Chapter News
November 2007



The last meeting occurred on November 19th at 7:15 pm with 16 people present at the Shreve Memorial library South Caddo/Hamilton Branch in Shreveport Louisiana. The officers that were present included...

President: Jason Hansford
Vice President: Vacant
Secretary: Jason Noren
Treasurer: Leslie Sexton

Chapter members present (except officers):

Mary Eveld
Dr. Bon Mills
Todd Warren

Non-member attendees:

Denise Kumrey – LA Tech     Stephanie Mullins – ULM AMS
Sherene Wallace – ULM         Ashley Jone – ULM AMS
Brandi Richardson – NWS     David Baron – ULM AMS
Crystal Woodard – ULM AMS Donald Jones – ULM AMS
Lindsey Rogers – ULM AMS   Aaron Reeves – ULM AMS

Treasurers Report: No report.

Secretary Report: President Jason Hansford provided update from past meeting due to the absence of Secretary Jason Noren.

Jason Hansford presented a brief forecast for the upcoming winter months in the Arklatex region based on the current and future predictions of the La Nina conditions.

Dr. Bon Mills from University of Louisiana, Monroe (ULM) presented his graduate dissertation on Polar Low Genesis.

Further discussion followed regarding weather opportunities/experiences in the military, research, and public sector.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.---Jason Hansford and Jason Noren.



November Meeting Minutes.--- John D. Gray.



Meeting Date:  November 13, 2007

Attendence:  Dave Anderson, Megan Babich, Meghan Bagnasco, Cody Bartow, Jeraca Benson, Catherine Bodak, Julia Bonk, Allison Britton, Chrissy Bukowski, Dan Burkhart, Chris Burling, Matt Clark, Aric Cylkowski, Alex DeSmet, Katie Dupree,  David Hampton, Adam Hart, Amanda Hazard,  Nathan Heath, Michael Heitz, Mike Hesche, Annie Hoezee, Kimberly Hoogewind, Brandon Hoving, Nathan Inks, Lindsay Job, Stefanie Klimowicz, Rachel Kulik, Morris Langworthy, Chase Meder, Kayla Moore, Nathan Niedzwiecki, Jacob Owens, Aaron Sanders, Cort Scholten, Greg Thornthwaite, Sarah Trojniak, Laura Velasquez, Kailey Wass

Meeting in Session:  9:03

President’s Report:   T-shirts are in!  Hoodies are $21, t-shirts are $9.  The National AMS is looking for increased membership, with membership, you will receive BAMS. Central’s SCAMS will pay for ½ of new members’ $15 fee.  Adopt-a-family will be possible if every member donates $10.  We are having a guest speaker coming on the week the 20th of November.  Elections are coming up for next year’s eboard.  Nominations will be next week, voting will be December 4, 2007. 

Vice President’s Report:

Committee Reports:

1.  Fundraising:  We had a profit of $638.00 from the Yankee Candle Sale.

2.  Public Relations:  We will wait until next semester to go to the elementary schools for a 5th grade presentation. 

3.  Activities: none planned for now.

4.  Jobs and Internships:  We will be updating the board soon.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking:   $55.16                                                   Savings:  $3562.08

Secretary’s Report:    Attendance sheet is passed around.

SGA Report:   Campus safety was talked about at the meeting.  New blue lights will be placed in various areas around campus.

Open Floor:

Webmaster update—any questions about the website?

Meeting Adjourned:  9:38


Meeting Date:  November 20, 2007

Attendence: Meghan Bagnasco, Allison Britton, Chrissy Bukowski, Matt Clark, Aric Cylkowski, Alex DeSmet, Katie Dupree, David Hampton, Adam Hart, Nathan Heath, Mike Hesche, Annie Hoezee, Brandon Hoving, Nathan Inks, Lindsay Job, Stefanie Klimowicz, Morris Langworthy, , Chase Meder, Chris Michaels, Kayla Moore, Jacob Owens, Cort Scholten, Greg Thornthwaite, Sarah Trojniak, Kailey Wass

Meeting in Session:  9:06

President’s Report:  We have a guest speaker coming November 27, 2007.  We’re doing adopt-a-family, we ask for $10 a person.  T-shirts are still for sale.

