Chapter News
October 2008


October 1st, 2008 Meeting Minutes

     The Ark-La-Tex Chapter of the American Meteorological Society held its 5th meeting of 2008 on October 1st at the Barksdale Air Force Base 26th Operational Weather Squadron in Bossier City, LA. The meeting began at 4:30 pm, with eight members present.

     Major Henry Voegtle, Director of Operations for the 26th Operational Weather Squadron (OWS), gave a presentation on the basics of the overall operation of the 26th OWS mission.  The purpose of the two hundred and ten weather department is to provide forecasts for missions that operate to and from Barksdale Air Force Base.  The presentation included a look at the set up of the 26th OWS building and the duties of each airman/forecaster.  Major Voegtle also highlighted and explained how the Squadron operates under extreme weather conditions.  Attendees learned about the overall Air Force Weather support, including a specific look at the flight planning weather department (Operational Support Squadron, or OSS) at Barksdale Air Force Base.  Following the presentation, attendees went on a tour of the operational office of the OSS as well as the OWS facilities.  This also included a shift change and briefing at 6 pm. 


 Following the tour, Chapter President Jason Hansford met with attendees to collect dues and ask for ideas for upcoming meetings.  Treasurer Leslie Sexton also gave a treasury report.    

     The following members were present:

Jason Hansford (President)

Marcy Novak (Secretary)

Leslie Sexton (Treasurer)

Keith Stellman

Brad Medlin

Mary Eveld

Ed Duranczyk

Bryan Walter   

The meeting adjourned at 645 pm.---Marcy Novak.



October Meeting Minutes.---Pamela McCown.



Meeting Date: October 7, 2008

Meeting in Session: President Morris Langworthy calls meeting to order at 9:00 pm.

Peer Education: Morris tells us of his experience with WFQX and WWTV this summer. He worked under Tom O’Hare and Dave Barrons. They would both forecast separately, then compare and make adjustments. Morris’s responsibilities included forecasting, making graphics, running the website, dealing with e-mails, phone calls, and making experimental graphics. He highly recommends Dynamic and Synoptic before an internship!!!

President’s Report: Keep up the good work with the Weather Challenge! Be really careful with precipitation, it gives us the biggest penalty.

Vice President’s Report:

Committee Reports:

1. Activities-Thanks everyone that came to bowling! Activities will meet after the meeting.

2. Fundraising- We are still working on the Papa John’s fundraiser. Yankee Candle will start next week, and will be due in about 2 weeks.

3. Public Relations- We officially have a date to teach at Vowels Elementary, on October 30. There will be 2 time slots during the day for 2 different classes (2-2:30, 2:30-3:00). Rock the Mall is this Saturday the 25th. We still need volunteers to help watch middle schoolers.

4. Jobs and Internships- Adam found one website that gives daily updates on jobs, as well as forecasting tools.

Treasurer’s Report: We deposited $135 in dues, $12.00 in pop bottles. We spent $46.11 on pizza, so we have $528.77 in checking and $2,347.41 in savings. We are looking into getting an internet banking system through National City, as it would be a lot easier on Cort the treasurer. We now accept credit cards via PayPal! (for your dues)

SGA Report: With the rumors of strikes going around, SGA has passed legislation, but they stand for a “swift and decisive end”.

Open Floor: There will be a new website exclusively for the meteorology program. It will be done as soon as the secretary finishes making it.


Meeting Adjourned: Meeting is adjourned by President Morris Langworthy at 9:38pm.


Meeting Date: October 14, 2008

Meeting in Session: President Morris Langworthy calls meeting to order at 9:03 pm.

President’s Report: Students in Louisville Kentucky at the conference got to meet Jim Cantorres! We did a live webstream speaking to our fellow students. Their favorite part was meeting Jim Cantore. Kim Hoogewinde presented her poster, and so did Dr. Baxter. Another favorite of theirs was the NWS tape swap, where professional broadcasters critique your tapes. This is a great way to land internships and jobs. This is GREAT for networking!

Vice President’s Report:

Committee Reports:

1. Activities- We are looking into Uncle John’s Cider Mill for possibly Friday October 24th. The Maze costs $3, and there are many other interesting things. November 4th there will be no meeting, but instead an election party in the meteorology lab where we’ll eat, play games, and watch the outcome of the election.

2. Fundraising- Papa John’s is due today! We made a $108 profit. Yankee Candles is starting next week and will be going on for two weeks. Write all checks to SCAMS, and remember to apply sales tax!

3. Public Relations- We need volunteers to go to Rock The Mall at Midland Mall October 25. They need volunteers to stand at doors, pass out candy, and keep a watch on the kids. This would look great for the club if we could get a nice turn out. We will be doing peer education at Vowles Elementary Thursday October 30. Talk to Megan if you’re interested in helping out. We will be doing a short Power Point presentation, then an activity for the students.

Treasurer’s Report: Returned $14.80 in bottles. There is currently $2242.21 in the savings account, and $648.88 in the checking account.

Webmaster: If you are not registered on our website,, Dan encourages you to register. There are many great features that are enabled when you register.

Meeting Adjourned: Meeting is adjourned by President Morris Langworthy at 9:36pm.


Meeting Date: October 21, 2008

Meeting in Session: President Morris Langworthy calls meeting to order at pm.

President’s Report:

 Any sophomore or higher can join Dr. Baxter’s computer applications class. If you want to get in, see Dr. Baxter for a bump card. Another class being offered next semester is CPS 170U. It is a 5 week course to understanding Linux commands which will be very helpful for Dr. Baxter’s computer applications class and Mesoscale meteorology.

              Weather Challenge tip—a winter weather advisory is in effect for our forecast city, Casper, Wyoming.

              Morris got a quote for the same brand of shirt that we ordered last year, and it will cost us $9.

              Election night we are meeting at the Cabin at 8pm to watch the results and eat pizza.

Vice President’s Report:

Committee Reports:

1. Activities-  Uncle John’s Cider Mill is our next activity. We will meet at 1pm in the Dow metered lot.

2. Fundraising- For Papa Johns we ended up making $112. Yankee Candle fundraiser is due next Tuesday! Remember that there is a 6% sales tax. If you need extra order forms, Cort has extras.

3. Public Relations Rock the Mall is this Saturday. We will be stationed at doors making sure kids are safe and don’t leave. Volunteers need to be there by 8pm.

Peer education at Vowles Elementary is from 2-3pm Thursday, October 30. This year’s Halloween party is at 8pm at Megan’s house. Weather costumes encouraged but not required!

Treasurer’s Report: $36.81 was donated to us, and $584.28 was used for the students who went to the Kentucky conference as part of their hotel. This money will be paid back to us. We currently have $101.30 in our checking account, and $2,369.21 in our savings account.

Secretary’s Report: Everyone should have paid dues a long time ago. If you haven’t, we will start to get in contact with you soon. Make sure you know that you only get two unexcused absences before you must repay these dues.

Meeting Adjourned: Meeting is adjourned by President Morris Langworthy at 9:33pm.


