Chapter News
September 2013


September 17, 2013 – 8:00 pm

136 McBryde Hall - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Blacksburg, VA

Meeting called to order at: 8:00 pm

Officer Introduction

Student Presentations (Summer Internships and Research)

President, James Marrow

Treasurer, Adrianne Engel

3rd Officer, Hans VanBenschoten

Meeting adjourned at: 9:30pm

Members in Attendance: 62---Hans VanBenschoten



Meeting Date: September 3, 2013

Start Time: 9:15p.m.

President Reports:

Vice President Reports:

Secretary Reports:

Treasurer Reports

SGA Reports:

Webmaster Reports:


Message from Dr. Kluver:

End Time: 9:40p.m.

Meeting Date: September 17, 2013

Start time: 9:00p.m.

President Reports:

Vice President Reports:

Secretary Reports:

Treasurer Reports:

SGA Reports:

Webmaster Reports:

Upcoming Events:

End Time: 9:36---Rebecca Rogers.



Fall Newsletter.---Katie Garrett.


The High Plains Chapter of the AMS held a teleconference meeting on Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 at 3 PM.  Approximately 29 members were on the call, from the 4 NWS offices represented. 

The meeting started with a presentation from Corey King, a former Chapter member, who has been at Bismarck, ND for one and a half years.  Corey’s presentation was titled “Infusion of an Emergency Response Specialist (ERS) into NWS Bismarck Operations”.  Corey outlined the process of working his new ERS position into the operations the Bismarck Office.  The ERS position works very close with the office WCM and the MIC.  Some areas Corey took over in the Bismarck NWS office were Multimedia Briefings, the Social Media POC, and he serves as the main POC for State Offices.  He can be deployed by Central Region, and is an assistant to the CR ROC desk.  One example Corey gave of ERS assistance was during the 2013 flooding in North Dakota.  There was a lot of coordination between the local NWS office, the State offices, and even National levels of support.  One item which came from this flooding support was an “Experimental Weather Threat Matrix (EWTM)”, similar to the new Enhanced Hazardous Weather graphic product.  The EWTM product was developed from a North Dakota National Guard briefing product, produced every day during the 2 months of flooding.  Corey opened up the presentation for questions, and two subjects which surfaced were that coordination between WFO’s remains a big issue, and Corey coordinated often with CRH Mike Hudson while developing the ERS position.  The presentation ended around 3:55 pm.

A short business meeting began at near 4 pm.  The Treasurer’s report was submitted after the 9/25 meeting.  Our treasury had multiple dues paid, and only one Check written since our last meeting.

VP Jeremy Wesely is still looking for speakers for future meetings.  We will probably have one more meeting this year, and plans are possibly for a face to face meeting.  President Bill Taylor will send out a message concerning the next meeting.  Furthermore, depending on the budget, a High Plains conference “may” be possible next year.  Mike Umscheid updated us on the tax exempt application with the IRS.   Mike is still working on getting this issue finalized.---William Taylor and Tim Burke.



September Meeting Minutes.---Sean Stelten.



September Meeting Minutes.---Haley Bouley.



On the evening of September 18th, both the Memphis (ZME) Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) and the Center Weather Support Unit (CWSU) played host for the first AMS/NWA Memphis chapter meeting of the 2013-2014 year.  After the brief business meeting was adjourned, chapter members and a few guests received detailed presentations explaining the functions of each department and how their interaction translates weather forecasts and decisions to the safety of thousands of flights that pass through the Mid-South daily.

The first speaker was Herb Tyson, an FAA ARTCC training instructor.  Herb discussed the geographical boundaries of the Memphis ARTCC and how it lies amongst the other 21 centers across the country.  He also explained the different altitude levels and separation rules the controllers are responsible for.  The night’s second speaker was Stephen Kearney, an Aviation Meteorologist with the Memphis CWSU.  Stephen presented the importance of weather decision making to pilots, controllers and ground operators; which can become quite costly when the weather makes an abrupt change that is not foreseen. The CWSU not only coordinates with the Aviation Weather Center in Kansas City, but also with the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Memphis and the Meteorology Department at FedEx, whose global SuperHub is located at Memphis International Airport.

After the presentations, attendees were split up and given tours of each department, including being paired with controllers during live conversations with air traffic.  The evening ended with pizza and soda provided by both facilities.---Erik Proseus.



AMS Meeting, 9/4/13

Attendance: 75

Start: 8:32 p.m.

