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September 2012


September Meeting Minutes.---Bryon Lawrence.



Autumn 2012 Newsletter.---Katie Collins Garrett.



September Meeting Minutes.---Sean Stelten.



Central Mississippi Chapter of the National Weather Association &

Jackson American Meteorological Society

Meeting Minutes for September 18, 2012

I.  Call to Order

The first NWA/AMS meeting of 2012-2013 year started at 7:05 p.m. and was opened by Chapter Corresponding Secretary Eric Carpenter.  The Chapter meeting was held at the NWS office in Flowood, MS. 

II. Rolls

Treasurer Joanne Culin left out a sign in sheet for attendees to sign. Ten people were present, including four of the returning officers.

III. Minutes Approval

Treasurer, Ms. Joanne Culin, advertised collection of dues and gave the incoming balance report. Once officer nominations were done, dues were collected by the new Treasurer, Mr. Jason Brand. As usual, dues are $20 for adults, $10 for students.  In Ms. Nancy Lopez’s absence, Ms. Culin took minutes.


IV. New Business

Mr. Eric Carpenter opened the meeting with everyone going around the room and introducing themselves. After this was complete, officer nominations began. A few of the officer positions from last year were being vacated and depending on how the election went, additional ones were vacated as well. The first position vacated is the NWA President. Nominations were made and Joanne Culin was elected as the NWA President. Ethan Huston retained his position as NWA Vice President. Nancy Lopez takes over the role of NWA Corresponding Secretary. On the AMS side: Loren White retains the President position, Barbie Bassett remains Vice President and Alan Gerard remains Corresponding Secretary. Jason Brand takes over as Treasurer, Eric Carpenter moves into the Recording Secretary role and Daniel Lamb remains the social media/webmaster.

Meeting ideas were then discussed for the year. Prior arrangements had been made to go to WJTV this year and that seems to be set for a time in November. Additional ideas include: MEMA, Grand Gulf, Corps of Engineers in Vicksburg (both seem to be an issue due to travel but otherwise there was interest in both). A potential topic for January would be to talk about dual-pol radar since that will have just been installed at the Jackson radar. An idea for a cookout in the warmer months with a speaker was suggested. Some offices do a webinar due to rising travel costs for speakers and this would be an option to consider.

The next order of business was to discuss the current webpage. When the web duties were transitioned from Joanne Culin to Daniel Lamb, many of the previous pages were lost or ill-formatted. Daniel has recreated the best he can with the webpage but suggested another format would be better if duties were transitioned again due to the cumbersome way the webpage is created. He suggested using a blog format through Wordpress, which would be no charge. In addition, for 20 dollars a year, we could set up an actual website which Daniel Lamb offered to pay for as long as he is the webmaster. This would be an independent site that would not be linked to either AMS or NWA and would be linked on each of their chapter websites. Chapter agreed this was a good idea. Discussion was held about the name of the website and something similar to the social media handles was decided upon (Central MS NWA/AMS).

The discussion turned to Hurricane Isaac and how the storm evolved and some of the services that were given with the storm.  The Hurricane Isaac NWS website was shown. Discussion was held about the track and how it wobbled, with model guidance being inconsistent between the ECMWF and the GFS. It was noted that the NHC 5 day cone of uncertainty has not been very good this year with Isaac, Debbie and perhaps Beryl. Isaac was not a big tornado threat but rather caused a bit of wind damage.  One problem with the wind was that it was a long duration of 40+ mph winds while a brief thunderstorm may have strong winds near 60+ mph but a shorter duration. This helped lead to more downed trees, as well as saturated soils.

A question was raised to mainly the media about the usefulness of the Hurricane Local Statement.  Ethan said he liked it in that it was an easier way to get a summary of the thinking about the storm, with concise thoughts.  Brad pointed out that it is a pain for forecasters to create and some examples of the length of the product was shown.  Jason noted that it was helpful to have so many JAN forecasters in the chat as opposed to some other offices. It was asked how the media took the issues with getting the forecast package out on time due to the HLS/NHC products not being ingested quickly. Ethan commented that they understood this could be an issue due to the timing of the NHC advisory issuance times. He suggested it would be good to put out the main forecast package and communicate on chat the new information or that it would be updated shortly with the new information.