Meeting Date: October 28, 2008

Meeting in Session: President Morris Langworthy calls meeting to order at 9 pm.

President’s Report:  November 11th we have a possible guest speaker lined up. Person is to be announced. Nomination night is November 18th and election night is November 25th for the club. Our last meeting of the semester will be December 2nd. If you are thinking about running for SCAMS executive board, start thinking about it now. We will take anyone as long as they have a 2.0 grade point average or higher and are willing to dedicate their time and take the position seriously. Dan’s webmaster position will be available, as well as Morris’s position. You can also run against any of the current executive board.

Volunteer Internships

Vice President’s Report:

Committee Reports:

1. Activities- We have the two long tables reserved at The Cabin next week for election night. We will be meeting at 8:00pm.

2. Fundraising- Yankee candle is due tonight. Please turn them into Cort. We hope everyone participated because this is how we can get pizza, pop, and go to conferences.

3. Public Relations Rock the Mall was this weekend. We had a lot of fun and volunteered at the same time. If you are going to do education at Vowles elementary, see Megan for more information.

4. Jobs and Internships

Treasurer’s Report: checking account is $101.30, and savings has $2,590.21.

Secretary’s Report:

SGA Report: November 24 President Rao is coming to speak to the Student Government Association. This will begin at 7pm. There will be a question and answer period, and does take these opinions seriously. November 11th at 6:30pm is having a Bingo night. There will be prizes (sweatshirts, shirts, bowling games, gift cards) The cost is $1 per game. You get to pick what RSO your money goes to. This will take place in the Down Under Food Court. The Student Activity Center will be shortening hours due to funding. They are hoping that by January hours will be open back to its regular hours due to finding some funding.

Open Floor: The new Meteorology website through the geology department is up. You can go to to visit it.

              Dr. Baxter has been asked to be the editor for the Electronic Journal of Operational Meteorology. He will start in 2011, requiring nearly 2 years of training. Congrats Dr. Baxter!!

Meeting Adjourned: Meeting is adjourned by President Morris Langworthy at 9:28pm.---Katie Dupree.



October 16, 2008

The second meeting of the 2008/2009 Central North Carolina Chapter of the American Meteorological Society was called to order at 7:40 PM by President Kara Smith.  She introduced the night’s speaker, Dr. Sethu Raman, Professor of Meteorology at North Carolina State University, Department of Marine, Earth, and Environmental Sciences.  His topic was titled, “From Wind Engineering to Mesoscale Forecasting – A Turbulence-Driven History”. 

Dr. Raman presented an overview of his current research and gave a review of his career over the past 50 years.   As he started in civil engineering in 1958, he mentioned that engineering is related to science, as it is the act of putting science to practical use. 

One of Dr. Raman’s earliest endeavors was working as a civil engineer, helping to fix a highway bridge that had a section fail due to the many floods and monsoons of 1959.  40 years later, in 1999, Hurricane Floyd and its associated floods came to North Carolina.   Dr. Raman joked that this was evidence of the floods following him throughout his career.

Dr. Raman’s continued studies brought him to IIT Roorkee in India, where he focused on sediment transport using a variety of different sized spheres and fluid viscosities to model river and stream flow.  At Colorado State University from 1969 to 1972, he worked with a wind tunnel to study the urban heat island effect while earning his PhD.   To do this, he varied air and surface temperatures to simulate stable and non-stable conditions.  The urban heat island effect was observed and helped demonstrate a boundary layer and land plume effect. 

Dr. Raman continued his research on the boundary layer and the effects of turbulence through coastal meteorology at the Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island from 1972 to 1982.  As the United States was involved in an energy crisis at this time, the idea of offshore nuclear power plants was being explored.  Dr. Raman studied the plumes associated with these plants.   Combined with his work with floating ocean buoys, he researched turbulence and the drag coefficient, while also noticing internal gravity waves in his ocean data.

Coming to North Carolina State University in 1982, Dr. Raman became associated with several members of the Central North Carolina chapter of the AMS through his work on the GALE project.   GALE involved observing the offshore Gulf Steam and studying how baroclinity was related to explosive genesis.   Some of the results of this study have become useful information for the National Weather Service.

Dr. Raman returned to working on India related topics by studying land use and convection associated with the Indian monsoons.  He noted that the monsoon is essentially a giant sea breeze and is important due to great economic effects the monsoon has on India.   Diurnal variations in convection, often associated with the sea breeze front could be related to land use, as convection was observed farther inland in rural areas, likely due to decreased friction compared with urban areas.   Diurnal variations were studied in more detail through the use of MM5 and WRF simulations and comparing the expected precipitation with radar information.   Simulations for India, the Midwest United States, and the Carolina Sandhills regions indicated that the models often did not simulate well during overnight hours, which Dr. Raman suggested may be due to radiational heating and cooling effects.----Ryan Cleary.



CCAMS Meeting Minutes for October 17, 2008

Snowfall Contest: Anyone can buy a form for $1 and guess the date of the first inch of snowfall at Game Farm.  The person who comes closest (with amount of snow as tiebreaker) wins 50% of the money collected for guesses, and we get the rest.  We want to table for one week, preferably this coming week, either at Ho Plaza or Trillium.  Kristen will secure our table spot.  If you want to table and didn't sign up today, let Kristen or Andrew what times are good for you.

Ithacation: The SAFC (Student Assembly Finance Commission) gave us money specifically for publishing Ithacation.  Two of the requirements for this are that we print two issues this semester and make them available to everyone on campus.  In order to get two issues out this semester, we need to do one very soon.  You can write pretty much anything weather-related and send it to Dean (daf38).

FutureTek/WebDev: We will talk to people at Mann Library to arrange something that will display WeatherPhone forecasts there.  Also, we want to redesign the website.  You do not need to know how to program to help out with this.  Visual design and creative input will also be helpful.

WeatherPhone: We need a new forecaster for Sundays.  If you want to be the lead forecaster for this day, contact John C. (jlc248).  Robert is willing to do Sundays if somebody else will take over Mondays.  Also, he doesn't have anybody helping him on Mondays.  If you want join in, stop by 1101 around 4:00 (whenver Synoptic II lab ends).  Don't be shy about helping anyone else when you have some free time either.

CALS Open House: This is our first education/outreach event of the year.  It takes place Sunday in Kennedy Hall (outside the auditorium) 12:30-3:30.  This event is for prospective CALS students, so we will be there to answer their questions, tell them how great meteorolgy is, etc.  If you would like to help out at our table, even for a little while, let Robert know.  Suggested dress is business casual or some sort of CCAMS apparel.

Conference: Jeff (jsz7) and Harrison (ht225) need to know who is going to the AMS annual meeting and who needs a hotel room.  We currently have a block for 16 people.  If you are applying for a student assistantship, let them know that too.

Apparel: We are waiting to receive a new catalog from our apparel supplier.  Let Chris Wood (csw34) know if you have suggestions for new apparel items.