End: 8:53 p.m.

Total: 21 minutes


Open Officer Meeting 9/9/13

Attendance: 5

Start: 6:30 pm

End: 6:51 pm

Total: 21 minutes

Dues Meeting

*September 11 at 8:30 p.m.

*Collect dues

*Fill out spreadsheet for those who paid

*Bowling at Leisure Lanes following the meeting ($1.75 per game, shoes free with MU ID)

*Pass out National AMS Conference form

Met-Mentor Events

*September 10 at 6 p.m.

*September 17 at 8 p.m.

*Chelsea and Ian going over earlier

*Evan/Ian call the park

*September 24 at 6 p.m.

Committee Meetings

September 16 at 8:00 p.m. (Events/Fundraising followed by Community Outreach)



*Elect chairpersons

*List of events (potential events) for this semester


*Ian: Send out email

                                    *Evan/Chelsea: Contact members

*September 25 at 7:30 p.m.

*October 10 from 4:00 p.m. - ??

Student Senate Meeting

September 29 from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

President and Treasurer must attend.

Weather Challenge Webpage

                  *Megan: Update links

AMS Dues and Constitution Meeting, 9/11/13

Attendance: 92

Start: 6:30pm

End: 6:46pm

Total: 16 minutes



Meeting began at 7:03pm on September 18th

Yay or Nay?

Warning Coordination Meteorologist

National Weather Service Tallahassee

The 2013 Oklahoma Tornadoes


Upcoming Events

Next General Chapter Meeting

Tuesday October 29, 2013 7:00 pm

Meeting ended 8:47pm---Brandon Daly



NWI Chapter of AMS/NWA Minutes for 9/5/2013

Sophomore Chair:

- Will Haenni

- New position to make freshman feel included

- Planning Social Events so let us know if you have any ideas!


- Alex Caruthers

- Dues $15 by October Meeting

- Pop Refrigerator is honor system


- Alicia Camacho

- Relay for Life

-October 5th-6th 9pm-9am

- Join Team Twister!

- Activities/Themed Laps/FUN!

- Silent Auction

- Donations Due by September 13th

- Auction is September 16-24th


- Allison Young

- Calendars

- Picture Applications sent in by October 10th

- Great Lakes Meteorology Conference

- March 22, 2014


- Zach Sefcovic

- NWA Conference

- AMS Conference

- Benefits of being a national member

- AMS Scholarships

-Student Chapter of the Year Award

NWI Chapter of AMS/NWA Minutes for 9/24/2013

Treasurer- Dues are due by the next meeting! You can pay cash or check (payable to Northwest Indiana Chapter of AMS/NWA). You can pay at the meeting or anytime you find Alex!

Secretary- Relay for Life (We are up to $1,192.00). Join Team Twister if you haven’t already done so. Walking Schedule is coming soon. Campsite Decorating Committee will meet sometime next week. We raised $427.50 with the Silent Auction!

VP-Send in Calendar Pictures! Great Lakes Meteorology Conference is March 22, 2014

President - Thank you to everyone who went to Romeoville on Saturday. We will be selling Team Twister Sharknado T-shirts starting next Wednesday. AMS Chicago Chapter is looking for a Valpo Speaker for October 1st.---Alicia Camacho.



September Meeting Minutes

-We had our annual cookout the first weekend in September

-Dr. Fogt informed us that we have an updated curriculum for Meteorology majors, if we would like to switch catalogs

-We discussed Assistantships and Travel Grants for the AMS Conference

-We also discussed the Hollings Scholarship, along with other NWA Scholarships

-Dues were collected for memberships

-Discussed an upcoming outreach event that will occur on Thursday, October 17

-Put together a Homecoming committee

-Upper-classmen received mentees (if they were interested)

-WxChallenge began!---Morgan Wentling.


September Meeting 2013

National Weather Service – Valley Forecast Office

The first meeting of the calendar year for the Omaha-Offutt Chapter of the AMS/NWA was held at the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Valley Nebraska on Friday, September 27th, in conjunction with a picnic at the office.  Approximately 60 members and guests attended the meeting.  Members included representatives from the NWS, the Air Force Weather Agency, Creighton University Atmospheric Sciences in Omaha, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, the Omaha World Herald, and WOWT-Channel 6.  President Tom Shih called the meeting to order at 6:42 PM.  President Shih welcomed all attending to the meeting.

