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Mike Exner is President and Chief Executive Officer of Radiometrics Corporation in Boulder, Colorado. From 2009 until he assumed his current position in 2011, Mr. Exner was Executive Vice President of Radiometrics, working primarily on new business development and corporate strategic planning. He joined Radiometrics in 2002, and served as Vice President of Engineering until 2009. As Vice President of Engineering, Mr. Exner led the design team that modernized and expanded the complete product line for improved performance and lower manufacturing cost. He reorganized and expanded the engineering and manufacturing teams to support the product development goals and resulting growth. From 1998 to 2002, Mr. Exner provided consulting services, DBA Business and Technology Consulting. The principle client during this period was Avidyne Corporation, an avionics original equipment manufacturer. Mr. Exner provided business case analysis and top-level product design for several Avidyne products, some of which are now in production. Mr. Exner was the first COSMIC Systems Manager and Co-Principal Investigator for the Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere and Climate Project at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. For five years prior to the start of COSMIC in 1997, Mr. Exner served as Program Manager and Co-Principal Investigator for the GPS/MET Program at UCAR. Prior to joining UCAR in 1993, Mr. Exner was Vice President, Advanced Communications at Orbital Sciences Corporation, where he focused on new business development. From 1989 to early 1993, Mr. Exner was a private consultant to a number of clients, including: start-up companies, established companies, and government agencies. In 1988, Mr. Exner established American Mobile Satellite Corporation on behalf of eight competing applicants seeking FCC authorization to provide the first commercial mobile satellite service. He represented Skylink Corporation (see below) on the AMSC Board until AMSC was licensed in 1989 by the FCC to be the first domestic provider of Aeronautical, Land, & Maritime MSS throughout the United States. In 1982, Mr. Exner founded Skylink Corporation with the goal of establishing the world's first commercial mobile satellite service. Mr. Exner raised over $10M in financing for Skylink. Mr. Exner founded Synergetics International, Inc. in 1977. While president of Synergetics, the company developed numerous products for the GOES environmental data collection market, including the Direct Readout Ground Station, still widely used as the primary means of receiving data transmitted through the GOES satellites. From 1973 to 1977 Mr. Exner was a Project Engineer at the National Center for Atmospheric Research where he was responsible for several key components of the Carrier Balloon Data Collection System. While at NCAR, he also managed the development of the Safesonde System, a new generation meteorological radiosonde. From 1971 to 1973 Mr. Exner was a Product Engineer for Colspan Environmental Systems. There he designed rocket and balloon telemetry systems for low-level atmospheric soundings.

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