Vice President’s Report: 

Committee Reports:

1.  Activities:  We may be ice skating before finals.

2.  Jobs and Internships:  The board has been updated. 

3.  Public Relations:  School outreach will be next semester. 

4.  Fundraising:  There is nothing new to report.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking:           $55.16                 Savings:              $3081.01

Secretary’s Report:     The attendance sheet was passed around.

SGA Report:    The SGA meeting was brief, for more information, ask Dave.

Open Floor:  Register for the online surveys!  We need to pick out a webcam. 

Constitution amendments:            ~Making two types of members. 

~Voting during the first meeting.

Eboard Nominations: 

President:                         Morris Langworthy,

Vice President:                 Aric Cylkowski , Allison Bitten

Treasurer:                         Cort Scholten

Secretary:                         Chase Meder, Alex DeSmet, Katie Dupree

SGA Rep:                        Jacob Owens

Webmasters:                    Morris Langworthy

Meeting Adjourned:  9:45---Katie Dupree.



Thursday, 4:30 PM, November 15, 2007
National Weather Center (NWC) in Norman, OK

President Patrick Burke welcomed the group to the third meeting of the 2007-2008 chapter year. He provided a recap of chapter meetings and events this fall. These included: the September 20th meeting where NWS WFO Norman meteorologists, Stevn Kruckenberg and Chris Sohl, presented on 2007 record rainfall over Oklahoma, a picnic at Bob Johns’ home on September 22nd, and the October 2nd joint meeting with OUSCAMS where Carolyn Brewer, author of Caught in the Path, discussed her experiences with the 50th anniversary of the Kansas City, MO 1957 F5 tornado.

NSSL Multifunction Phased Array Radar Symposium
The chapter co-sponsored this event held in the NWC on October 10th-12th. Kit Wagner, treasurer, processed check and credit card registrations.

NSSL Phased Array and Dual-Polarization Radar Tours
Doug Forsyth provided seven chapter members with a tour on October 18th inside in the Phased Array radar dome, as well as the facility where data from both radars are processed.

AMS Annual Meeting
An abstract was submitted to AMS and a chapter poster has been created for the annual meeting to be held on January 20th-24th, 2008 in New Orleans, LA. Patrick thanked the committee who did much of the production work.

Storms of 2007 DVD Project
A list of volunteers for labeling and mailing orders of the DVD was passed through those in attendance. Mark Sessing, vice-president, expected the bulk of the mailing to occur in the 3-4 weeks after Thanksgiving. A free, public screening of the Storms of 2007 DVD will be held on Friday, November 30th at 7:30 pm in the NWC auditorium (room 1313). Volunteers are needed to greet people at the entrance to the building, to sell DVDs, and to purchase supplies for snacks, popcorn, and drinks.

Motion to provide additional funds to the Storms of 2007 DVD Project

The chapter approved a motion (by an electronic vote ending November 3rd) to fund the production of the Storms of 2007 DVD up to an amount not to exceed $2000. The following paragraph was the information provided to chapter members prior to voting.

- Sales of the Storms of 2004 and 2005 DVDs raised $ 12,944 for charity and $ 4,463 for COCAMS. "Storms of" series creators, Greg Stumpf and Jim Ladue, have requested that COCAMS again take the lead in sponsoring this year's version of the DVD, Storms of 2007. At the September 20 meeting, COCAMS approved a motion to fund DVD production up to an amount of $500. Since that time, production goals have become better defined, and include not only the Storms of 2007 DVD, but also a series box set that would require producing additional copies of the 2004-2006 DVDs. The total cost for these plans is greater than $500, but should not exceed $2000. The initial costs would be recovered after selling about 60 DVDs. For comparison, the 2004 and 2005 projects sold 300 and 675 DVDs,
respectively. Once initial costs are recovered, additional proceeds will be split as follows: 25% COCAMS; 75% charity (e.g., American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity). If all DVDs are sold, COCAMS would receive back an amount roughly two times the initial costs. This money would be added to our treasury, and could be used for other projects and regular activities. The Storms of 2007 project would also act as a public service activity by raising money for agencies which provide public aid, often following weather-related disasters.

Treasurer’s Report
Kit provided an update on the chapter checking account balance, which stands at $10165. There were 18 paid members for 2007-2008. Annual dues remain $15 for local chapter membership.