Intramural Bowling: If you are interested in joining one of our bowling teams, tell Ethan (edp25).  The league starts in March, but the teams will practice before then to be in tip-top shape.

Alumnus Owen Shieh '07 will be in Ithaca the weekend of November 21.  Owen is currently a grad student at Oklahoma, and he's a former CCAMS co-president.  He's especially interested in talking to the thermodynamics class about graduate school.  He's a great guy to chat with if you see him around Bradfield.

Freshmen Dinner: Next Wednesday there will be a dinner for the freshmen at 5:30 at RPU.  Enjoy a meal with your classmates before a lovely Wednesday night lab.---Robert Gottlieb.


October 1, 2008 General Business Meeting

Attendance: 46 (Including Executive Board)

Start Time: 7:02pm

              The LSC-AMS & NWA reconvened for its second General Business Meeting on October 1, 2008.  President Hayley Lapoint welcomed the club and then proceeded to update them on the executive boards’ news. The Community Outreach Officer position opened up after our previous board member had to resign. She then discussed the requirements for the position and opened it up to voting.  Using Roberts Rules of Order Richard Maliawco was chosen and joined this year executive board. The next topic was the Northeastern Storm Conference.  She informed the club of this year’s speakers and next week’s upcoming mailing meeting. She then moved on to this weekends Sector Search Van trip. She informed those attending that we will be leaving promptly at 2:30 on Friday and heading to WHDH-TV in Boston. Other stops will then include MIT, NWS in Taunton and WSI in Andover, MA. Hayley then invited any member to join the executive board at the Southern New England Storm Conference the weekend of October 25th.  She then ended with asking for volunteers to be weather calendar photo judges and eight members volunteered.

              Vice President Josh Redinger reminded the club that our “Internship Night” was going to be held on November 4th at 6pm. Both the room and the dessert have been booked for this event. He also asked for those who have done internships to present that evening.

              Secretary Kaitlyn Jacobs requested any leftover registration sheets from the first meeting be returned to her by tomorrow. She then updated them on the bulletin board updates and how an event tracker will be posted so members can keep track of how many events they have attended and there active member status.  Lastly she reminded the member that active member status involves going to 5 or more events as well as attending 2/3 of the General Business Meetings.

              Treasurer Tony McGee requested any leftover dues from the members be turned in by tomorrow.  He also recapped the car wash that occurred last month and thanked all those who participated.

              Ryan Long our Public Relations Director, recapped the events that took place before this meeting.  These were the Fall BBQ, Major activity day and the Car Wash.  He then informed members that this year’s Mount Washington Hike has been postponed to Saturday October 18th.  Next he informed members that there will be an events committee meeting immediately following this general business meeting. At this meeting we will discuss upcoming events such as the flag football tournament and the first inch contest.       Newly elected Community Outreach Officer Richard Maliawco thanked those for voting for him, and talked about joining the executive board.

              Historian Joe Ditimasso just quickly mentioned that a new Alumni newsletter will be out in Early November. He then informed the members of this year’s location of the science wing bulletin board. He then ended with a reminder that photos for this year’s weather calendar are due by midnight tonight.

We then quickly took a photo of the entire club and ended the meeting with a candy raffle.  The meeting concluded at 7:55pm.---Kaitlyn Jacobs.



Meeting Date: October 8, 2008

Attendance: 52

Meeting in Session: 8:32 pm


Introduction (President Jim Kurdzo)

Budget Report (Treasurer Joe Moore)


Report on Fundraising Committee (Treasurer Joe Moore)

Report on Trips/Events Committee (Vice President Sam DeAlba and Secretary Samantha McGraw)

Report on Outreach Committee (Webmaster Bill Deger)

Speaker Series: Dr. Eugene Clothiax “Graduate School Options in the Atmospheric Sciences”


Final Remarks (President Jim Kurdzo)

Meeting Type: General Assembly

Meeting Date: October 22, 2008

Attendance: 61

Meeting in Session: 8:30 pm


Introduction (President Jim Kurdzo)

Update on Merchandise (Treasurer Joe Moore)


Speaker #1 (Ken Reeves)

Speaker #2 “2008 – 2009 Winter Forecast – Threading the Needle on Winter” (Joe Bastardi)



October Executive Meeting Minutes 10/15/08 .

October General Meeting Minutes 10/21/08 .---John Smith.



Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

This meeting was not one of our “normal” meetings; it was a special meeting to discuss study abroad opportunities through the School of Meteorology. Meteorology students have the options to Reading, England; Hamburg, German; and Melbournne Australia. The meeting started at 5:40 P.M.

The first two speakers came up to talk about the Study Abroad Program in general. Karen Elmore from the Study Abroad Office came up to talk about application deadlines, G.P.A. requirements and financial aid. Following her, Petra Klein came up to talk about the differences in the normal application process and the more rigorous process that School of Meteorology students have to go through.

Petra Klein is also the coordinator of the Hamburg program, so she stayed up to talk about that. This program is considered to be the most difficult of the three because it is the only one that requires the student to learn a new language. The language barrier can be avoided, however, with 2 or 3 months of German at a private school prior to going. Also, many people there do speak English; so not knowing German completely would not be a real problem. Classes here go from April 1st to July 15th.

After Dr. Klein, two current transfer students from Germany (Stephanie Gruenwald & Amelie Tetzlaff) came up to talk about the school and how it compared to Norman. Their main points were the great public transportation services and the lack of a real campus, as the school was located in downtown.

Next up was Peter Lamb, the coordinator for the Reading program. He told us about the campus (it is very comparable to the University of Oklahoma). Class is separated into two 10 week terms separated by a 4 week break that can be used to travel across Europe. There is an 80% overlap in content that you would learn between the U.S. and the U.K.

Next was a group of four studetns (three transfer students from Reading and one who went there from Norman). They were David Sherman, Robert Lee, Robert Warren, and Larissa Reames. They talked about how the school had a very small feeling to it. There are no grades for the Reading program, everything is pass/fail.

After the Reading students were done, Dr. Fred Carr came up to talk about the Monash trip. Classes here go from February 25th to June 2nd. After classes end, there is a 3 week examination period. The meteorology program is split into two departments, the Math & Geography and Environmental Sciences.

The last speaker was Joshua Kalfas, a student who went to Monash University from Norman. He said that the classes for Monash do not match up as well as the ones from the other two programs, but the experience of going to Australia was worth it. The main thing that he had to get used to was using the S.I. system for everything.

After Josh was done, we wrapped up with announcements about merchandise for sale and the date of our next meeting.


In October we had one general meeting and 3 social activities.

We had a two bowling nights on the 7th and the 21st, and we had a movie night where we watched Twister at the National Weather Center on the 23rd.

Our main meeting was held on the 7th and started at 5:45. We started the meeting by having Kevin Kloesel ask for volunteers for the School of Meteorology Student Photo Contest and the 4th Annual Weather Festival that is to be held in November.

