Meeting of the Council

9 February 2003

Long Beach, CA


President Rosen called the Council to order at 8:05 a.m. on 9 February.

Present: President Rosen, President-Elect Friday, Past-Presidents Kimpel and Serafin; Councilors Arkin, Atlas, Barros, Carr, Colton, Fein, Geller, Glackin, Karoly, Lyons, Schlatter, Stephens, Thompson; Commissioners Avery, Ban, Colman, Klemp, and Rasmusson; Executive Director McPherson; SecretaryBTreasurer Spengler; Recorders Seitter and Annese. New councilors present, but not voting: John Jones, Tom Karl, Timothy Killeen and Dave Blaskovich.

1. Agenda and opening remarks

After calling the meeting to order and confirming the presence of a quorum, President Rosen welcomed everyone and introduced president-elect Avery and the newly elected Council. Rosen then reviewed the agenda for the day, noting the breadth of topics to be covered. He expressed a special welcome to SecretaryBTreasurer Spengler who had been unable to attend the previous meeting of the Council.

2. Report on the Atmospheric Policy Program

Director of the Atmospheric Policy Program Hooke reported on the activities of the program over the past year, emphasizing those aspects of the program aimed at developing future leaders in our field and those that build awareness within the government about the sensitivity of the nation's enterprise to weather and climate. There was agreement within the Council that the program, despite being only a few years old, has quickly become a very important one for the Society.

3. Report on the Professional Affairs Commission

Commissioner Ban led the discussion on a proposal to modify the terms of reference for the Broadcast Award. The Council voted to approve the new language as presented. Commissioner Ban then discussed issues associated with the Seal of Approval in international markets. He proposed that the language of the Seal procedures be modified to include provisions for the review of tapes for any Sealholder who moves from an international market to a domestic one. The issue was tabled until the precise language being proposed could be provided to the Council.

[Councilor Fung arrived at the start of the next agenda item.]

4. Report on the STAC Commission

Commissioner Colman reviewed the meeting of the STAC Commission that had occurred the previous day, with 24 of the 30 STAC committees represented. In response to requests from some of the STAC committees, Commissioner Colman proposed that the policies governing the appointment of STAC committee members be modified to allow an extension of up to two years beyond the current six-year limit in extraordinary circumstances. After discussion, the Council voted to maintain the current policy limiting committee service to six consecutive years. It was noted, however, that the Commissioner has options in dealing with this issue, including that of asking for special Council approval of a term extension on a case by case basis in extraordinary circumstances.

Commissioner Colman presented a recommendation to make the ad hoc Board on the Urban Environment a standing component of the STAC Commission. Noting the Ten-Year Vision goal of creating opportunities for multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary activities, the Council voted to approve a change in the organizational procedures to allow the creation of boards under the STAC Commission. The Council directed Colman to work with the staff to create the language in the organizational procedures that defined such boards as serving a crosscutting and integrative function. The resulting language changes will be passed by the Council before being finalized. The Council then voted to create the Board on the Urban Environment as a standing board under the STAC Commission with the mission statement and structure (including formal representation from various STAC committees) that had been in place for the ad hoc board of the same name.

The need for greater information technology (IT) support for the Commission from AMS Headquarters was discussed, and Colman reported that an ad hoc committee had been established to help set priorities for such support. Executive Director McPherson acknowledged the need and said it was a high priority as soon as resources could be made available.

Commissioner Colman concluded by noting that the STAC Commission was in general support of the new annual meeting model.

5. Report on the Publications Commission

Commissioner Klemp reported on the spring meetings of the Information Systems Committee and Publications Commission, reviewing the page counts, production times, and other issues about the journals for the previous year. With the recent death of Marv Wesely, Klemp noted that an editorship for JAM needed to be filled. The Council voted to approve Sharon Zhong as an editor for JAM with a term ending January 2006.

Commissioner Klemp reported that the new manuscript tracking system was becoming very functional and its use among the editorial staff was increasing. With the change making the electronic database the journal of record, plans for evolving the journals are under development and will be discussed in May. Klemp noted that there had been some discussion by the Executive Committee on a possible new journal covering aspects of atmospheric remote sensing and said that the Commission will become actively engaged in that discussion.

6. Report on the Commission on Education and Human Resources

Commissioner Avery reported on the activities of the boards of the Commission, including specific activities such as the Education Symposium and the biennial Heads and Chairs meeting. She noted that one board position was still unfilled but expected to have a recommendation for that position to present to the Council for an e-mail ballot approval within a few weeks. With Avery the next President-Elect, President Rosen reported that Avery will be stepping down as commissioner and that the Executive Committee had begun discussing candidates for the commissioner position. Rosen said that the Council should expect to make this appointment by e-mail ballot very soon.

7. Report on the Planning Commission

Commissioner Rasmusson reported that a meeting of the Commission would occur later in the week and asked that the other commissioners provide input to the Planning Commission where appropriate.

8. Statements under revision

Several statements are currently under review and revision. The following Councilors volunteered to serve as facilitators for statements for which a facilitator had not yet been named: Councilor Karl for the statement on drought; Councilor Colton for the statement on satellites; and Councilor Jones for the statement on weather and forecasting.

