Since 1919, AMS has been a leader in fostering and disseminating the latest atmospheric, oceanic, hydrologic and related research. The remarkable scientific advances by the AMS community have transformed what we know and how we live. Learn all the ways AMS enables you to create and share scientific understanding.


AMS publishes 11 journals which set the field’s standards for quality and influence. Read the latest articles and dig into our open archive of scientific achievement spanning 100 years.

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AMS offers more than a dozen conferences each year where attendees can stay up to date with the latest science, connect with colleagues and peers, or share their work.

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Highly rated and widely read, the Bulletin of the AMS–our flagship magazine since 1920–showcases the revolution in science, service, and technology created by the AMS community.



First published in 1959, the AMS Glossary of Meteorology is the only reference of its kind, with more than 12,000 entries covering all aspects of atmospheric and related sciences.


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State of the Climate

This is the only annual peer-reviewed check-up of the world’s climate health. Each July in this BAMS Supplement, more than 400 scientists worldwide provide context for regional highlights and global trends.

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Explaining Extreme Events

In this annual supplement to BAMS, NOAA curates an array of fast-response research on how climate change affected that year’s extreme weather and climate events.


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