We then had a speaker talk about the impact that the weather industry as a whole has on the American economy. He mentioned that the Norman, OK Chamber of Commerce does have a Weather Committee that is composed of every private weather company that is located in Norman.

He also spoke of how a Oklahoma-based radar company was being built that would bring in more jobs to the state. He finished by telling us that 2 trillion dollars of the U.S. economy is weather sensitive.

Following that, out main speaker for the meeting, Dr. Pam Heinselman of the NSSL, came up. Dr. Heinselman specializes in Phased Array Radar and also advises graduate, capstone, and summer students.

She spoke about the origin of phased array and then detailed many differences between the phased array and the 88Ds. The two major differences are that the phased array radar has 4352 transmit and receive elements (compared to the 1 feedhorn on the 88Ds) and that the phased array radar is steered electronically instead of manually. Because it is steered electronically, it can scan much faster than the 88Ds can.

She said that phased array will bring about a whole new way to interpret radar, but there is still much work to be done on it. The goal would be to have a 4 panel radar instead of the 1 panel that we are using now. Also with phased array, the number of radars could be reduced to about 330 from 515.

She then showed us some comparative examples from the Norman phased array radar and Oklahoma City’s KTLX radar.

We ended the meeting by announcing two funrasising projects (a tee-shirt contest and a SCAMS umbrella) and announcing the next meeting in November.---Ross Kimes.



AMS Chapter Meeting Minutes

American Bistro, Bellevue, Nebraska

6 October 2008

Guest Speaker:  Ken Mylne, UK Met Office

Item 1:

Chapter president Evan Kuchera made several announcements about upcoming chapter meetings.  The guest speaker for the November 18th meeting will be Michael Shonka from Solar Heat and Electric of Omaha at the Ralston Spaghetti works.

The December meeting guest will be Greg Carbin from the Storm Prediction Center.  This year, Mr. Carbin requested financial support for a rental car and lodging, as this year he will not be in the area for business related task.  President Kuchera proposed that the chapter allocate $150 to give to Mr. Carbin.  One chapter member noted that having Mr. Carbin come speak to the chapter is well worth the $150, and probably worth more than that.  The chapter voted unanimously to allocate the funds to Mr. Carbin.

Item 2:

Chapter vice president Steve Augustyn proposed that the chapter have a student presentation night for the February chapter meeting, primarily to encourage more student participation in chapter activities.  Steve requested for 3 volunteers from the chapter to serve on a selection committee to determine which 3 student abstracts will be selected for presentation, and additionally to judge the presentations at the February meeting, and determine which presentation would receive the monetary reward.  The monetary award would total $250 and would go towards the registration and lodging costs for a local conference (WAF, Iowa Severe Storms Conference, etc).  Dr. John Zapotocny, Mr. Jay Martinelli, and Mr. Al Ronn volunteered to be the judges. 

The chapter unanimously voted to pursue the student night proposal and allocate the $250 reward.

Item 3:

Chapter treasurer Becky Selin informed that the chapter account balance was $2110.03.  The chapter took in $300 towards the weather station that will be donated to the new AFWA building during the chapter picnic.

Item 4:

Chapter member Bruce Telfeyan gave an update on the WAF conference plans.

The 23rd WAF conference is scheduled to be held from 1 June through 5 June 2009 at the Double Tree Hotel.  A call for papers will appear on the AMS website in about 2 weeks, and there will also be a call for papers in the November issue of BAMS.  This conference will be the first ever to be jointly sponsored by the AMS and the NWA.  One of the sessions will be a student session.  Bruce mentioned that planners were looking for contacts regarding nighttime activities.

Item 5:

The chapter received $300 towards the donation of a weather station to the new AFWA building.  It was noted that not very many people donated, but those that did donate did so quite generously.  Members who had not donated were encouraged to do so.  Those wishing to make donations should visit either Becky or Steve to make their contribution.

Item 6:

President Kuchera noted that the membership numbers at the picnic were a bit low at the picnic.  Chapter participation seems to be waning a bit, and all members were encourage to continue being active in chapter activities.  It was noted that other chapters are looking towards the Omaha-Offutt chapter on how to be successful, and members should be proud of our great chapter.

Evan also announced that our chapter made the AMS chapter honor roll this year.

Guest Speaker:

Guest Speaker Ken Mylne from the United Kingdom Meteorological Office.

My Mylne gave a presentation discussing how the UKMET office uses ensemble models to better understand forecast uncertainty.

Mr. Mylne’s presentation began with a brief history of the UKMet office, being founded in 1854 as part of the Ministry of Defense.  Mr. Mylne also noted that the UKMet office is the only weather service for the UK, thus gaining several efficiencies over a multi-office approach used in the US.

Mr. Mylne then briefly explained ensembles as a way to address forecast uncertainty/risk in an objective manner.  Mr. Mylne then proceeded to generally describe the multiple ensembles run by the UKMet office, and gave a few brief introductions on how the UKMet office creates the initial model perturbations that  create the ensembles.

The evening concluded with the presentation of an AMS umbrella to Mr. Mylne by president Kuchera.---Scott Rentschler.



16th Annual “What Will the Winter Be Like?” Meeting

This increasingly popular meeting attracted 181 people this year – a new record.  That has got to be one of the biggest crowds that any chapter has seen!  We were kindly hosted by our friends at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI).  Local forecasters gave their best predictions as to the coming winter: Kyle Dittmer, Hydrologist-Meteorologist, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) in Portland; Pete Parsons, Oregon Dept. of Agriculture Meteorologist in Salem; Steve Todd, Meteorologist-In-Charge, National Weather Service, in Portland; and George Taylor, Applied Climate Services (retired Oregon State University Climatologist).  Extensive TV and radio media were present, too.

We decided to offer the “Snowflake Contest” again.  Folks present were offered the chance to guess the date and time of the first official recorded snowfall, based on Portland NWS data.  The four winners will receive eight general admission passes donated by OMSI.  Response was great.

Welcoming remarks were given by Jim Todd of OMSI.  KPTV-Fox 12 chief-meteorologist Mark Nelsen reviewed the 2007-2008 winter weather.  Kyle Dittmer (current Oregon-AMS President) then introduced the guest speakers.  A common theme in the winter outlooks was a “La Nina” or “ENSO-neutral” phase of El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO).  Forecasters differed on the specific impacts.

Lastly, the Executive Council of the chapter made a public presentation to Kyle Dittmer.  In recognition and honor of his four years as Chapter President, Vice-President Pete Parsons and incoming President Bobby Corser gave Kyle a Pendleton Salmon blanket.  What a surprise!

In an effort to help bring weather science to the local community, our chapter has partnered with OMSI since 1999 to host the popular Winter Weather meeting.  OMSI and the Oregon chapter benefit from the attention generated by ample local media coverage.  The presentations can be found at the Chapter website: Dittmer.