V.  Adjournment

The meeting concluded at approximately 8:35 p.m. Mr. Eric Carpenter stated that Joanne Culin would type up the notes in his place and all officer positions would take over with the next meeting.  The next meeting date is being planned for October.---Joanne Culin.



September 5th, 2012

We had our first general business meeting on September 5th at 7pm in the Burke Mountain Room.  We had 60 attendees including the board members and the meeting ended around 7:55PM.  


Kayla Flynn, our Community Outreach Officer, began the meeting with a description of her duties and some of the upcoming community service events.  She encourages members to sign up for the Northeast Kingdom Youth Services Walk which promotes the awareness of the homeless and also raises money for a local shelter.  

Next we had an adjunct faculty member, Lawrence Hayes, talk about an exciting edition to Lyndon State College.  Next Summer there will be a Meteorology Summer Camp here at Lyndon.  He passed out a questionnaire for member’s input on how to make the one-day camp fun and exciting for the attendees.

Then, our Pressident, Jeb Postle, introduced himself and his position.  He spoke about how the New England Storm Conference was developing and encouraged many of the Freshman to think about going.

Then, our Vice President, James Sinko talked about his duties and the upgrades to our club website.  He also showed the members how to access and use the site.  He then told sophomores to make sure and fill out a survey if the wanted to go on the 2012 Meteorology Sector Search trip.

After that, Secretary Matthew Davey spoke a little bit about his administrative duties.  He reminded members to make sure to register with him if they had not done so already.  He then told members of the opportunity to send a graduate school, company, or professional a packet on our conference in March.  Getting them to our conference and networking with them would be very beneficial to the members.

Then, Treasurer Torrence Gaucher explained what he did for the club.  Additionally, he reminded the members that dues were due on September 27th and their would be a late fee assessed if they payed after that date.  


Amanda Curran, our Public Relations Officer, talked about the many events coming up this month including the Shelter Walk, Car Wash Fundraiser, Mt Pisgah Hike, Mt Washington Hike w/ Plymouth State, Major Activity Day, and Fall BBQ.  The sign-ups would be at the ECM after the GBM, tonight.

Historian Sarah Murphy briefly spoke of her position.  She then presented our 2012 club poster that she made over the summer.  She also told the members to check the website because the photos that she takes at our events will be added their.

Finally, our Faculty Liaison Claudine Perez explained how she will let the faculty know of any problems the students are having.  The faculty was also looking for input on an upcoming Math and Physics Teachers Conference.---Matthew Davey.



General Meeting

5 September 2012

Attendance: 81 people

Start: 8:32pm

Introduction (President Peter Mullinax):

Presenting of Officers

Current Activities:

AMS Membership and Dues

Trips Planned

Snowfall Competition

Conclusion (President Peter Mullinax)

End: 9:08pm (Total Time: 36 minutes)

General Meeting

12 September 2012

Attendance: 81 people

Start: 8:34pm

Introduction (President Peter Mullinax)


Conclusion (President Peter)

End: 8:55pm (total 21 mins)---Jimmy Fowler.



AMS Meeting Minutes (9/20/12)



September 13th, 2012

74 attendees


Opening Remarks:


Officer Information:



NWA National Conference – Madison, WI, Interested in going contact me IMMEDIATELY!

AMS National Conference – Austin, TX,   January 6 – 10, 2013 (first week of 2nd semester)

December 3rd, 2012  Early Registration Ends


Vice President:

T’Shirts – Skew t idea (short sleeve), Polos – Embroidery, Old T’Shirts (2010 Blue and 2011 White)

2010 Blue: $5  2011 White: $10



Annual Dues: $15 for whole year (both semesters), National AMS/NWA, How to become member?

Bake sale: September 20th, made $130, Wake Forrest AMS/NWA Dinner at 6 PM

Next Tailgate: CLEMSON at 12 pm, Karaoke Night Birds Oyster Shack October 4th at 9 PM

Fundraising Ideas: FSU Meteorology Plates?   Long Sleeved T’shirts?

