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Looking ahead at the next century, we see a world that faces significant challenges across the atmospheric, oceanic, and hydrologic sciences. Some challenges are so extreme, we’ve never had to solve them before. From shifting ecosystems to basic water resources. From extreme weather events to the greatest climate hurdles since the last ice age. Scientists across the weather, water, and climate communities are being called upon because these are issues the entire world needs to address.

Why Give

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) and our community are uniquely qualified to help the world face these challenges. We bring together a vibrant community of scientists, educators, researchers, students, broadcasters, and other professionals who share knowledge, improve technology, promote understanding, and disseminate science to ensure that our planet can thrive.

In 2019, AMS will celebrate our 100th anniversary. During our next century, we seek to add new value to the weather, water, and climate community while continuing to benefit society. Our 100th Anniversary Campaign will help lift AMS to new heights while providing global leadership across the atmospheric, oceanic, and hydrologic sciences.

We believe strongly in the importance of supporting the next generation of ground-breaking scientists.

—Marv and Mary Dickerson

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Marv and Mary Dickerson

Five Key Areas of the Campaign

Ways to Give

Use Appreciated Assets

One of the easiest and most tax-savvy ways of giving to AMS is to give appreciated assets, such as stock.

Give a Gift and Receive an Income Back

Support the mission of AMS and receive steady payments during retirement. A chariable annuity or trust may be right for you.

Give Part or All of an IRA

If you are 70.5 or older, you can make a distribution from your IRA account to AMS and that amount will be excluded from your IRA taxable income (and you can count the amount you gave towards the RMD—required minimum distribution).

Ways to Give Through Your Estate

Gifts Through a Will

In addition to filling an important role in providing for your family and others, your will can be an easy way to make a gift to AMS as part of your long-range estate plans.

Gifts Through Contracts

An easy and straightforward method of philanthropic giving to AMS from your estate is through life insurance and retirement plans.

Other Estate Gifts

Real estate, charitable trusts, and PODs are some of the ways you can help support AMS through your estate.