We've continued with our program called the "Better Forecasting Bureau" to help freshmen and any other students out with forecasting and GARP. We've had two of those meetings. We finalized the coats that we sell every year, with the OSSCAMS logo on it. We've decided that November 8 we're going to be visiting the Binghamton, NY NWS and TV station. We had a surface plot contest to find the most interesting surface plot and the winner got a prize. We started our Octoberfest forecasting competition much like the national game. We started talking about going to the Northeast Storm Conference in March as well. Also, we're going to be accepting applications for financial aid for the National Conference.---Alexia Martinez.



October was another successful month for PSUBAMS. On October 16th, PSUBAMS held its annual graduate school informational meeting for students wishing to learn more about the application process for graduate school. Dr. Eugene Clothiaux, the graduate school advisor for Penn State’s Department of Meteorology, along with a panel of Penn State graduate students, answered a wide array of burning questions students had about the application process. From GRE’s to letters of recommendation to personal statements, the guest speakers provided an informative discussion of the most important points any prospective student should consider when applying to graduate school. Valuable advice from seasoned veterans proved to be extremely helpful to all PSUBAMS members in attendance.

After the meeting, PSUBAMS officers discussed general travel information about the AMS Annual Meeting to those interesting in attending the conference in Phoenix this January. Members were informed of important dates and requirements to consider in order to be eligible to receive organizational funding to attend the conference. Many members expressed interest in attending this year’s AMS conference. Also discussed at the meeting was this year’s photo contest, in which students and faculty members alike submit and vote on their favorite weather-related photographs. The most popular photos are then compiled into a PSUBAMS calendar, which is available for purchase around the time of the holidays. PSUBAMS has many planned events in the upcoming month and looks forward to great things ahead in November!---Alex Matus.



Thursday, October 9, 2008



Meeting Minutes – 10/23/08

AMS Conference – RUMC is planning a trip to the national AMS conference and student conference in Phoenix, AZ from January 10-15.  We are currently in the process of booking a hotel and flight to and from the conference.  We will let you know more details as they come.

Lollipop fundraiser – After a showing of hands, it was decided that RUMC would embark upon a lollipop fundraiser.  We have a website chosen that will provide lollipops for the fundraiser, but details of the fundraiser are in the works.

Applebee’s Dining 2 Donate – If you eat at the Applebee’s on Ryders Lane in Milltown, NJ and present a flyer from RUMC, then 10% of the profits from your meal will be given to RUMC.  This is a great way to raise money for the club and get a delicious meal at the same time.  The fundraiser lasts from noon on November 12 to 10 PM on November 13.  If you are interested in participating, contact Nick to obtain copies of the flyers.

Dave Dombek – Dave Dombek, a senior meteorologist at AccuWeather in State College, PA, will be speaking at Rutgers on Tuesday, November 11 at 8:30 PM in ENR-223.  Coming to hear Mr. Dombek speak is a great way for freshman and underclassmen to get involved and ask any questions they have about meteorology, the working world, or anything else they can think of.  Free food and drink will be served!  Contact Nick with any questions.

SKYWARN – The first training session for SKYWARN has been officially set for November 20 at 8 PM in ENR-223.  Larry Nierenberg will be joining us from NWS in Mt. Holly to teach us how to become an official SKYWARN spotter.  This is the first of two training sessions; the more advanced one is in the spring.  However, you must come to this one in order to attend the spring session.  Visit SKYWARN’s website – – if you have any questions.

CoCoRaHS – Today we gauged interest for a CoCoRaHS training session, which would teach students how to observe precipitation using an official rain gauge and report it online every day.  There were at least 10 hands, so I will be in contact with Dr. Robinson, the state climatologist of NJ, about the possibility of a training session in the near future.

Barometer Guy – John Cifelli knows a man who is willing to show RUMC his antique barometer collection.  By a show of hands, it seemed like there was enough interest to have such a presentation.  More details to come.

Weather Trivia – Members of RUMC had a chance to stretch their imaginations and answer random weather questions.  While no candy was given out today, next time will probably feature sweet rewards for those who answer correctly.

Photo Contest – We inaugurated the photo contest for the 2008-09 school year and it was a great success.  There were a whopping 18 photo entries, and although we were limited to choosing only four of them, they were all spectacular and really gave us an appreciation for different weather phenomena.  The four winning photos will be combined with eight more winners in November and December to make an RUMC weather calendar for 2009. More details to come on the calendar!

NCAR Presentation – Nick Mangieri, president of RUMC, gave a PowerPoint presentation about his trip to NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) in June and the different things that he learned and experienced during his stay in Colorado.  He discussed a wide variety of research topics, as well as faculty-student interactions and how we can get more involved in determining our meteorological futures.  It was a very enlightening talk, and those who attended definitely got a lot out of it.

Trip to NYC? – In lieu of the cancelled Mount Washington trip, RUMC is trying to organize a trip to New York City.  This trip is still in the works; more details to come!---Ross Alter.    



October 2nd, 2008

Meeting called to order at 3:30 P.M. by Jennifer.  Six members were in attendance. 

Old Business

 Website was updated.  If you want any changes please send them to Jennifer.

AMS Annual Conference:

Jennifer, Nicole and Leslie are planning to attend.  Any other interested persons need to talk with advisors to get permission.  Hotel and travel plans are in the making. 

New Business

Possible activities were discussed and plans started.  A trip to Cheyenne’s National Weather Service Office is tentatively planned for February.  Cory will be calling to set up the visit in early January. 

The Halloween Hay Ride/Haunted House was agreed upon by all members.  Rachelle will be calling to get times and dates for the ride.  Emails will be sent out with planned date. 

Reminders: Next meeting will be held November 6th (Thursday) at 3:30 P.M. in EN-6060.

Meeting adjourned at 3:45 P.M.---Jen Vogt.



October Meeting Minutes.---Emily B Sheer.



On October 7, 2008 TAMSCAMS (Texas A&M Chapter) had our monthly meeting. At the meeting we discussed the success of our trip to San Antonio that we took on October 4 to visit KSAT-TV. We had our treasurer give the members our current budget, and our social chair discussed the next social event which is a Twister party on Friday October 10. Our guest speaker was Mr. Troy Kimmel who talked to us about what the broadcast world is like, as well as how to most effectively use our meteorology degrees. Our next meeting will be Thursday November 6 with Bill Reed.---Elizabeth Bange.



The October 2008 meeting of the Twin Cities chapter of the American Meteorological Society was called to order at 7:18PM on September 18, 2008 by President Chris Bovitz.  Secretary/Treasurer Bryan Howell were also in attendance along with nearly 10 members and potential members.  The meeting was held at Northwest Airlines Flight Services Building in Minneapolis, MN.

The meeting began by going around the room and having attendees introduce themselves.  Secretary/Treasurer Bryan Howell then followed by reading the minutes of the September meeting and presenting the treasurer’s report, both of which were approved by the membership.  President Chris Bovitz then spoke about some of the events of interest to the chapter over the past month.  The first was the 3M Super Science Sunday.  Member Doug Dokken attended this event and spoke about the vapor vortex machine he constructed for the event.  This machine was a hit among the other participants of the event and even got one attendee interested in participating in the DataStreme program. 

