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Terms of Reference

Purpose: Wildland fires are increasing in size and intensity, are highly destructive, take the lives of
firefighters and local residents, devastate large areas, significantly impact air quality, and cause tens to
hundreds of millions of dollars in property and environmental damage annually. Federal, state, local, and
tribal governments seek improved weather and climate information, risk assessment tools, and predictive
guidance on wildland fire behavior for making tactical and strategic decisions for wildland fire
prevention and management.
Objective: To promote collaboration, bring together stakeholders, elicit input, and coordinate community
feedback regarding critical fire weather, air quality, and weather and climate risk issues facing wildland
fire practitioners. In addition, the committee will educate wildland fire, weather and climate enterprise
stakeholders on respective information needs, operational requirements and constraints, and current
capabilities and emerging technologies that could be used to improve decision making that would reduce
property losses, save lives, and improve rangeland and forest management.