Jack Hales, lead forecaster at the NWS Storm Prediction Center in Norman, presented “Brush Creek vs. Country Club Plaza”, detailing the Kansas City, MO Flash Floods of 1977 and 1998. Tremendous rains fell during the nights of September 11th/12th, 1977 and during the evening of October 4th, 1998 over the Brush Creek basin which runs along the southern portion of Kansas City's Country Club Plaza region, an area of up-scale shopping and dining along with five-star hotels. Around 25 people were killed in the area from the flood in 1977, while 7 lost their lives during the 1998 event. Jack described the weather conditions that characterized each event and discussed some of the measures taken to mitigate flood damage after these events.---Jeremy Grams.



Minutes of the High Plains AMS/NWA Chapter Meeting

Nov 14, 2007


This meeting began with a lunch at the Attitudes Restaurant on the south side of Norton, KS.  Ten chapter members were in attendance.  Following lunch, we held a short business meeting, and then enjoyed a nice presentation by Vice President Mike Umscheid, Journeyman Forecaster from WFO Dodge City. 

Mike Umscheid’s talk was a synopsis of the NWA national conference he recently attended in Reno, NV.  Each session held was highlighted with one or two subjects particular to the high plains region. The first highlighted talk was “Will the Myths Never Disappear?” presentation by Mike Utley, referencing the web page  Mr. Utley was struck by lightning, and this site is an outreach site devoted to the promotion of lightning safety and education.  From Day 2 of the conference, Greg Corbin’s paper on the top ten significant weather events of 2007 was featured, with 3 of the top ten events occurring in the high plains: 1) the Dec 30 High Plains Snow/Ice storm; 2) the March 28th High Plains tornado outbreak, and 3) the May 4th Greensburg, KS tornado.  Mike Umscheid then briefed us on upcoming challenges in Satellite meteorology, with GOES-R being our next significant operational satellite system.  Also referenced was the MetEd website operational model Matrix,  Mike ended with a summary of the Awards Luncheon, including sharing the plaque he received for the Operational Achievement Individual Award, for his performance during the May 4th Greensburg, KS tornado.  Most of the presentations from the conference can be accessed via the NWA homepage, , following the links on the left side, Annual Meeting / 2007 Reno, NV. 


Call to order.   The meeting was called to order at 12:35 PM by President Rick Ewald.  He led a short round of introductions, to familiarize new and old members.  Secretary Tim Burke/DDC read the 8/16/07 meeting minutes; the minutes were accepted as read. 

Treasurer’s report.  Treasurer Matt Masek/LBF sent a treasurer’s report via email to Tim Burke, who presented the report to this meeting’s attendees.  Since June 20th, our treasury had risen from $3227.66 to $3328.17.  Our Jim Johnson scholarship fund was at $260.00.  Dave Floyd, WCM GLD, reported the second $500 was recently donated (anonymously), and is not included in this report.  A ledger page from the HP11 conference showed a positive balance of $1068.09.  Good job, Hastings staff!

Old Business.  A couple of By Law issues were visited.  First, we voted electronically back in October to lower the number of members to establish a quorum from ½ to ¼, since we have trouble getting a lot of members to our meetings (due mostly to us being spread out so far apart).  This measure had passed via the electronic vote in Oct, 2006. Also, we voted at the 2006 conference to raise Chapter dues to $15, and the current By Laws still state $10 for annual local Chapter dues.  President Rick Ewald will contact webmaster Jared Guyer/SPC to get these items changed on our website.  Also discussed was the fact that our By Laws currently state our Chapter year is from Nov 1 to Oct 31.  The consensus at this meeting was it should coincide with the calendar year, Jan 1 to Dec 31.

