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Meeting Minutes

2011-2012 Winter Weather Recap

March 13th, 2012

After a strong Pacific storm raced ashore Monday morning bringing wind gusts to nearly 90 mph along the Oregon coast line followed by near record setting snowfall, 37 members and guests of the local chapter met to recap this year's winter weather events.

Chapter President Steve Pierce opened the meeting with a little humor related to the recent historic coastal snowfall and a brief presentation (powerpoint .pps file) of chapter business and future meetings.

Secretary Mark Nelsen and chair of the Nominations Committee opened nominations for the annual elections of officers. Nominations will reopen for one final time at the next meeting in April. Afterwards the Nominations Committee will create and submit the ballot for the May elections.

Next Mark Nelsen presented (powerpoint .pps file<47mb> or .pdf file) the 2011 - 2012 winter weather recap. He labeled it as "The Boring Winter of 2011-2012" that was interrupted with occasional heavy rain or snow events. There were two official measurable snowfalls in Portland.



As part of a double header, KOIN Meteorologist Bruce Sussman, who graciously hosted the meeting presented (powerpoint .pps file) on the topic of TV Meteorologist. He began his talk with an icebreaker in the form of a newspaper opinion article about TV weather people. The article was not favorable toward TV weather people, but he used it illustrated the wide variety of opinions TV Meteorologist confront or interact with daily. Bruce outlined his daily routine and tasks at KOIN and then described TV markets sizes/rankings and how it affects salaries for TV Mets. After the meeting Bruce gave the group a tour of the studios. The Chapter would like to thank Bruce Sussman and KOIN TV management for their hospitality, including the meeting room, snacks, and refreshments!

Microsoft Powerpoint (.pps file extension) viewer download (click here)