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Jon Porter an AMS Member, is AccuWeather's manager of meteorological data, responsible for acquiring new types of meteorological data from sources all over the world and developing plans to integrate data elements into products. He also develops software as part of a dedicated group of meteorologists in AccuWeather's System Engineering department. In addition, Mr. Porter is a broadcast meteorologist, appearing on, The AccuWeather Television Network, and various television stations. He has worked on projects ranging from improvements in the AccuWeather digital forecast database to building specialized applications for a variety of clients. Mr. Porter has particular expertise in systems used to process critical weather warning information. A native of Connecticut, he has a B.S. degree in meteorology (2004), with a minor in information technology, from Penn State University. While at Penn State, Mr. Porter was fortunate to have the opportunity to get his start in television on Penn State's nightly weather program, Weather World. He appeared on air during major winter storms, severe weather outbreaks and in the days leading up to Hurricane Isabel's effects on Pennsylvania in 2003.


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