Thanks were given to various members responsible for helping put the event together.  Jay Martinelli was thanked for preparing the meat for the picnic.  The National Weather Service was thanked for hosting the picnic. 

A request was put to the entire group for suggestions for speakers for the rest of the year, as well as for favorite locations that could potentially host our meetings.  The October meeting was announced for October 22nd at the Spaghetti Works in downtown Omaha.  The speaker, Kevin Stamm, is a representative of the Army Corps of Engineers, and he will be speaking about climate change and impacts on mountain snowpack accumulation and runoff in the Missouri River basin. 

Treasurer John Roth presented the Treasurer’s report. 

Recording Secretary James McCormick explained that meeting minutes will be emailed rather than read aloud at each meeting.  A motion to approve the minutes from the May 2013 meeting was made and carried. 

An announcement was made by President Shih regarding the need for a Treasury audit.  No officers can be a part of the audit committee, so volunteers were requested. 

Jim Meyer, Meteorologist In Charge for the Valley Forecast Office, presented several awards recognizing outstanding achievement of staff members.  Awards were given for various topics including meteorology, hydrology, data acquisition, outreach, and service support.  Recipients included:

Nancy Gaardner, a writer for the Omaha World Herald, was honored at the meeting after being selected to receive the prestigious Walter J. Bennett Public Service Award through the National Weather Association recognizing her outstanding ability to provide weather information to the public through her column with the World Herald. 

A round of applause was given for Jim Meyer for hosting the event and his service to the National Weather Service.

Sean McMahon received his dues free for the year for correctly forecasting the 6:30 PM temperature of 81 degrees, winning a tie breaker for submitting his winning entry the earliest. A motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 7:11 PM.  The motion carried.---James McCormick.



September 3, 2013

Picnic: 5:30 p.m. Wednesday September 4, 2013 at the Firepit.

Cider at Stamm’s: Kayla and Daniela will go to talk to Stamm on when the best time for this to take place will be.

Website: Forecast game supposed to start next week. Will ask at next met club meeting who is interested in forecasting for the site.

Wxchallenge:  I will keep an eye on this and already have the ball rolling with this.

Fall trip: NWS Buffalo along with associated TV Stations- will pick a date on when to do this at the next meeting- My thinking is October will be the best time to do it as long as the weather service and TV stations are available. Will get an idea next week on who wants to go on this trip

GLASS- This semester: have a keynote picked by end of October- Forensic Meteorologist is the thinking on who to have for this year’s meeting.

Next semester for GLASS- plan everything else.

Fundraisers: maybe charge 1 dollar for the movie in the planetarium- also everyone should have an idea for a fundraiser next week.

Anything else??- Jake found this with a very interesting movie that might be worth showing. Stars Sean Casey who Jake met last summer I believe when he was in Syracuse.

Meeting minutes: Start: 4:34p.m    End time: 5:00p.m.

September 10, 2013

Meeting minutes: Time Begun: 6:27 p.m.    Time Ended: 7:00 p.m.

Facebook page: Someone wants to join the group- go to their page to see who they are and make sure they are real.

Cornell University Meteorology Club- Want to get together with another AMS chapter here at SUNY Oswego. They would like to meet the Oswego Meteorology Club.

NWS/TV Station- Email sent out already to the NWS in Buffalo and associated TV Station and are currently waiting for a reply. Later in October would be the best time to probably go but all depends on the weather service availability.

Cider at Stamms- 29th of September is the best time for the club to be able to go.

Fundraiser- Club officers off the hook for right now…

Website: recruit forecasters for the website.

WxChallenge: Will start to sign people up for this next week.

September 17, 2013

Meeting Minutes: Time begun: 6:30 p.m.   Time Ended: 6:55 p.m

Also, Daniela’s Birthday is next Tuesday- day of Met Club- will make cupcakes for all of us.. Keep this in mind. I may decide to make some cookies for the club as well for her birthday.

Cider at Stamms- September 29th at 3pm. Meet in the Syngg parking a little beforehand at around 230pm to allow for people to arrive and time to get there as it is a 10 minute drive. All officer’s will drive if needed except Kayla due to the fact that she doesn’t have a car here on campus L.

ListServ- thought it wasn’t working but apparently it is and Daniela will check this out tonight.

