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ccmDirectory of Certified Consulting Meteorologists

In 1990, the AMS Board of Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCM) forwarded to the AMS Executive Committee a proposal to develop, prepare, and distribute a directory of the active CCMs in the AMS. The current edition of the CCM Directory is sorted by state, so that those requiring the services of a CCM in a local area can quickly locate individuals with the proper specialization. In addition, a second listing is provided, which lists all CCMs who specialize in each area, along with their state for ease of cross-referencing.

There are currently over 600 CCMs in the AMS. Through voluntary submissions, over 200 have chosen to be listed in this directory. Each listing in the first section provides the following information: name, title, affiliation, address, telephone and/or fax number, e-mail address, URL address, specialization area, and certification number. For further information, please contact AMS Special Programs at 617-227-2426, ext. 3983. The AMS has accredited certification status to the Certified Consulting Meteorologists listed in this directory. This certification does not extend to any areas of specialization separately listed in this directory that have been provided by the individuals.

CCM Finder

Find a Certified Consulting Meteorologist by location or speciality:

View by State

View by Specialty

The Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM)

The Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) is a professional meteorologist who has an in-depth understanding of the atmosphere and its behavior. Services and products provided by CCMs are founded upon their abilities to apply this specialized knowledge to a broad range of related activities, issues, and inquiries. The essential attribute of the CCM is a specialized knowledge of the field, combined with broad experience, an integrated concept of service, and a clear and unwavering adherence to the rules of professional conduct and service.

The Purpose of the Certification Program

The CCM program is a service for business, industry, and the general public provided by the American Meteorological Society (AMS). The AMS has established high standards of technical competence, character, and experience for those who seek to provide advice and consultation in meteorology. The program was established to indicate that individuals who are CCMs have been tested and found to meet or exceed those standards. The principal purpose of the program is to enable users of meteorological services to select consultants with greater confidence in the quality and reliability of the products and services they will receive.







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