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5 May 2017
AMS President Appointed UCLA Vice Chancellor for Research

Roger Wakimoto, AMS president-elect (acting president), has been appointed the UCLA vice chancellor for research.

21 April 2017
Collective Global Climate Statement Released for Earth Day

An international coalition of 33 meteorological and climate societies and institutions have released a Collective Global Climate Statement to coincide with Earth Day on April 22, which this year is focused on environmental and climate literacy.

20 April 2017
AMS Releases New Flash Flood Statement

AMS issued a new statement today advising on the role of science and communication in reducing loss of life in flash flooding situations. Accurate modeling and forecasting of flash floods combined with effective communication of warnings to the public offer the best hope for mitigating this perennial hazard.

1 February 2017
Amicus Groups File Brief to Protect Climate Scientists

The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund has asked the District of Columbia federal District Court to safeguard roughly 8,000 pages of privileged correspondence between nine climate scientists.

25 January 2017
AMS Announces New Journal Co-Chief Editor

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) announced that Professor Timothy DelSole of George Mason University has been appointed co-chief editor of the Journal of Climate (JCLI).

24 January 2017
AMS Reaffirms Freedom of Scientific Expression

The AMS readopted its official statement on "Freedom of Scientific Expression" during its Annual Meeting this week in Seattle.

24 January 2017
Lockheed Martin to be AMS Corporate Patron

AMS announces that Lockheed Martin Corporation will be a Corporate Patron for 2017.

23 January 2017
AMS Announces New BAMS Digital Edition

This new release of BAMS Digital Edition provides an improved viewing experience whether you’re on a PC or mobile device.

22 January 2017
AMS Journals Now Open Access After One Year

Move provides quicker access to peer-reviewed scientific research.

9 December 2016
AMS Announces Winners of 2017 Elections

The AMS announces winners of the 2017 elections for AMS president as well as five new council members, based on AMS membership voting.

AMS Blog, The Front Page

20 June 2017
Whose Flood Is It, Anyway?
When water-laden air lifts up the eastern slope of the Rockies, enormous thunderstorms and catastrophic flooding can develop. Americans may remember well the sudden, deadly inundation of Boulder, Colorado, in September 2013. For Canadians, however, the big flood that year was in Alberta. Four years ago this week, 19-23 June 2013, a channel of moist air jetted […]
16 June 2017
Cruising the Ocean’s Surface Microlayer
Oceans are deep, and they are integral to the climate system. But the exchanges between ocean and atmosphere that preoccupy many scientists are not in the depths but instead in the shallowest of shallow layers. A lot happens in the topmost millimeter of the ocean, a film of liquid called the “sea-surface microlayer that is, […]
2 June 2017
Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement Flouts the Climate Risks
by Keith Seitter, AMS Executive Director President Trump’s speech announcing the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement emphasizes his assessment of the domestic economic risks of making commitments to climate action. In doing so the President plainly ignores so many other components of the risk calculus that went into the treaty in the first place. […]
1 June 2017
Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins
The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season has begun. If they haven’t already, people who could be affected by tropical storms and hurricanes should prepare now for the six-month season, which ends November 30 and encompasses the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico. Here’s what you need to know. Follow the links for more detailed information: What’s […]
25 April 2017
When Art Is a Matter of (Scientific) Interpretation
We’ve seen plenty of examples of scientists inspiring art at AMS conferences. It is also true that art can inspire scientists, as in the kick-off press conference at this week’s European Geophysical Union General Assembly in Vienna, Austria. A team of scientists came forward with a new hypothesis about the origins of one of the icons of […]