NWS- Literally got the email from this lady there as I opened up my email. She asked for any dates in mind, but we're still waiting to hear from Mentkowski, so we have a few options...we can give him another week and see what dates work best for him, or we can forego the TV station and just do the NWS. I don't really want to forego the TV station just yet but this is a group decision obviously. Tentative date of October 19th is set to go to the NWS in Buffalo. We will wait till next week to make a decision. Daniela will talk to Brett tonight on when he is available to go to the NWS and is able to drive.

Ask Steiger to come to next meeting to talk about the grant this winter. Jake will be the one who goes to make sure that Dr. Steiger will be able to come to the meeting next week.

Later in the Semester……. Not now PowerPoint presentations will be conducted by the students and officers who had an internship over the summer or had a research project to do—most likely will be the last meeting Met club meeting of the semester if we can keep all the other meetings busy…..then it would come sooner.

Fundraising- Mark told us that Cornell University does a “Guessing the seasons snowfall for the winter” as a fundraising event.

Keynote speaker possibilities-

Website- announcement for pics next week at club meeting.

September 24, 2013 – Daniela’s and Tyler’s Birthdays

Meeting Minutes: Time begun: 6:34 p.m.   Time Ended: 6:47 p.m.

Cider at Stamm’s- 2:30pm meet at the parking lot behind Syngg in the commuter lot. Driver’s, I believe all officers besides Kayla said they can drive and Brian Thayer and David Bubbins said they can drive to Stamm’s as well.

NWS/TV Station- Good news: October 19 works. Pick a time around Mentkowski’s schedule but the day works. Bad news: NWS tours can only have up to 20 people. We are getting there by most likely by own method of transportation….. in other words taking our own cars possibly.

Steiger: Is Steiger coming to the meeting?? Might but has a child’s cub scouting meeting at 7

AMS conference- Just make sure to mention to everyone in the club

NESC is in Rutland, Vermont this year once again.

Also, as a side note Happy Birthday to Daniela once again and Hope you had a great day as well as that night.---Michael Vuotto.



The 2013/2014 school year is off to a productive start here at the Rutgers University AMS Chapter. The executive board began working all the way back on August 25th, and was promptly followed by another E-board meeting on September 2nd. These E-board meetings early on led to a successful participation in the Rutgers Fall Involvement Fair also on the second of the month. These two early E-board meetings facilitated the planning of fundraisers, community outreaches, trips for our chapter, and go about revisions to improve the clubs constitution.


The first general meeting of the year took place on September 11th, and our first topic was to offer community outreaches/volunteer opportunities to our club/chapter members. They consist of presentations about weather to students at Dutch Neck Elementary School (grades K-3rd) which will be on April 4th, and also presenting to a Girl Scout Troop in Ewing, NJ on September 12th. A volunteering event that is coming up will be giving a group of homeschool students a tour of the weather station at Rutgers Gardens, and also a tour of the university’s weather recording studio, that is where the Meteorology Club and Weather Watchers Program (broadcast meteorology)  will be cooperatively giving a tour. The next topic discussed at the meeting was about some our fundraisers which are comprised of a Yankee Candle sale as well as a photo calendar sale that will be constructed with photographs from our own club/chapter members! Later on in the evening a portion of the meeting was spent on reminders about the 2013 AMS Conference deadlines as well as trip details. The final portion of the September general meeting was left for the discussion of the fall trip to Washington D.C., which will be coming up in October.---Joseph Slezak. 



The September meeting of the Smoky Mountain Chapter was held on the evening of the 30th. Around five members first met for dinner at Calhoun's on the River in downtown Knoxville, and then around ten members convened on the UT Ag campus to hear Dr. Barry Golden (UT College of Education professor specializing in climate science education) speak about the extent to which Global Climate Change is currently being taught in US high schools. He analyzed the state science frameworks of each state in addition to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in order to assess the extent of anthropogenic climate change contained in them. He found that that at least 80% of states do not require climate change to be taught in a robust fashion. In addition, many states who do include climate change do so in course content which is not required for graduation in the US. In other words, the current robust scientific consensus is not reflected in what is being required for American high school students to graduate.

Bio for Dr. Barry Golden: Dr. Golden grew up overseas in a military family. Prior to joining the UT faculty, he worked at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, where he received his Ph.D. in Science Education. While at FSU, he served as the Project Manager for an NSF project investigating the effects of RET programs on Science teachers’ understandings about inquiry. Barry taught high school and middle school science for nine years, focusing mostly on Physical Science and Earth-Space Science. He went to FSU for his B.S. (Psychology) and his M.S. (Science Education) degrees. Dr. Golden's areas of research include climate change education, conceptual change, the nature of science, argumentation, and inquiry. He is particularly interested in investigating how children come to understand complex scientific concepts such as climate change.---David Gaffin.



