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Tracey Silcox is the Outreach manager for the NASA Applied Sciences DEVELOP Program at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. She has an undergraduate degree in Visual Communication and Design, from the University of Dayton, and a graduate degree in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design. Since 2003 she has worked with DEVELOP in various roles, and currently is employed through Science Systems and Applications, Inc. In her management role, she provides logistics support to nine DEVELOP locations nationally, and one in Mexico. Her efforts include graphic design work, writing proposals, and monitoring the DEVELOP/Group on Earth Observations (GEO) project collaboration in Mexico and the United States. Additionally, Tracey coordinates and oversees DEVELOP logistical support to the Science Directorate at NASA Langley Research Center, and the Applied Sciences Program at NASA Headquarters. The Applied Sciences Program, part of NASA's Earth Science Division, focuses on conducting projects that utilize NASA Earth science research and satellite observations, model predictive capabilities, and technology to demonstrate operational decision-making benefits in a variety of application areas. Leveraging the national investment in Earth satellite observation systems, the Applied Sciences Program seeks to increase the benefits to society through the widest practical use of NASA research and to bridge the gap between NASA technology and the public. The NASA Applied Sciences DEVELOP Program is a NASA Science Mission Directorate training and development program that extends the benefits of NASA Earth science research and technology to society. Consistent with the goals of the Applied Sciences Program, DEVELOP students conduct research in areas that examine how NASA technology can benefit partner organizations and construct projects that focus on the practical application of NASA's Earth Science research results. Every project is carefully selected to address at least one of the Applied Sciences focus areas, to use NASA's Earth Science satellite observations, and to meet partners' needs. DEVELOP is unique in that students focus on community concerns and public policy impacts in their research. Additional information on DEVELOP can be found at

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