What Is Your AMS Story?

Starting in 2019, we will be celebrating 100 years of the American Meteorological Society.
We are gathering stories to recognize the strength, diversity, and accomplishments of our community, from the beginning right up to today.
Your story is our story. Help us tell it.

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Dianna M. Francisco profile photo
Dianna M. Francisco

For my 7th grade science project, I watched the weather forecast on two main local TV channels and compared their 24-hour forecasts.

Oladiran Abimbola profile photo
Oladiran Abimbola Johnson

It was my undergraduate professors, Prof. A. A. Balogun and Prof. (that time Dr.) O. O. Jegede that got me interested in meteorology/weather/atmospheric physics.

Megan Walker-Radtke profile photo
Megan Walker-Radtke

I have a vivid memory of watching the storm that spawned the Catoosa tornado as it tracked east of town. The base of that storm was perfectly flat and dark as night.

Eileen Shea's profile photo
Eileen Shea

The "event" that got me interested in weather was my Physical Oceanography oral exam in graduate school for marine biology in the mid-70s.

Richard Berler's profile photo
Richard Berler

My dad helped me set up a weather station when I was 9 years old, kept daily records of temperature and rainfall through high school.

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Giving Stories

Rick and Michele Rosen

Rick and Michele Rosen

Having benefited from AMS throughout my career, I feel it is important to give back so that others in our community might have similar opportunities.

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