September 2013

Eberly Science and Technology, California University of Pennsylvania



President Mike Griesinger called the September 2013 TCMS meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. on September 17.  Also present were Vice President Jim Marusak, Secretary Chris Bovitz, Treasurer Jim Taggart, and 24 other attendees, including six students and one professor from St. Cloud State University.  Introductions were made.

This year is the 65th anniversary of the formation of our group.  There were cupcakes.

Bovitz read a summary of the last meeting.  It was approved.

Taggart gave the treasurer’s report:  We had $655.88 last June.  We acquired $100 since then, and we currently have $755.88 available. The report was approved.

Griesinger introduced the group to our Facebook page ( and our Twitter account (@tcmetsoc).   Like us and follow us.

Upcoming events

The group has a couple of contests in progress:

See the September newsletter for the guidelines and rules.

Business meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Our speaker was Eric Holthaus, a founding member of Weathermob.   Holthaus has worked for the Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic, writing about interesting weather around the world.  Lately, he was been working on getting Weathermob set up . The company currently has two other employees. 

Their company’s goal is to become a source of data that’s useful for forecasting for government and private companies at a much higher temporal- and spatial resolution than is currently being gathered. The data can be useful for specialized forecasts beyond the standard weather forecasts and for short-term (0- to 12-hour) forecasts.  Holthaus called it, “Twitter for the atmosphere.”   Weathermob has a goal to be a crowdsourcing app similar to how Waze, TripAdvisor, and Foursquare.  He hopes that in two to three years, 200 million people could be adding to their database.

The company has about 250 thousand users in 130 countries now.  Only forty percent of the users are in the U.S., and there is strong interest in China, Brazil, and India.

Holthaus and his company hope his data set will supplement the 30,000 surface observations.  He said that there are challenges in providing a correct dataset to filter out (accidentally or intentionally) bad observations in an area.

Users will be able to send in not only observations, taken either manually or via their mobile smart phone.  Users can also send pictures or how the weather makes them feel.  Observations from Weathermob – potentially in the millions – would supplement data from the approximately 30,000 fixed observation sites.

There are other sources of data which Weathermob hopes to tap:  mobile telephones and automobiles.  For example, temperature data is already reported by many cars, and a car’s windshield wipers’ being on can imply precipitation.

Holdhaus answered a few questions for about 15 minutes, then the meeting broke up.---Chris Bovitz.



Monthly Meeting: Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

The second meeting of the year for the Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society met on Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 at 5:30pm in the NSSTC 4065 classroom. The first item on the agenda was the Treasurer report from Sarah Stough on the chapter's budget. The current balance was approximately $493.00. President Aaron Kaulfus then talked about the apparel order for the UAHuntsville Atmospheric Science Department. The club discussed what kinds of clothing we would like to buy.

Emily Foshee will be taking over the Yankee Candle fundraiser. We will be selling candles to family members, friends, etc as a fundraiser for the club and the money will be due around November 15th so that the candles will be delivered to us before Christmas.

The 2013 UAH Girl’s in Science and Engineering Day will be held on Saturday November 16th from 9:30am to 12:35pm. Approximately 5-6 volunteers will be needed to help give talks about careers in atmospheric science and meteorology to middle school girls. If we want to participate in the 2nd Annual UAH Homecoming Parade, registration is open until Friday October 11th.

There will be a club event this Saturday, which is free day at the United States Space and Rocket Center. Meet there at 10am! Lastly, the Atmospheric Science Department picnic will be held on Friday October 25th at Monte Sano State Park at 3pm. We had approximately 20 members attend the August AMS meeting.---Danielle M. Kozlowski.



The University of Georgia Chapter of the American Meteorological Society held its second meeting of the semester of Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 in the Geography Building on the University of Georgia Campus. Chapter funded pizza and snacks were served while chapter members mingled and members pay their dues to Chapter Treasurer, Castle Williams. The meeting was called to order by the Chapter President, Matt Daniel at 5:25PM.

