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Water in the Earth System Information

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Earth System

NASA Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth USGS Earthshots NOAA Satellite Imagery
NASA Earth Observatory ASTER satellite image gallery NOAA World Ocean Atlas

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Atmospheric Information

Latest Surface Weather Map U.S. - Data US Climatology
Radar & Fronts Radar Animation IPCC - Climate
Water Vapor (WV) Satellite Latest WV Animation Precipitable Water
Infrared (IR) Satellite Latest IR Animation 500 mb-Contours/Isotherms/Data
Infrared Surface Temperature Application - (Java script)
TRMM Tropical Rainfall

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Oceanic (and Inland Seas) Information

USGODAE Profilers Coriolis Profilers ARGO Float Profilers
Sea Surface Temperatures Great Lakes observations Pacific ENSO Conditions
NOAA Atlantic Basin Nowcasts/Forecasts (temperatures, salinity, heights, currents)
Gulf Stream Temperatures Gulf Stream Current North Atlantic Salinity
Ocean "Color" (Productivity) Tides (Water Levels) Ocean Waves
Global Ice Extent Buoy Data Great Lakes Water Data

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Terrestrial Information

Surf Your Watershed NWS River Forecast Centers
Realtime Water Conditions National Streamflow River Flood Conditions
Soil Moisture Groundwater Atlas of the US World River Discharge
Hydrological Remote Sensing Center Evaporation Estimate Drought Conditions Map
Snow and Ice Cover Snowfall and Snow Depth Water Equivalent of Snowpack

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Atmospheric Terms Oceanographic Terms Hydrologic Terms
US Map - West, East World Map Blank US Map
AMS Glossary Educational Links AMS Education Materials

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