Registered Student Organization, What are  Benefits?

Ideas for social events:  Beach, Bear Paw Tubing, Wakulla Springs/Sinkholes, Any other ideas?

Member of the year Points explanation


Hurricane Hunter Colloquium, Ian Sears, Flight Director of NOAA Hurricane Hunter Plane

Bellamy Room 021 at 3:30 pm on Friday, September 21st , hosted by Geography Department

School Supply Drive, hosted by WTXL (ABC 27) and FSU Teach

 We will be donating supplies to FSU Block Party on  September 21st

 We will be allowed to publicize the chapter on WTXL on an interview that Friday night at the Block Party

 Newsletter, Bi-monthly and will be distributed through email (starts in October)

 gives updated information on chapter’s events and happenings

Science and Outreach:

Basic Spotter Courses (National Weather Service): Tuesday, September 18th and Tuesday, October 9th at 7 PM online (Register links for meetings will be posted on facebook)

Advanced Spotter Course (NWS), Tuesday, October 23rd at 7 PM, Online, register link will be posted

Ideas/Service events ahead: Science Fair Judging/ “Weather Education Day.”, Environmental Clean-ups, Relay for Life, Future Mixer?, Professionals?


Speaker:  Gary Knight, Director of Florida Natural Areas of Inventory (FNAI)


Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI)

Biodiversity Information:

   FNAI importance and what they try to help with:

(Florida Forever BOT, Florida Communities Trust, Forest Legacy Program, Landowener Incentive Program)
FNAI contact and web information


Next Meeting:  


Find us on the Social Media sites (continuously updated):

    - Facebook: northflams

    - Twitter: @northflamsnwa

    - Website:

    - Gmail:


Meeting Ends: 8:15 PM---Matthew Brady.



Ohio University chapter minutes for the month of September 2012

-This past month OUCAMS collected dues from students who have made it to 5 consecutive meetings, therefore making them official members of the chapter.

-Chapter officers have been encouraging student members to apply for AMS scholarships and grants.  Now that we are planning for the AMS annual conference, students interested in traveling to the conference were encouraged to apply for the AMS Student Assistant Program and travel grants.

-Students are encouraged to forecast with upperclassmen for Scalia lab to gain insights and knowledge of how to forecast in the future.

-Chapter members are currently competing in the national Wx Challenge competition.  Forecasting meetings are held every Monday to help new students on what to look for when forecasting.

-OUCAMS held a Krispy Kreme fundraiser to help raise funds for the AMS conference.

-The chapter formed a committee for OU’s homecoming and painted a banner to walk with in the parade.  The chapter won second place in the banner division for the third year in a row.

-OUCAMS re-implemented the peer mentoring program. The program is in place to provide support and encouragement for the younger met students. We aim to make it like a big/little program. The mentor is responsible for checking in with the mentee and doing different activities like getting dinner, seeing a movie, or even just talking and giving advice.---Elise Dolinar.



September Meeting 2012

National Weather Service – Valley Forecast Office

The first meeting of the year for the Omaha-Offutt AMS/NWA chapter was held at the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Valley Nebraska on Friday, September 28th, in conjunction with a picnic at the office.  Approximately 50 members and guests attended the meeting.  President Jay Martinelli called the meeting to order at 6:48 PM. 

The first item was to thank the many people responsible for all assets of the picnic.  Other thanks were given to outgoing officers Kristen, Karen, and Fritz. Also thanked were members Becky Selin and Bruce Telfyan for conducting the annual treasurer’s audit. 

The treasurer report was next.  Our beginning account balance was 898.53; our ending balance is 1096.56.  A deposit of 198.03 from chapter tshirt sales was noted.  Petty cash was noted as 297.56. 

A motion to approve the minutes from the final meeting of last year was approved and carried.

