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John Murphy, an AMS Member, is Director of the National Weather Service Office of Science & Technology is Silver Spring, Maryland. He has overall responsibility for science and technology infusion at NWS, including science and engineering planning, acquisition and refresh of critical technologies, and development of scientific techniques. Mr Murphy joined NWS in 2011 as Chief of the OST Programs and Plans Division. There he oversaw the execution of program management and development while accessing state-of-the-art science and technology options. He came to the NWS after serving more than 29 years with the United States Air Force as a career meteorologist. He topped off his military weather career while serving as Commander of the Air Force Weather Agency where he managed more than 1,400 agency personnel located at 18 geographically-separated units worldwide. Just prior to joining NWS, Mr Murphy served as the Deputy Foreign Policy Advisor to United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM). He was the primary interlocutor between the command, the United States Department of State, and foreign governments on issues related to deterrence, space, and cyberspace. Mr Murphy has held management and senior level executive positions at all echelons of the US Air Force weather community. He served as Acting US Air Force Director of Weather and was responsible for the entire career field prior to deploying to Southwest Asia where he served as the Combined Air and Space Operations Center Chief of Staff. He has a proven record of success developing and executing advanced programs, and in bringing new science to operations. He earned acquisition certifications in Program Management and Information Technologies while serving as Program Manager for the $90 million Cloud Depiction and Forecasting System II program. Mr Murphy has an MS degree in meteorology from the Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Strategic Studies degree from the US Army War College. He graduated from Lyndon State College in Vermont with Bachelor's degrees in meteorology and mathematics, and an Associate's degree in physics. Mr Murphy and his wife Susan are natives of New Jersey. They have two adult children.

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