Forecast Improvement Group Committee

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The Forecast Improvement Group (FIG) is dedicated to identifying a path that will result in significant and continual improvement in weather forecasting products for the end user.

The FIG Executive Committee has the responsibility to identify, organize, and facilitate the activities and discussions of the broader Forecast Improvement Group, which is open to all professionals interested in improving weather forecasting. It will also oversee the documentation by FIG of community perspectives on topics that may lead to improved forecast skill. Such documentation includes major summary reports every three years which will be subject to open comment by AMS members and review by Council.

The Forecast Improvement Group is open to all weather professionals. 

The Forecast Improvement Group has identified seven recommendations for improvng weather forecasts:

  • significantly improve the community's computing power for both development of new models and delivery of accurate forecasts
  • increase and focus efforts to both develop and run global models
  • develop a coordinated national program to develop regional modeling techniques
  • support active collaboration among public, private, and academic sectors with models, particularly in their final stages of development
  • embace alternative datasets and alternative business models to acquire key measurements that can improve forecasting research and operations
  • prioritize observational data and act on these prioritization efforts
  • strengthen relationships within the public, private, academic, and user communities to assure economical and efficient development and use of forecasting capabilities


Webinar: Information Session: Unified Forecast System Medium-Range Weather Application 1.0

April 1, 2020

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