New business was then discussed.  The chapter has a need for somebody to help design and maintain the chapter webpage.  Jay mentioned the possibility of hosting the site as a google page and that the format seemed fairly straight forward.  The chapter also needs a coordinator for local science fair participation.  Also discussed was a conversation about the local Weather Explorers and a call for volunteers to work with primarily high school students interested in weather.  Jeff Hamilton provided details of the project and the program.  Questions from the chapter included questions about what age group the program is targeted towards and if the group is affiliated with any scout group.  It was noted that the group targets high school age kids with some exceptions and that group leadership is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. 

Jay also noted that speakers for each meeting are lined up through the December meetings with several very interesting talks slated.  Tim Wagner, the new professor at Creighton, will speak in October; a speaker from the Drought Mitigation Center in Lincoln will present in November, and tentative plans are for Greg Carbin of the Storm Prediction Center to present his “top 10 weather events of the year” in December.  Allocation for funds for Carbin’s trip will be discussed at a future meeting.

Jay asked for new business from the floor.  Bruce Telfyan, a member of the Local Chapter Affairs Committee associated with the national AMS group, discussed the possibility of creating an award for sustained excellence amongst AMS chapters, and he asked for any possible input and suggestions as to what such an award may look like.


It was noted that this meeting marked our first meeting as also a local chapter of the National Weather Association. 

The winner of our forecast contest was announced.  Steve Byrd received his dues for the year for free for most accurately forecasting the 6 PM temperature at the office. 

Fritz VanWijngaarden mentioned various discussions about the “Weather Ready” nation program and that our involvement in local efforts would certainly be positive.  Conversation will continue as opportunities arise. 

The topic of submitting a poster to the national American Meteorology Society meeting in Austin was discussed.  It was noted that an abstract would be needed for submission shortly.  

Corresponding Secretary Rich Ritz announced that anybody interested in receiving emails from the chapter should send a request to our chapter email address. 

Jim Meyer, MIC of the forecast office, mentioned that a blood drive would take place at the office on Monday, October 1st, and that a few times were still available should anybody like to donate. 

Tours of the National Weather Service would be made available after the meeting.  Jay was thanked for providing the main course for the picnic. 

The motion to adjourn the meeting was approved and carried at 7:08 PM.---James McCormick.



The Oswego State Chapter kicked off September by hosting a welcoming picnic. Held on the evening of September 6th, students and faculty of the meteorology department gathered by Lake Ontario to enjoy grilling hot dogs, and making smores. Not only was it a fun time to bond with the meteorology department, it was also a great experience to welcome freshmen and transfers into our program.

The first official meeting was held the following Thursday on September 13th, bringing in 32 returning and new members. Officers introduced themselves, while we shared what our plans for the club are for the year, such as a trip to a NWS office, hosting our own conference, and even ordering club sweatshirts!!

On September 23rd, our club was lucky enough to be invited to our own Professor Alfred Stamm's house to make apple cider!! Members spent the afternoon picking apples, and hand-making apple cider while enjoying a beautiful day. We also got to feed some of his animals, while enjoying Mrs. Stamm's baking!!

To see what our club is up to, or for more information, head over to our website at Pirraglia.



September 2012


The Rutgers University Chapter is officially back for the 2012-2013 school year with several new faces on the E-Board to fill in positions left from graduating students.  We started with an Executive Board Meeting on September 3rd, the day before classes began, to discuss what was in store and in planning for the coming semester.  A quick overview of the items that were discussed included changes and amendments to the club's constitution, a discussion about fundraisers, past, present and future, and the starting of planning for both our annual Fall Trip and AMS Conference trip.  The E-Board also went over the upcoming general meeting details.  Some possible guest speakers for our meetings this year are Amy Freeze, the current weekend Meteorologist at WABC-TV in New York, a speaker to talk about Dual Pole Radar, and Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz from NBC Philadelphia.  We also discussed our budgeting and funding that we will be getting through Rutgers to see what our options are for the semester in terms of events.