New Business.  It was suggested we ask webmaster Jared Guyer if the format of our webpage could be changed, so as to allow others (such as Pres, Vice Pres, etc) to update parts of the webpage.  President Ewald will discuss this with Jared.  Also, all agreed we should apply for Chapter of the Year awards this upcoming year, highlighting all the work we have done, especially the conference and scholarships.  The Omaha/Offutt AFB chapter contacted us, and wanted to coordinate dates for our next Chapter conference, so as to not conflict with theirs.  Right now, the Goodland folks are looking at a September date, but have not firmed up any details; this should not conflict with the Omaha Chapter’s conference.  Ken Cook/SOO ICT contacted President Ewald and the Wichita NWA chapter wishes to join our rotation of annual conferences, hosting the 2009 conference in Wichita.  We all approved this measure.  Each office was asked to obtain a volunteer to work on the Jim Johnson Scholarship committee, and let President Rick Ewald know soon whom this volunteer is.  The Chapter voted to divert $500 of our treasury into the Jim Johnson Scholarship fund, to cover the 2009 scholarship and help build the fund up more substantially.  Five dollars from each dues paid is funneled into the J.J. Scholarship fund, and will hopefully build up over the years.  A new slate of officers is due; anyone wishing to volunteer or nominate someone for any office (Pres, Vice Pres, Treas, and Sec) should submit your nomination to President Ewald at by Dec 1st.  An electronic vote will be sent out, and the ballots brought to our Jan meeting.   A notice for dues ($15) will be sent out soon for 2008 – try to recruit a new member from your office/area!

Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 1:15 PM.  The next meeting will be an electronic meeting held in December, before Christmas.---Rick Ewald and Tim Burke.



Date: Nov. 15, 7pm
Location: Huntsville-Madison EOC
Approx. 30 attending

Speaker: Dr. John Christy, Director of the Earth System Science Center at UAH and the Alabama State Climatologist. An abstract of his talk is as follows. Climate change presents a scientist with hundreds of questions because the climate system consists of millions of components all interacting in unfathomably complex ways. Christy's climate experiences began as a 12-year old when he started building datasets of weather variables to try to predict the winter rainfall in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Now, with the help of several UAH colleagues, he is involved in building many types of long-term datasets to help document and explain what the climate is doing. In dataset after dataset, he does not find the catastrophic rates of change being promoted by climate alarmists. In his talk, he will describe the results of some of these datasets and what they might mean for climate projections. Christy also appeared in federal court as an expert witness to testify about climate impacts of certain bills being litigated. He will show some results of that experience.

Evening Program: Introduced by Dr Dan Cecil, Chapter President and was one of the better attended talks of the year so far. Dr. Christy opened with an impressive list of recent appearances including ABC News, CNN, FOXNews, as well as instances of Congressional testimony, all related to his climate change views. He’s now a Nobel winner as a member of the IPCC, but noted that the panel is only composed of about 100 climate scientists(10%). His opening statement “Consensus is not science” rang true as he presented his numbers, his “measurements” of the state of climate. His first point made concluded that Tmins shouldn’t be used when figuring temperature change due to the “disconnected” nature of the nighttime air, no mixing. And due to development, nighttime temps are expected to go up, with urban heating and particularly irrigation, such as the Central Calif. Valley. Of interest, he pointed out that Tmins are falling in the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada range, while Valley locations are showing a rising Tmin. Locally, he noted that daytime Tmax are actually trending downward in N.Alabama and annual precip is actually rising since 1896, despite the current severe drought.

He emphasized that there are problems with current climate models, in that clouds and water vapor are poorly characterized. A recent study indicted that cirrus clouds actually shrink when temperature goes up, thereby negating the CO2 effect. It’s his conclusion that the increased solar radiation as well as changes in precip patterns can account for the loss of snow on Africa’s Kilimanjaro. Also it has been documented that the snow cover on the peak has been decreasing since 1880. Temperature plots for Greenland, the Arctic, and Alaska, all note that these areas were much warmer in the past 3 to 6 thousand years, before man had any influences. Dr Christy also presented details on Antarctic sea ice, which is now at a 30 year maximum. As the talk concluded, climate alarmists have all sounded off on “increased severe weather threats”, which was noted has no basis. No increase in tornadoes or hurricanes can be detected over the course of the last 40 years. His final point, and where he opened with is that energy is good, life is good, and while CO2 is increasing, its effect so far is minimal. Don’t ruin economies, and don’t deny emerging countries of their right to an easier life. Recognize the fact that we are living longer and healthier now that at any time in human history, all thanks to our industrial and scientific developments.

The floor was then opened up to various questions from those attending. Meeting was adjourned at approx. 8:15.---Dan Schmit.