The Northern Plains Winter Storm Workshop was held September 25-26 and the Twin Cities AMS Chapter was a sponsor of the event with a few of our members attending and presenting at the event.  Unfortunately, none of those members were able to make it to the meeting to give a report on the workshop.  Scout Day was held at the Chanhassen WFO on October 4th.  While no one was able to directly report on the event, Bryan Howell reported that it looked like there was a good turnout based on a report in the Chanhassen WFO newsletter.

In new business, it was announced last meeting that newsletter editor Karen Trammel has accepted a position at the Tulsa WFO and will be leaving us.  Since the newsletter editor is an elected position, a special election was held.  Candidates for the position were Kevin Huyck and Charles Schoeneberger.  Neither candidate was able to attend the meeting, but did submit short statements to Chris Bovitz who read them on their behalf.  In the ensuing election, Kevin Huyck was elected as the new newsletter editor and will take over such duties immediately. 

The winners of the summer contest were announced next.  In the highest temperature category, Anthony Stender won with an entry of 94.  The highest recorded temperature at KMSP was 94.  In the thunderstorm days category, Frank Watson won with an entry of 19 days.  The number of thunderstorm days recorded at KMSP was 15.  Both of the winners will be receiving gift certificates. 

A few events are upcoming that may be of interest to members.  Abstracts for having a chapter poster at the upcoming national AMS meeting are due November 3rd.  Vice-president Lisa Schmit may not be attending this year, but we would still like to have a poster at the conference.  On November 5th, Dr. Susan Solomon will be the speaker for the 16th Annual Kuenast Lecture held at the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota in room 335 of Borlaug at 3PM.  Her presentation is entitled “World of Change: Climate Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.”

The November meeting is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, November 15th.  The meeting will be held at St. Thomas University and will be a multifaceted look at the Hugo tornado.  Speakers from the National Weather Service, a local TV station and local emergency management are hoped to present on this recent tornado to strike the Twin Cities metro area. 

The business portion of the meeting was then adjourned at 7:39 PM.

Following the business portion of the meeting, the night’s speaker was introduced.  Tom Fahey has been employed at Northwest Airlines for 31 years and is now the Manager of Meteorology at NWA.  Mr. Fahey graduated from the College of St. Thomas in 1974 with a degree in Geology with minors in Math and Physics.  He then received his MS in Meteorology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1981.  Mr. Fahey’s presentation was entitled “Aviation Meteorology: A Northwest Airlines Perspective”

Mr. Fahey’s presentation started with a brief history of aviation meteorology.  Pan-Am Airlines was the first airline to employ meteorologists starting in 1927.  Between 1929 and 1937, six more airlines added meteorology staffs.  Of those six airlines, to this day only American and United Airlines are still operating.  Northwest Airlines’ first meteorology office was opened in 1938 in Spokane, Washington with a staff of four meteorologists.  By 1963, Northwest’s meteorology operations had expanded to 9 offices: Shemya Island, Anchorage, Seattle, New York, Tokyo and Minneapolis-St. Paul. 

Other airlines were starting meteorology departments during NWA’s growth years.  Nine more airlines had added meteorology departments by 1942 bringing the total to 17.  Just ten years later, the number had already started to fall, with only 16 airlines having meteorology departments.  Northwest also went through a consolidation period as well.  The Seattle office closed in 1963, leaving only the Minneapolis-St. Paul and Tokyo offices.  Today, the only commercial airlines with meteorology departments include NWA, Delta, Southwest, FedEx, UPS and Korean.  American Airlines has gone from their own staff to WeatherNews and now WSI and United Airlines uses Ensco.  NWA itself contracts its meteorology services to other airlines and has since the 1990’s.

Northwest Airlines has always been a leader in aviation meteorology.  Probationary pilots were required to work with the meteorologists for a few months before becoming a pilot in order to have a better understanding of the information they would receive before a flight.  In 1968, it started the NWA Turbulence Plot Program.  These turbulence plots were given to pilots to let them know about areas where turbulence was expected in order to avoid those locations.  NWA is proud to be a leader in smooth flights and this is represented in the number of injuries to flight attendants.  NWA had the lowest injury rate among flight attendants out of the airlines that participated in this study.  In that study, NWA was either the only or one of the only airlines to have a meteorology department.  Smoother flights proved to be quite cost effective through this study. 

Mountain and terrain waves, clear air turbulence and thunderstorms have been a focus at NWA due to the pockets of turbulence they can cause.  NWA has pre-determined flight paths through the Rocky Mountains near Denver and Cheyenne that are to be used to avoid areas or turbulence.  An example was also shown over Greenland.  NWA forecasters predicted moderate turbulence over Greenland over a two-day stretch and kept their flights over the open waters of the Atlantic.  All of NWA’s flights on that route reported smooth conditions on the bypass route while other airlines reported moderate to severe turbulence over the normal route.

NWA currently has a staff of 22 meteorologists that cover 11 shifts per day spread across four desks.  The four desks are NWA Hubs (DTW, MSP, MEM, NRT & AMS), North America High Altitude, Pacific & Asia, and a training/programming desk.  The meteorology department is part of NWA’s Systems Operations Control, a large room that combines flight and maintenance operations into one unit.  The SOC team members include Planning, Flight Dispatch, Strategic Planning, Technical Operations, Crew Scheduling, Weight & Balance, Meteorology and Cargo.  NWA has identified that 2 causes of flight disruptions are maintenance and weather.  Tactical decision making both preflight and en-route helps keep these disruptions down.  By having all these team members working together, flight disruptions are kept to a minimum. 

Within the past few years, NWA teamed with the NWS to create the Collaborative Convective Forecast Product.  The CCFP is now created by the Aviation Weather Center after collaborating with the Meteorological Service of Canada, Center Weather Service Units and meteorological offices of airlines and service providers The final product shows where convection is forecast and allows the users to create operation plans for the day in order to minimize flight disruptions.

Mr. Fahey wrapped up his presentation by briefly discussing the Next Generation Air Traffic System that is in the works and the recent Aviation Meteorologists Appreciation Week.  The appreciation week was held 6-12 October 2008 and was sponsored by Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.  The week was held to recognize 70 years of NWA’s meteorology department, the creation of the turbulence plot program on 10 October 1968 and the importance of aviation to Minnesota. 

Following the presentation, Mr. Fahey entertained questions before leading the group on a tour of the SOC.  The meeting was then adjourned just after 9:00PM.---Bryan J. Howell. 



Monthly Meeting

 October 24, 2008 11:30am

The October meeting of The University of Alabama in Huntsville’s AMS Student Chapter began at 11:30 a.m. with a discussion about ongoing fundraisers.  The soda fund continues to thrive as a source of profits for the organization, and progress has been made to add candy to the student lounge.  Sandy LaCorte has been named the Refreshments Manager for this fundraiser.  A bake sale has been scheduled for Friday, November 21st; the money from the bake sale will be used in place of member dues. 

