner and CEO of Fleeman Anderson & Bird Corporation, New Port Richey, FL.  Mr. Anderson also serves as a Contract Broadcast Engineer/Site Manager and maintains transmitter and studio sites for numerous Tampa Bay Area AM/FM and low-power television stations.  Mr. Anderson collaborates with the NWS Tampa Bay Area Weather Forecast Office regarding GRLevel data flow to the office.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The West Central Florida Chapter of the AMS account balance, as of February 10, 2010:  $988.19.

CONCLUSION: The meeting was attended by approximately 35 AMS members. Refreshments were available to those in attendance.---Brian LaMarre with contributed material from the Aaron Cronk.



For the months of January and February, our chapter has met weekly to finalize plans for the larger scale events in which we will be participating during the Spring 2010 semester.  During February 17-19, 2010 our chapter will be participating in the Lubbock Severe Weather Symposium which will be hosted by the Lubbock, TX National Weather Service Forecast Office.  During this symposium, our members will be assisting with registration, guest speaker presentations, as well as presenting some of their own work in the form of a poster or presentation.  Several well-know speakers will be in attendance, including Dr. Charles A. Doswell, Senior Research Scientist, University of Oklahoma/Cooperative Institute of Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS), and President, C. Doswell Enterprises, Inc., Norman, OK; Don Burgess, Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS), Norman, OK; and Roger Edwards, NOAA Storm Prediction Center, as well as Texas Tech University faculty Dr. Christopher Weiss and Dr. Kishor Mehta.  This symposium will allow our members and other atmospheric science students to meet with and learn from some of the top researchers in our field, as well as gain valuable experience in conference proceedings and formal presentation of their own research. 

We have been earnestly discussing preparations for the 4th Annual Severe Weather Awareness Day to be held on February 27, 2010 at the Lubbock, TX Science Spectrum.  Our chapter has coordinated this event with the local National Weather Service Office and is expecting an increase in the community turn-out this year.  This event consists of various meteorological demonstrations and hands on activities for both children and adults alike to teach them about weather, including Ask the Expert, where both children and adults can pose weather questions for the experts conducting the event to answer.  We also present those in attendance with valuable information that could help them to more efficiently respond in a severe weather emergency.   The local Weather Service Office hosts Spotter Training classes and tours of the office during the event for many of the reasons mentioned above.  The Atmospheric Science group of Texas Tech also uses this time to display many of the research vehicles and instrumentation used during field projects, such as the StickNets, the newly constructed Ka-Band Radar, and Mobile Mesonets.  Additionally, our chapter coordinates with KCBD News Channel 11 and Chief Meteorologist John Robison to give away NOAA Weather Radios as a door prize, among other items.  Other organizations like State Farm Insurance and the Red Cross will also be in attendance, adding even more diversity to our event.  We have been planning rigorously for these events and are looking forward to watching the preparation unfold!

Outside of planning for these large events, our chapter has begun fundraising for our Relay of Life event scheduled to take place in the month of April and we have established a few days to help clean-up Texas Tech baseball fields after games.  The baseball clean-ups help fundraise money for the organization.  As one can see, our chapter has been quite active and we are proud of our chapter’s participation and how well it represents the American Meteorological Society.---Richard J. Krupar, III.




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