The Rutgers Meteorology club had a table reserved for the Cook/Douglass CommUnity Day to help spread the world about the club and generate more interest with others students.  Our first general meeting was held on September 13th which was quite well attended with 36 students coming out to learn what was in store for the year.  The club President, Shunondo Basu gave an introduction before our AMS Conference trip planner, Dan Manzo, gave a presentation about the conference coming up in January to get people prepared.  He also gave a presentation making sure everyone was registered and able to vote in the upcoming November U.S. Presidential Election.  The options for Fall trip this year were announced and voted on by everyone present.  The options were to go visit the Mt. Washington Observatory (as it has been a tradition with the club), the ARM Mobile Facility in Cape Cod, or the AMS Headquarters and Blue Hill Observatory in the Boston area.  The vote selected the AMS Headquarters/Blue Hill Observatory, so that's what we started planning.  We also had the clubs traditional weather photo contest which could have been a photo of anything weather related taken over the summer break.  There were a lot of amazing photos, especially from the Storm Chasing trip that was set up as a course this summer through Rutgers University for the first time.  We wrapped up the meeting by handing out Yankee Candle Fundraiser forms and taking a group photo.  The next big event after our next general club meeting will be the Fall Trip to Massachusetts.---Jeffrey Mart.



The September meeting of the AMS Smoky Mountain Chapter was held on Monday evening, the 17th. A few people met first for dinner at O'Charley's restaurant in Morristown. Afterwards, the meeting commenced at the National Weather Service office in Morristown, where around ten people heard a talk on the March 2, 2012 tornado outbreak. David Hotz (Science and Operations Officer) spoke about the conditions that created the event and showed radar imagery of the numerous supercells, while George Mathews (Meteorologist in Charge) and Eric Holweg (Information Technology Officer) spoke about the numerous damage surveys conducted after the event.---David Gaffin.



September 24, 2012, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Schuler Books & Music

Community Room
2660 28th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

The September 2012 meeting of the chapter was called to order by Chapter President Brandon Hoving (National Weather Service Grand Rapids) at 7:30 pm. Approximately 15 people in total were in attendance at the meeting. President Hoving, Chapter Vice-President Nathan Jeruzal, and Chapter Treasurer William Marino, and Chapter Webmaster Linda Paige were all in attendance. Secretary Rob Dale was unable to attend. We went around the room, to allow everyone to introduce themselves for any new members that were in attendance.

President Hoving talked about the purpose of the chapter with a few new people in attendance. President Hoving stated that anyone can become a member, and the benefits of being a member include: voting rights in chapter affairs and elections, supporting the chapter financially, and free forecast contest entries are the biggest benefits.

Vice-President Jeruzal then gave an update on the summer forecast contest. The winners were as follows:

Warmest high Grand Rapids: Steve Derry with 103° on 7/27, the actual 104° on 7/6

Warmest high Lansing: Dave Carmichael with 103° on 7/16, the actual 103° on 7/6

90 degree days at Grand Rapids: Dave Carmichael with 18 days, the actual 32 days

90 degree days at Lansing: Matt Kirkwood with 17 days, the actual 27 days

Warmest water temperature: Andy Provenzano with 79° on 8/5, the actual 81.3° on 7/7


Great job to all of the summer forecast winners!

President Hoving then asked Treasurer Marino to give the treasurer’s report for the chapter. The Chapter has $375.79  in its bank accounts as of the beginning of the meeting after $50 was taken out for summer forecast prizes. 6 people did pay their dues ($60) after the meeting, bringing the total up to $435.79 dollars.                                 

President Hoving then introduced our speaker for the evening, chapter member Jeff Wilhelm. Jeff is a retired Air Force weather officer who worked with U.S. Southern Command in support of Haiti earthquake recovery efforts. Jeff has also spent time in the Great Plains monitoring severe weather. The title of his talk was "Tracking the Weather: From Oklahoma to Haiti". He shared some insight on his experiences with the Haiti recovery efforts as well as providing some perspective on the changes in meteorology over the past 30 years. Jeff also spent some time working at CNN International as a Meteorologist.

President Hoving thanked Jeff for talking about his experiences in the field of weather. President Hoving then thanked everyone in attendance for coming to the meeting. The next meeting will likely be held in November, and is expected to be held in Lansing. More details will be sent out as they become available.---Nathan Jeruzal for Robert Dale.