Students are enjoying social activities outside of the office including attending UAH’s hockey games at the Von Braun Center along with other miscellaneous events. 

Treasurer Chris Jewett is collecting ideas for T-shirts, polos, and car window clings in order to advertise about our group.  The T-shirts are for general wear, whereas the polos will be used at more formal events such as school talks, radio programming, etc.  The car window clings will be used more as a general advertisement—perhaps for other to follow us storm chasing? 

The Educational Outreach committee has arranged several meetings and events such as coordinating with the Madison County EMA and future Sci-Quest opportunities. 

Jessica Busse is collaborating with the Graduate Student Association as an organization to provide a voice for all graduate students on UAH towards the Graduate Studies Office.  This group will assist in bringing up matters specifically related to graduate students such as stipends, insurance, etc. 

Many members are planning to attend the 89th Annual AMS Meeting and the 8th Annual Student Conference in Phoenix, Arizona next January. 

Webmaster Christina Crowe has updated the chapter website and now is fully accessible at  The website contains a welcome page, list of students, photos, calendar, and previous meeting minutes. 

The next meeting will be Friday, November 14th at 11:30 a.m.  The guest speaker will be Marty Kress, executive director of the National Space Science & Technology Center.----Holly Ramey. 



University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign-SCAMS Meeting Minutes for 7 October 2008

5:00-6:00 pm

Loomis 158


Review of last months activities

Last months activities were reviewed; they included mentor bowling (organized by Tosha), Girl Scouts outreach (organized by Allie and Marilé).


Treasury report

Brittany reported that we have $1060.72.  Those who want to attend the Annual meeting can discuss funding options.


Committee Reports

Participation is needed in the Snow Pool (guess needs to be submitted by 31 Oct 00Z) and leaf rake for the American Red Cross and AMS Scholarship Fund (2 Nov).  The possibility of selling candles from Yankee Candle was discussed but not approved.  T-shirt designs were voted on.

Mike Wilson was announced as the speaker at the next meeting; he will discuss fellowships.  People were also asked to volunteer to give weather briefings.

The Corn Maze in Rantoul is the next social outing.

The Girl Scout outreach went well with 14 volunteers.  More possibilities exist:  Climate change discussion in after school programs and a talk at the Champaign Public Library.

After the meeting, some students discussed applying for travel grants for the opportunity to go to Phoenix.  The first Central Illinois AMS meeting of the year is this week at the ISWS (Illinois State Water Survey).  SCAMS may get involved in a photo contest for a weather-related calendar. 


Committee meetings


University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign-SCAMS Meeting Minutes for 21 October 2008

Speaker Meeting

5:00-5:30 pm

Atmos 109


Mike discussed how undergraduates and graduate students can go about applying for fellowships.---Catrin Mills.



The meeting began on October 1st at 7 pm. First, we did officer reports in which we discussed events coming up such as, highway clean up, Preview Mizzou, a camping trip and the NWA Conference. Then Dr. Tim Eichler from SLU did a presentation about "The Climatology and Interannual Variability of Global Storm Tracks in the CFS Climate Model". He discussed the climatology of storm tracks in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres that was suggested by several decades of output from the Climate Forecast System (CFS). He compared the CFS output with the observed data of past decades and discussed where the CFS did and did not produce accurate solutions to the observed data of the climatology. He also discussed cyclone bombs (cyclones that deepen by > 24 mb in 24 hours) that were generated from the CFS runs. After his presentation dues were paid from those who haven't. The Campus Weather Service and students going to the NWA conference met afterwards. The meeting ended at approximately 8:30 pm.---Natalie Walters.



Minutes from:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Odegard Hall Room 356

5:16 p.m.

Members Present:

              Al Borho – Advisor

              Dan Koller - President

              Kelsey Watkins – Vice President

              Erin Bertschi - Treasurer

              Kevin Skow – Secretary

              Andrea Neumann

Leah Tatarak

Angelle Van Oploo

Shawn Palmquist

Robert Mitchell

Aaron Kennedy

Matt Saari

Joe Hansel

Melissa Gibson

Ben Schink

Matthew Petrowiak

Peter Johnson

Garrett Jepsen

Geoffrey Grochocinski

Call to Order:

              President Dan Koller called the AMS meeting to order at 5:16pm.

Past Minutes:

                The minutes from 9/30/08 were read.

Officer Reports:

-Vice-President’s Report: None

-Secretary’s Report: None

-Treasurer’s Report: As of right now, our balance is: $1295.41. Dues are due on October 28 (next meeting!).

Guest Speaker:



Old Business:

- Dave Delene is still looking for another student to work for him on programming

              - Check out the HtmlEZ website which has a calendar of AMS events

- Bowling at Red Rays was yesterday--very few people showed up since many were bogged down by homework

- AMS t-shirt logo contest entries are due by Friday, October 17th  

- If you want to vote for UND Faculty Awards, you can vote online until Friday, October 17th

New Business:        

-Committees broke into groups and discussed different topics:

-Fundraising: The 50/50 contest for the day/hour that the temperature dips below zero degrees Fahrenheit in Grand Forks has been pushed forward to October 27th to November 14th. We will start discussing a hot chocolate fundraiser once the winter season sets in. We will also try to get into the UND popcorn fundraiser, but the soonest we could start working it will be next semester.

-Activities: Members of the activities committee will be going around to their respective classes and getting information for the Who’s Who Wall. Professors have been notified about our early Halloween Trick-or-Treating on October 30, but we don’t know for sure who will be available on that date. We have contacted several elementary schools about the possibility of us teaching weather to some of their students, but we have not heard back from anyone yet.

-T-shirts: Logos for the AMS logo contest are due on Friday, October 24th.

-Banquet: We are still trying to find a speaker—people are reminded to take photos of all of our activities to go into the end of year slideshow.

-Fees ($30) are due on October 28 to Erin

-*Bowling has been rescheduled until Friday, November 21*

-Another baked goods sign up sheet was passed around

-It was decided that the AMS group will attend a Studio One TV Showing on Thursday, November 13th

-We decided to put together a turkey basket for Thanksgiving and donate it to a charitable organization

-50/50 Contest: People should drop off their guesses and money in a box outside of the secretary’s office. Be sure to paperclip your guesses and money together when you submit them.




-Al talked about changes that will be happening to the ATSC department curriculum:

              -ATSC freshmen orientation class may become mandatory due to low turnouts

              -A new class called “severe and hazardous weather” will be offered to new freshmen soon. It will be a 3 credit ATSC elective class and ATSC 110 will not be a prerequisite.



              -Meeting was adjourned without objection at 6:00pm.

Minutes from:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Odegard Hall Room 356

5:19 p.m.