President Matt Daniel opened by briefing the chapter on new business. First, President Daniel announced modifications to the Constitution that were drafted by the officers. The modifications included redefining officer duties as well as the new additional officer position of Historian. Active members then participated in a near unanimous to vote in the changes to the Constitution. An election was then held for the historian position. Former AMS President, Jared Rackley, is elected to serve as historian on the 2013-2014 officer board.

Treasurer, Castle Williams, announces that the chapter raised $54.47 from the percentage night fundraiser at Jason’s Deli held on September 11th, 2013. Treasurer Williams also introduces the chapters’ involvement in the Donor’s Play Fundraiser.

President Matt Daniel briefly reminds the chapter of upcoming events including the next open officer meeting and the next chapter meeting on October 16th at which will be hosting our next guest speaker. Mike Smith.

Vice President Dean Pryles then introduced a series of speakers including numerous professionals and students within the meteorology field that led a discussion about how students can use their atmospheric sciences certificate in the future. Speakers included AMS President and UGA professor Dr.Marshall Shepherd, UGA Alumni and broadcast meteorologist Tyler Mauldin, UGA Professor Dr. John Knox, UGA Graduate Students Kyle Mattingly and Jordan McLeod, and UGA AMS Members Matt Daniel, Minh Phan, and Dean Pryles. Topics discussed included professional opportunities in both the traditional and non-traditional fields, getting involved with NCAR/UCAR, the National Weather Service, broadcast meteorology, meteorology through social media, REU opportunities, graduate programs, as well as looking at statistical data available on meteorology careers.

Meeting was adjourned by President Matt Daniel at 7:18PM.---Molly McCollum


Monthly Meeting

On September 15, we carried out our second monthly meeting in which discussed future activities, such as, the Weather Today, and the International Beach Cleanup Day.

International Beach Cleanup Day

On September 21, we joined Campus Verde (a UPRM association that sponsors green initiatives) for our first community service activity, which was cleaning a beach. We set out at 7:45 AM, our destination, Golondrinas Beach in Isabela, Puerto Rico. When we got there, we put on gloves, and immediately set out to get the job done. At the end of the day, we had about 20 bags that included garbage and recycling items (plastic bottles, paper and glass).     

Weather Today

On September 24, we had our first Weather Today about Weather Radars (“Radares del Proyecto CASA”). The conference was given to us by a Professor of the University’s Electric Engineering Department, Dr. José Colom. The conference lasted about an hour, where he talked to us about different types of radars, and which one they were using for their project here at the University.



September Meeting Minutes.---Lindsay Rice.



Meeting Date: September 5, 2013
Time: 7:30 pm
Room: EST 337

Attendance Summary: 29 in attendance (All officers present)

Tara Wagoner, chapter president opened the meeting, which was the first meeting of the academic year. Each of the 2013 officers were invited to the front of the room to introduce themselves. Then each first time attendees introduced themselves to the rest of the group.

Dues will again be $15 a semester and should be paid to either of the co-treasures (Chris Johnson or Brian Urbancic) by the next meeting (9/26/13).

For chapter t-shirts this semester, we would not be getting regular t-shirt but rather polos. The polos would not have a year printed on them so that they could be a design that can be used into future years. Chris Johnson guessed that they may run in the $20-25 range but further details would be given at the next meeting concerning such.

The group then disused several fundraisers planned for this semester. Chis Johnson gave details on the Yankee Candle fundraiser which would last for 4 weeks this fall. A pancake breakfast like the one held in the spring semester is planned but no date is official yet. The Geography/Geology undergraduate lounge (room 358) would again be run by the AMS/NWA chapter this semester; members are needed to help check and stock the lounge. An “item of the week” will be tried this semester which is where a member will bring in a special item (purchased or home baked) to sell in the lounge. The last of the fundraisers for the evening was a chapter yard sale. Arden Gregory (member) spoke about the yard sale, which will include members bringing items to sale, it will take place after fall break, we could do priced tables, and that unsold items could be donated. The yard sale will take place the weekend after fall break (and thus 10/12/2013) at Tara’s (president) house. A lot of newspaper advertising would need to take place.

Tara then began the discussion on attending the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting which would be held the first week of February in Atlanta, GA with the student conference the preceding weekend. The deadlines for early-registration and the assistantship programs were announced and it was mention that you must be a student member of the AMS to receive the student registration price. Austin Boys (member and 2013 Assistantship Recipient) spoke about the assistantship program and then Andrew Dockery (co-sophomore chair and 2013 Annual Meeting Attendee) spoke about the experience of attending the annual meeting (encouraging all to try to go). Tara Wagoner (president) also spoke about the benefits of attending the annual meeting. It was mentioned that the department can help with funding but we must let them know our plans early.

