Minutes of the March 21, 2011 Meeting
Smoky Mountain AMS Chapter

The Smoky Mountain Chapter of the American Meteorological Society gathered on March 21st for our bi-monthly meeting. Some people met first for dinner at 'Calhouns on the River' in Knoxville. Around 18 people then attended the meeting at the normal meeting place in the Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science building on the University of Tennessee Agriculture campus. Grant Goodge (retired from NOAA/NCDC and NOAA/ATDD) gave a talk entitled "An analysis and review of several notable Southern Appalachian winter and spring weather events. This was a very interesting presentation on some of the biggest weather events that have affected east Tennessee and western North Carolina during the winter and spring months. Some topics of the talk included hail storms in the 1960's, tornadoes in the 1970's, and a massive ice storm in 1981 across western North Carolina. Other events covered were significant snowfalls in both April and May, and the 1993 "Storm of the Century". As always, Grant had great pictures to go along with his graphics and explanations.

Before the talk, it was decided that Ernie Roberts will remain as Vice-President this year, and Bob Becker will continue as Secretary/Treasurer. A new President will be voted on through an e-mail election. Another topic of discussion was the upcoming Southern Appalachian Science and Engineering Fair at UT on March 29th. The Smoky Mountain Chapter will provide judges who will give a local AMS chapter award, a national AMS award, a national NOAA award, a NOAA/ATDD award, and the Bob Miller Memorial award (given for excellence in data collection and presentation). This is assuming that there are enough deserving projects for the chapter to give this many awards.

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