9. Statement on climate change science

Councilor Fein led the discussion on the latest draft of the statement on climate change science, including the changes that resulted from its posting for public comment. There were a number of suggestions for minor changes that were agreed to by consensus. The Council voted to approve the statement with the changes discussed under the title AClimate Change Research: Issues for the Atmospheric and Related Sciences." The Council expressed its appreciation to Councilor Fein and everyone else who had worked on this revised statement during its preparation.

10. Statement on automated aircraft observations

Councilor Schlatter reviewed the changes to the statement that had resulted from its posting for public comment. The Council voted to approve the statement and thanked Councilor Schlatter and the drafting committee for their work. The discussion of this statement prompted some additional discussion on the possible need for a statement on integrated observing systems.

11. Fellows policy

Deputy Executive Director Seitter reviewed the current policy regarding the procedures for electing to Fellow those individuals who had received the Society=s top research awards. The discussion from the previous day=s Executive Committee meeting was reported, and the sense of the Council was to adopt the recommendation of the Executive Committee to offer award winners who are not members the option of joining the Society at the rank of Fellow.

The Council recessed for lunch at 11:55 a.m. and reconvened at 1:30 p.m. to allow those interested in viewing Weatherfest activities the opportunity to do so. All voting members present earlier were in attendance when the Council resumed.

12. Certified Broadcast Meteorology program

Commissioner Ban led the discussion on proposed changes to the current Broadcast Seal of Approval program that would add an objective testing component and recast the program to award Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) certificates. The Council voted to direct the Broadcast Board to move forward with preparing an implementation plan based on the proposal.

13. Recertification for Certified Broadcast Meteorologists

Commissioner Ban discussed a proposed recertification program for broadcasters who obtain the CBM certification that relies on a portfolio of professional development. The Council voted to direct the Broadcast Board to move forward with preparing an implementation plan based on the proposal.

14. Recertification for Certified Consulting Meteorologists

Commissioner Ban reported at length on the ongoing discussions within the CCM community about the proposal for recertification or mandatory professional development. He noted that there had been a great deal of dialog, which has led to a number of revisions to the proposal over the past few months. There was concern that changes in the proposal had been occurring frequently enough that some engaged in the dialog may not have been commenting on the most recent draft. After some discussion, the Council voted to approve the following motion:

The Council is encouraged by the progress on the development of a process for recognition of professional development and the vigorous discussion it has engendered. The Council directs the CCM Board to continue to engage the broad CCM community to develop a draft implementation plan for presentation to the Council in September 2003. The Council also directs that a progress report be provided to the Executive Committee for its April 2003 meeting.

15. International Sealholders

Having specific recommended language before them, the Council took up the issue tabled during Commissioner Ban=s report earlier (see item 3). The Council voted to approve language for the Broadcast Seal procedure that requires the review of tapes for international Sealholders who move to domestic markets before they can display their Seal.

16. Budget update

Executive Director McPherson briefed the Council on the 2002 budget. As the year came to an end it was clear that the Society had suffered a significant deficit for 2002, which would have to be balanced with reserve funds. Details would be provided after the books were closed and the audited financial reports were complete.

17. Headquarters renovations

Deputy Executive Director Seitter reported on the progress made so far in the Headquarters renovations and on the efforts of the volunteer Architecture Committee which was working with the staff to create a plan for decorations and exhibits in the renovated house. Seitter reported that the work was proceeding well and on schedule.

18. Ten-Year Vision Mid-term Review

President Rosen introduced the topic of a midterm review for the Ten-Year Vision implementation. Rosen reported that the Executive Committee had established a Mid-Term Review committee chaired by Councilors Glackin and Arkin, who then briefed the Council on plans for the review.

19. AMS government relations program

Executive Director McPherson reported on the activities of the AMS staff to maintain contact with staff members in various government offices so that the Society can be kept aware of issues and provide educational input where appropriate.

20. Honorary Members

President Rosen asked that the Council provide input and recommendations for individuals who should be considered for election to Honorary Member of the Society.

21. Closing remarks

The Council expressed their appreciation to President Rosen for his leadership over the past year. President Rosen thanked the Council for their service and especially thanked those Councilors whose terms were ending. He then reminded the new Council of the important brief meeting that was to take place after the Business Meeting that evening under the leadership of President Friday.

The Council adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

The Council will next meet on 23 and 24 September 2003 in Boston.


Meeting of the Council
9 February 2003
Long Beach, CA

Minutes President Friday called the Council to order at 6:10 p.m. on 9 February.

Present: President Friday, President-Elect Avery, Past-Presidents Serafin and Rosen; Councilors Arkin, Barros, Blaskovich, Carr, Colton, Geller, Jones, Karl, Karoly, Killeen, Thompson; Recorder Seitter.

Appointment of Council representative to the Executive Committee On the recommendation of President Friday, the Council voted to appoint Councilor Colton to the Executive Committee for a two-year term ending January 2005.

The Council adjourned 6:15 p.m.