Tara then shifted to speaking about the fall chapter activities planned which would include a trip to the NWS office in Nashville, TN to tour the office and observe a balloon launch. The chapter also plans to have special speakers talk at our meetings. Emily Thornton (vice-president) introduced the new CIN (challenge inhibition now) mentor program in which upperclassmen would help underclassmen with subjects they might be struggling with.

Emily Thornton (vice-president and “WxChallenge” local manager) passed along information on the upcoming competition “WxChallenge”. She announced that forms are due to her by September 27th and the money is due by Oct 1st. The cost to compete is $5 for the year or $3 for the fall semester only.

Ryan Difani (secretary) then gave information on the new meteorology program website. The site is still under development and suggestions for improvements could be made by speaking to Ryan. There is an AMS/NWA chapter page where upcoming dates including meetings will be posted.

Tara (president) then announced the next meeting which is set for September 26th. Meetings are traditionally at 5:30 pm but suggestions were taken from the members and ultimately 6 pm was decided upon for this semester’s meetings.

A reminder of the bowling event immediately following the evenings meeting was announced.

The evenings featured presentation was then given by co-treasurer Brian Urbancic. The presentation was on the Air Force ROTC Program. Brian has been active in the Air Force ROTC program at WKU since his freshmen year and is an ROTC cadet.

The meeting concluded at 8:30 pm.

Several members enjoyed games of bowling following the meeting of which 2 games were paid for by the chapter.

Meeting Date: September 26, 2013
Time: 6:00 pm
Room: EST 337

Attendance Summary: 29 in attendance (All officers present)

Tara Wagoner, chapter president opened the meeting. Then a reminder that dues were due tonight (9/26/2013) paid to either of the co-treasurers Chris Johnson and Brian Urbancic.

Tara then turned the meeting over to Anthony Piedmonte (a representative with WKU relay for life). Anthony gave details about WKU Relay for Life and encouraged our chapter to be involved. He also passed out a flyer giving details of the event which would take place on November 11th, 2013 at the football stadium with the theme “Wild, Wild, West!!!”.

The meeting was then turned over to co-treasurer Chris Johnson to discuss the details of the upcoming Yankee Candle Fundraiser. Chris had a catalog/magazine of the products and planned to have more available for our next meeting. Our group will receive 40% of the proceeds which equates to $10 a candle. We decided to sell the candles beginning October 10th (our next meeting date) until November 7th (also a meeting date). Sales would be done through the catalog and the web catalog. Orders should be received in time for Christmas with a rough estimation time of finals week.

Emily Thornton (vice-president and local “WxChallenge” manager) then reminded everyone of the “WxChallenge”. Forms are due to her by tomorrow (9/27/13) and the money will be due to her by October 1st.

Tara (president) then reminded everyone of the upcoming chapter yard sale which is to take place on October 12th at Tara’s house. Members were encouraged to bring items from home and all items not sold would be donated. The start time of the yard sale is still to be announced.

Emily (vice-president) then mentioned the CIN (challenge inhibition now) mentor program. She stated that underclassmen may by now know that they could use some help with some subject. Those wanting to participate would be paired with an upperclassman, which volunteered to help during the previous meeting.

Tara (president) then spoke concerning the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting in Atlanta. An absolute yes or no answer regarding attendance was needed by October 22nd in order to comply with the geography/geology department funding application. Fundraising for those going will also occur after this date.

Tara then opened the meeting to the floor for further business. A member of the StormTopper Network reminded everyone that the training and mock activation was this upcoming Saturday (September 28th) from 9-11 am in the meteorology lab. A few more reminders were then given about the AMS Annual meeting including that (mentioned by Will Paschall, public relations chair) the Student Assistantship Program was due October the 11th with renewed membership by the 10th. Tara (president) mentioned that those planning to attend the AMS Annual meeting must be AMS student members. Ryan Difani (secretary) made mention that student membership was around $20 and it could be applied to the 2014 calendar year.

The next meeting would be October 10th and chapter elections for the 2014 calendar year would be held. We finished the meeting with nominations for all positions for the upcoming elections and the nominations are summarized as follows.

---Ryan Difani.


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