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Earth Networks, an AMS Corporate Member, is headquartered in Germantown, Maryland. Since 1993 Earth Networks (formerly AWS Convergence Technologies / WeatherBug) has been a trusted, reliable provider of precise and timely weather information including the recent addition of a global total lightning network for early detection and warning of severe weather. Operating a dense network of thousands of professional-grade weather and lightning instruments around the world, Earth Networks provides detailed insight into local weather conditions. Every day, millions of individuals and organizations turn to the company's award-winning WeatherBug brand of web, mobile and professional products and solutions to receive detailed weather and lightning detection information and critical severe weather alerts. Earth Networks is now expanding beyond its core infrastructure to offer more extensive global environmental monitoring capabilities, initially deploying a global greenhouse gas observation network in collaboration with Scripps Institution of Oceanography to observe and measure atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane gases. Earth Networks is dedicated to providing data that aids understanding of the planet, informs discussions around critical environmental issues and benefits society as a whole. To that end, the company is in the process of establishing a nonprofit arm that will provide detailed environmental data to researchers around the world at no cost.

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