Comprehensive Evaluation of Earth System Models: Coordinated Model Evaluations Capabilities (CMEC)

The Coordinated Model Evaluations Capabilities (CMEC) project is a partnership to establish standards, develop tools, and coordinate functionality across Earth system model evaluation codes. The goal of CMEC is to improve interoperability of evaluation tools so as to streamline model evaluation for users and allow evaluation tool developers to grow their userbase. This tutorial will walk users through the CMEC software suite, including CMEC driver, the Module Manager, and the Data Manager. Users will learn how to install and run the PCMDI Metrics Package (PMP), the International Land Model Benchmarks (ILAMB) and the NOAA Model Diagnostics Task Force (MDTF) Process Oriented Diagnostics modules (PODs) using the CMEC framework. Finally, the tutorial will provide strategies for developing metrics modules that are compliant with the CMEC software suite. Attendees who wish to follow along with the tutorial will need to have access and permission to do the following on a Unix-like or Mac operating system: create a new conda environment, download zipped files, and clone a repository from GitHub. This tutorial is intended for model users, model developers, and evaluation metric/tool developers.

January 8, 2023 at 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Mountain Time (Hybrid) - Colorado Convention Center: Room 501

Registration close date: December 29, 2022 (for in person attendance)
Participant cap: None


Cancellation Policies

Accessibility, Safety, and Inclusivity at the Meeting

Course Description:

Attendees will learn the following: How to obtain CMEC software packages; how to run CMEC software and where to find help; where to find CMEC-compliant metrics packages; where to find the CMEC software standards; how to get started developing a CMEC module.

Participants will be able to install and run the CMEC software and related modules themselves during the course, so they will be ready to use the CMEC framework for model evaluation in their own research after the course.

Requirements & Prerequisites

This course will walk users through a set of software and analysis using whatever (Mac or Unix-like) platform they normally do climate model analysis on. Students should bring their own fully charged devices.


If you have questions regarding the course, please contact Ana Ordonez, the course organizer.


Ana Ordonez
Ana Ordonez


Paul Ullrich
Paul Ullrich

University of California Davis