Members Present:

             Al Borho – Advisor

             Dan Koller - President

              Kelsey Watkins - Vice President

              Erin Bertschi - Treasurer

              Kevin Skow - Secretary

              Andrea Neumann

              Leah Tatarak

              Ben Schink

              Shawn Palmquist

              Kim Bestul

              Joe Hansel

              Matt Saari

              Chris Hammer

              Melissa Gibson

              Tim Kuhz

              Miranda Hilgers

              Kathryn Crosby

              Tim Logan

              Krista Cooley

              Blake Johnson

Call to Order:

              President Dan Koller called the AMS meeting to order at 5:19 pm.

Past Minutes:

The minutes from 10/14/08 were read.

Officer Reports:

-Vice-President’s Report: None

-Secretary’s Report: None

-Treasurer’s Report: As of right now, our balance is: $1295.31.

Guest Speaker:



Old Business:

-T-shirt logo ended last week and the 50/50 contest has now started

-Dues ($30) are due today!!


New Business:        

-Committees broke into groups and discussed different topics:

-Fundraising: The 50/50 contest for the day/hour that the temperature dips below zero degrees Fahrenheit in Grand Forks is running until November 14th or until the temperature reaches that point. We will start discussing a hot chocolate fundraiser once the winter season sets in. We will also try to get into the UND popcorn fundraiser, but the soonest we could start working it will be next semester. There will be a flyer for that coming out in November regarding signing up for popcorn fundraising. A schedule for the baked goods might go out on the HTML-Ez site.

-Activities: There are seven professors who are available for us to go Trick-or-Treating to on Thursday. We will meet in the Clifford Hall parking lot at 7pm to set up carpooling. We will not be going around to schools this semester—maybe next semester. The Who’s Who Wall will be going up shortly after people have turned in their information. Bowling will be on November 21 from 9:30pm-11:30pm at Ray’s Bowling.

-T-shirts: Three logos were submitted to Matt. Voting will take place at the next meeting.

-Banquet: We are still trying to find a speaker—people are reminded to take photos of all of our activities to go into the end of year slideshow.

-The AMS food drive will run from November 3-21. A box will be placed in the mail room for people to drop off food items. Food items will be donated to the Salvation Army.

-The AMS group will attend a Studio One TV Showing on Thursday, November 13 at 4:15pm.

-50/50 Contest: People should drop off their guesses and money in a box outside of the secretary’s office. Be sure to paperclip your guesses and money together when you submit them.



-The deadline for the NWS volunteer applications is October 31.



              -Meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:45pm.---Kevin Skow.



Our October meeting took place on October 21 and began at 4:04. We spoke first about intramurals and the good sport aspect of it. We next talked about donations for the Waterfront Rescue Missions. We moved on to SeCaps which is just around the corner for us. We discussed possible upcoming events with the Halloween options and an Imax day out. The next thing we talked about was going to the South Alabama basketball games together as they started this year. We recieved good feedback from this suggestion. We also annouced our first Thanksgiving Feast. The members were easily excited about the opportunity to eat. A couple of things we will be starting up are school talks and a weather coloring book for kids. These are things we asked if any one wanted to be involved or jump aboard with. We followed that with a review of the NWA conference in Louisville that included pictures. The meeting concluded with our very own Dr. Terwey taking us through the new South Alabama web page.---Fred Schmidt.



DATE: October 29, 2008

LOCATION:  Italiano Insurance Agency, 3021 Swann Ave, Tampa, FL 33609

OVERVIEW: The October meeting of the WCFLAMS dealt with a very important topic for all Floridians: insurance to cover weather related emergencies. This timely topic dealt with insurance concerns, as there have been many changes over the past few years, especially after Florida’s very active 2004 hurricane season. Mr. Jeff Italiano, President of Italiano Insurance Services, presented this topic. This family owned business has been serving the public for almost 50 years. Jeff Italiano has been named the Flood Insurance Agent of 2008 by FEMA largely for his commitment to promoting flood insurance though websites, radio ads, mailers and breakfast meetings.

Italiano began by giving an overview of the steps that every Floridian must take to protect themselves, most importantly knowing exactly what is covered by your policy. He stressed that it was important to consider liability and not just contents. An important step he noted to protect one’s self includes videotaping the contents of one’s home to document items owned. Another important step is to review one’s policy. Many policies, for instance, have limited coverage for mold related issues, so it is important to know exactly what your policy covers. He noted a common scenario which occurs after much flood damage; that is that people often do not clean up the house and get a dry-vac in their home right away as they want things to look as bad as possible for the claim adjuster. He noted that this is a bad strategy since this will cause greater chance of mold damage. He advised documenting the home’s damage by taking pictures and video if possible and to begin clean up immediately. Often, only a few dollars difference in cost will make a huge difference in what is covered in your policy. In his opinion, many homeowners are underinsured.

Italiano provided some history as to why hurricane deductibles were introduced. He noted that without them, insurance companies were not equipped to pay claims. Hence, one has to pay the deductible of 2% of the dwelling amount. Hurricane deductibles apply only when a system is a named hurricane of sustained winds of 33 m s-1 (74 miles per hour) or more. Once it is named as a "hurricane" the hurricane deductible will apply no matter if it weakens, this would mean tropical storms and even tropical depressions which retained their name after being downgraded. It does not apply to tropical depressions or tropical storms before reaching hurricane status. In this case, the homeowner’s normal deductible for regular wind damage would apply.

Italiano also went into greater detail about the different types of coverage for both renters and home owners including floods, umbrella policies, wind damage, liabilities, and auto insurance. He noted that it could cost anywhere from $150-400 per square foot to replace a home depending on your house. We learned that a tropical system must be a named storm with some policies, and we also learned that the entire state of Florida is considered a flood zone, with some areas requiring flood insurance (flood zones A and V) while for other zones it is preferred (flood zones B,  and X).  He urged all Florida residents to obtain flood insurance as one is at risk inland as well as near the coast.  Inland one may be at risk if one is near a river or swamp, or even if the hurricane stalls in one location where you will see large amounts of rain occur (which will lead to a high flood potential). Unless you are a new buyer, you will need to wait 30 days from purchase until the flood insurance is activated. He informed the WCFLAMS members that the flood zone maps had recently been revisited. Italiano reminded the members that in New Orleans, many residents did not have flood insurance. 

Italiano concluded by urging caution for residents who have survived one hurricane without damage to their homes as these residents are particularly vulnerable as some have a sense that since they escaped one system, they will get through the next without a problem. He states that this would be a false sense of security.

BUSINESS MEETING: Andy Johnson started off the evening with a brief overview of last months meeting and upcoming meetings. Members introduced themselves to the group. Andy also read a letter from the AMS Local Chapter Board thanking us for our efforts in achieving honor roll for Local Chapter of the Year.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Our Chapter Account as of 10/29/08 is $ 1,211.01.

CONCLUSION:  The meeting was attended by 16 people, including 7 students of Dr. Jennifer Collins’ class.  This was a very interesting meeting in a casual setting (and the first meeting regarding this topic). Jeff was very willing to answer the many questions and scenarios the members presented. Pizza and drinks were also provided.---Jennifer Collins.



October Newsletter.---Paul A. Gehred.







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