November 7, 2007 General Business Meeting

Attendance: 40 (Including Executive Board)

Start Time: 7:03pm

              President Steve LaVoie welcomed the club back to our third General Business Meeting of the year.  The club began the meeting with a vote on what food will be served for the banquet at the 33rd Northeastern Storm Conference.  The club chose a chicken dish, beef dish, seafood dish, vegetarian dish, a starch, another vegetable, and a dessert.  Steve then went on to mention that a NESC Committee Meeting will take place this Thursday (11/8) at 7pm.  This meeting will involve the mailing for the NESC.  Steve then moved on to the National AMS.  He mentioned a number of opportunities including discounts on a number of products if a member joined the National AMS.  He also mentioned the winners of the LSC AMS stipend, Mike Lichniak and Brandon Wholey.  They will receive a paid trip to the National AMS Conference held in late January.  The president then talked about the AMS Can Drive which will take place during the first two weeks in December.  Finally, he mentioned that an application process will take place for any junior or senior who wants to be involved with the search process for a new Meteorology faculty member to take Dr. Bill Fingerhut’s position.

              Mike Swan, our vice-president, reminded the club about Internship Night.  It is scheduled for next Tuesday (11/13) at 6pm.  He also let the club know that anyone still interested in doing a presentation should talk to him immediately.

              Secretary Alex Jacques then recapped the first AMS Newsletter sent out this year.  He also thanked the club for cooperating with the event sign-up process.

              Hayley LaPoint, treasurer of the AMS, reminded members about dues for the club.  She also updated the club on the status of the LSC Student Government.  She finished with an update on the AMS Talent Show.  A variety of acts will be present so she encouraged all to come and enjoy the show.

              Richard Maliawco Jr., our Public Relations Director, started by recapping the First Inch Contest and Flag Football Tournament.  Both were a huge success.  He then explained that there would be an Events Committee Meeting on Thursday (11/8) at 6:30pm to discuss the upcoming Talent Show.

              Community Outreach Officer Josh Redinger let the club know that a number of members will be conducting school visits next Tuesday and Thursday.  They will travel to a local elementary school and give presentations to 2nd and 3rd graders.

              Historian Scott Jaeger informed the club of an upcoming Alumni Newsletter, which will be completed this weekend.

              The club then voted for another 8th Person Award.  The nominees for this month were Arielle Whooley, Jordan Sherman, and Matt Conklin.  A vote was conducted, and Arielle Whooley won the award.  The club then ended the meeting at 7:35pm with a raffle.---Alexander Jacques.



Meeting Type: General Meeting

Meeting Date: November 14, 2007

Attendance: 38

Meeting in Session: 8:32 pm 


Session Ended: 9:30 pm

Meeting Type: General Meeting – State of the AMS

Meeting Date: November 28, 2007

Attendance: 50

Meeting in Session: 8:31 pm

Session ended: 9:18 pm---Channing Dale.



On Tuesday, November 6, 2007, the North Florida AMS held its November meeting. Charlie Woodrum started off the meeting with a weather trivia quiz in which the top 8 participants will have a chance at Weather Jeopardy at our December meeting. The top 8 members were Jason Adams, Marv, Buddy Jordan, Richie Schwerdt, Ryan Christman, Lorenza Cooper, Joe Bauer, and Katie Moore. He then went on to discuss the chapter’s calendar that will be for sale by the next meeting. Andy Latto discussed the recent golf tournament which turned out to have 26 people and raised $262.99 for the chapter. He then discussed the chapter’s upcoming tailgate for the FSU vs. Maryland game which is set to start at 9:00 a.m. in front of the Love building on the Tennessee St. side. There will be a $100 allotment for food and soda. Kevin McKee announced the account balance of ~$2,300.00 after the golf tournament. He also discussed possible basketball tailgates for the spring semester including, January 16th against Duke at 7 p.m., January 26th against N.C. State at 1:30 p.m., or February 3rd against UNC at 2 p.m. Liane Claytor talked about the upcoming bake sale which will be held Wednesday, November 14th in front of the SunTrust at FSU from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. The previous bake sale raised $66.46 for the chapter. Alec Bogdanoff followed and discussed redoing the outreach web page, doing a fundraiser to raise money for outreach items.                  

Mike Joseph from the American Red Cross then spoke about the Fire/Weather House at the last Downtown Getdown and invited members to come out to volunteer. He also spoke about the Weather House they will be having at the North Florida fair to simulate emergency weather situations for children on Friday, November 16th.                  

