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Ward Seguin, an AMS Member, a Fellow of the AMS, and Commissioner of the American Meteorological Society Scientific and Technological Activities Commission for 2013-2015, is a Senior Program Manager with Riverside Technology Inc., in Silver Spring, Maryland. Riverside Technology has headquarters in Ft Collins, Colorado. Dr. Seguin retired from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 2009 after 36 years of Government service. He served as senior scientist in NOAA's Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (2002-2009) including time as deputy Goal Lead for NOAA's Weather and Water Goal (2007-2009) responsible for strategic planning and as deputy director of the US Weather Research Program Office in OAR. Dr. Seguin spent 20 years in the National Weather Service (1982-2002) as deputy Director of the Techniques Development Laboratory (now the Meteorological Development Laboratory) (1982-1996) and as chief of the Systems Engineering Division of the AWIPS Program (1997-2002). Prior to joining the NWS, Dr. Seguin served nine years in NOAA's Environmental Data Service (now part of the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service) as a Division Chief of the National Climatic Data Center's Data Operations Division (1978-1982), and as a surface observing system lead at the Center for Experiment Design and Data Analysis (CEDDA) during the 1974 GARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment (GATE) (1973-1978). Dr. Seguin has a PhD degree from Florida State University in meteorology and is the recipient of the Department of Commerce Gold and Silver Medals and the NOAA Administrator group awards.

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