September 2012

Eberly Science and Technology, California University of Pennsylvania 



September Chapter News.---Chris Bovitz .



Monthly Meeting: Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

The first meeting of the year for the Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society met on Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 at 5:30pm in NSSTC 4065. The first item on the agenda was introductions for the new chapter officers along with all of the new students who started school in August. The new officers for the Student Chapter of the UAH-AMS are
President Matt Saari, Vice-President Adam Sherrer, Treasurer Ryan Rogers, Secretary Danielle Kozlowski, Webmaster Rob Junod and Dr. Knupp is the Faculty Advisor. UAHuntsville AMS member dues for the 2012-2013 school year are $10 and are due at the beginning of the next club meeting.

The second item on the agenda was the Treasurer report from Ryan Rogers on the chapter's budget and the Rocket City Weather Fest budget. The current balance was $543.57 while the Weather Fest budget is $3,500.00 to help pay for t-shirts, event costs, etc. President Matt Saari then talked about the apparel order for the UAHuntsville Atmospheric Science Department polo’s. They can either be ordered in white or blue and cost $22.

President Matt Saari and Secretary Danielle Kozlowski are the co-chairs of the 3rd Annual Rocket City Weather Fest. Danielle passed around an interest sign-up sheet for volunteers for the event. Weather Fest is scheduled for Saturday October 13th, 2012 from 10am to 3pm at the Shelby Center on the UAH campus.

Matt Saari talked more about the UAHuntsville AMS chapter becoming a joint AMS/NWA (National Weather Association) chapter to the new members. This proposition will be voted on at the next meeting in October. Matt also mentioned the 7th Annual Tennessee Valley Severe Weather Poster Contest we put on for grade school kids. The goal is to come up with some ideas for this year's tagline. The Yankee Candle Fundraiser was another topic of discussion and was decided that we would participate in it again this fall. We will be selling candles to family members, friends, etc as a fundraiser for the club and the money will be due November 16th, 2012 for Christmas orders.

We are bringing back the snack and soda bar again this year for the students and members of the UAH Atmospheric Science Department. All proceeds will go to the club. Tonight right after the meeting, there will be a club event bowling night. Everyone is welcome! Also, next Thursday,
September 13th, 2012 from 5-7pm there will be an AMS cookout.

Lastly, the UAH Girl’s in Science and Engineering Day will be held on 20th of October 2012 and two or three volunteers are required to give talks about careers in atmospheric science and meteorology to middle school girls.---Danielle M. Kozlowski.



September Chapter News.---Minh Phan.



September Chapter News.---Ana Ortiz.



University of Oklahoma

Minutes for General Meeting

September 11, 2012

The meeting was held in Room 1350 at the National Weather Center.  The meeting opened with Lauren Duhon, President of OUSCAMS welcoming everyone back.  She asked people to please pay dues so that we can continue to provide food at the meetings, and so they can be eligible for the incentive points.  Next, the incentive points were discussed.  The incentive points are gained by going to meetings, participating in fundraisers and other outreach events.  Next, Lauren discussed the new tour guide training that will be held on September 13, 2012 at 5:30 in Room 1350 of the National Weather Center.  All people are encouraged to join the tour guide group. 

Next, Megan McClellan and Lauren both discussed the Mr. Meteorology pageant to be held November 30.  Volunteers were asked to come see Megan and Lauren for more details.  Bethany Hardzinski then discussed the field trip to NCAR.  She asked for a show of hands of those that are interested in the trip.

The last few things discussed were that the Undergraduate Lounge needs to be kept clean or else we will lose that privilege.  Also, if you are interested in helping SPaRCE, contact Maegan Rowlinson at  The last item discussed before the guest speaker was the election of a Graduate Representative.  Stefan Rahimi was nominated and elected.

Lacey Swope from News 9 was then introduced.  Her presentation was on Broadcast/Multimedia Meteorology.  She graduated from OU in 2010.  When she came to OU, she wanted to do research but then switched to broadcast after an internship at News 9 in Oklahoma City.

Next, she discussed how things progressed from graduation to where she is now.  Once she graduated, she went to a small market.  She discussed that all students need to take advantage of what the School of Meteorology offers, SCAMS, OWL, HOOT, etc.

Lacey then discussed the things you need to do in order to get a job.  One must have a tape in order to be considered for the job.    She suggested contacting your dream station.  A good reference from the school is needed and one should get their name out in the broadcasting world.  She also discussed the broadcast minor offered at OU and what its requirements are.

Next, she discussed the need of a website for people to look at what you have done.  She mentioned that the news directors are the ones that hire meteorologists and the chief meteorologist normally have very little say in who is hired.  She discussed if an agent or lawyer was needed for everyone.  She suggested no since they take part of your salary for helping you.  A lawyer may be needed if you need to get out of a contract.  Contracts should specifically define what your job entails.

Mrs. Swope ended her presentation asking if people had questions for her.  Questions were asked and she answered them.  She told everyone to add her on Facebook and to follow her on Twitter. 

Her presentation concluded.  Lauren Duhon took the floor reminding people to come see herself or Megan McClellan about Mr. Meteorology pageant.  The meeting was then concluded.  The next meeting will be held at the National Weather Center in room 1313, on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 6:30 P.M.---Megan McClellan.



September 2012

Activity: Meteorologists as Divers


The UPRM AMS Chapter began September with a splash! On September3, 2012, Chapter members had the opportunity to go scuba diving in Villa Lamela Beach in Cabo Rojo, where they got to see the beauty that lies under our Caribbean waters. After this gratifying experience, the members moved on to Buyé Beach where they relaxed as they soaked up the sun and waves! This Beach outing served as a well-deserved break from a hectic first month of classes and also brought some of our members closer.

Figure 1. Some of the chapter members while scuba-diving

Meeting: UPRM AMS – ISU AMS Officers Meeting


As part of a new initiative to cooperate with other Student Chapters across the nation, officers from Iowa State University’s AMS Chapter and our Chapter partook in the first of many Skype meetings. The purpose of this first meeting was to get a glance at how the two chapters work, what types of activities they do, and plan fun events together. At the end of the Skype Meeting, it was agreed that the two chapters would host a Weather photography contest and would meet up at the AMS Meeting in Austin, Texas in January 2013.

Monthly Meeting


The second monthly meeting of this semester was held on September 13, 2012. A total of 31 members were present. This was the first meeting for many of the new members to the Chapter, and as so it served as an introduction of the inner workings of the Chapter. During the meeting, topics like the Initiation, the AMS Meeting, some Special Projects and future activities were discussed.

Activity: Beach Cleanup


As a part of our commitment to help the community, our Chapter, together with four other student organizations from UPRM, participated in the 2012 International Beach Cleaning effort hosted by the Scuba Dogs Society.  On September 15, a total of 55 students from all five organizations lent a hand and cleaned a strip of beach in the Mani neighborhood in Mayaguez. By the end of the day, a total of 107 trash-bags where collected, for a grand total of almost 2,000 pounds of garbage! We found everything from bottles and cans, eating utensils, shoes, clothing, car parts, broken tv’s, children’s toys, and most surprisingly, more than a 100 IV bags!  Our members were very happy to have helped the environment and we hope that this activity positively impacted our island.

Figure 2. Members cleaning up in the beach.

Weather Today: Planetarium


The first Weather Event of the semester was held on September, 25, 2012 in the Physics Department Planetarium. A total of 16 members were present for the activity, where they had fun while learning about our Planet, the Universe, and the many constellations out there! It was an educational experience as well as a fun event, and our members greatly enjoyed it!

Member of the Month Initiative


During the month of September, our Chapter unveiled one of our new projects: naming a Member of the Month! Members are nominated according to their overall participation in the Chapter activities, and for their commitment with the policies and ideals that the Chapter espouses. With this project, we hope to encourage our members to be more active and be an example to others.

Hot-dog sales


During September, we had a total of three Hot-Dog sales. They were very successful, and hope to have many more during the semester. 








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