Following Mike Joseph, Irv Watson, the Science and Operations Officer at the National Weather Service in Tallahassee, was introduced. He has Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Meteorology earned from the Florida State University.  Irv has 38 years experience in the field of meteorology.  His experience includes serving 8 years in the U.S. Air Force as a forecaster, rawinsonde operator, and weather observer.  He was associated with the NOAA Research Laboratories for 19 years working in thunderstorm, lightning, and cloud seeding research.  His most recent assignment in the NOAA Research Laboratories was at the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) in Norman, OK where his duties included being the Principal Investigator of the aircraft component of the Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment (VORTEX) in 1994 and 1995.  He assumed the duties of SOO in Tallahassee in May 1996.  He is the author of more than 20 refereed papers. He spoke about how the National Weather Service handled the Hurricane Ivan tornado outbreak from 2004. Hurricane Ivan was a named storm for 21 days and intensified to a category 5 storm by September 9, 2004. On September 16th Ivan was just off the coast of Gulf Shores, AL. This storm resulted in 117 tornadoes breaking out across the southeast United States. As a result of this outbreak, 130 warnings within the county warning area for Tallahassee were issued within a 12-13 hour period. Twenty-three tornadoes were verified within the CWA generally within the region of the right front quadrant of the storm.--- Liane Claytor.



November 28, 2007

The Northwest Indiana Chapter of the AMS/NWA had its third general meeting of the 2007-2008 school year on Wednesday, November 28, 2007, in Kallay-Christopher Hall at Valparaiso University. There were 33 people in attendance.

Members present:
- President: Michael Grogan
- Vice President: Mark Borchelt
- Secretary: Katie Giannecchini
- Treasurer: Chris Wilson

The meeting was called to order at 11:15am.

A thank you was extended to the members who helped organize and participated in the Snowfall Contest. Unfortunately for some voters, we are still waiting for the first one-inch snowfall of the season.

The Activities Committee will be holding a meeting within the next two weeks to discuss the upcoming Bake-Off baking competition. Our tentative date for the competition is set at January 18, 2008. More information will be sent out soon.

The Great Lakes Conference will take place on April 5, 2008. The Old Town Banquet Center in Valparaiso has been selected for the venue, and registration will be $45 for early applicants and $50 otherwise. We will have PayPal running on our website for easier payment options.

Our annual fall speaker presentation was supposed to be held this Friday, November 30, but due to a lack of response from our speaker we are being forced to re-schedule. We are hoping to have the speaker set sometime before finals begin.

Photos chosen to appear in the 2008 AMS/NWA calendar were shown. Thank you to all who submitted their photos. Calendars can be purchased for $18 each, and will be ordered by the end of the week.

We encourage students to consider applying for AMS Student Membership. Sign-ups can be made through the AMS website. Becoming involved with the organization enables students to become involved in learning about meteorology on a more professional level, will look great on resumes, and will allow for discounts on meteorological journals and a subscription to the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.

Pop is still for sale in the weather center. Suggestions are being accepted for drinks to re-stock the refrigerator with. If you have any preferences, let Michael or Mark know.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:25am.---Katie Giannecchini.



November 13, 2007   5:30 PM     Aaron Tuttle   (KOCO/FAA)

5:30 PM  Pizza served

5:45  Aaron Tuttle (former KOCO meteorologist, and current private sector meteorologist for the FAA) speaks about his on-air experience, gives advice, answers student questions, and discusses his transition to the private sector.

7:00  Money collected for OU SCAMS hoodies, students asked to send nice weather shots to include in upcoming weather calendar for fundraiser.  Students also reminded to consider going to the AMS conference, and plans will be made to group students to carpool to the conference.---Kim Klockow.



The Oregon chapter held its 15th annual “What Will the Winter be Like?” meeting at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) in Portland on November 9, 2007.  Forecasters shared with a record (176) audience of colleagues and the public their predictions of the Pacific Northwest winter weather.  Invited speakers included Steve Todd, Meteorologist-In-Charge, National Weather Service in Portland; Kyle Dittmer, Hydrologist-Meteorologist, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) in Portland; Pete Parsons, Oregon Dept. of Agriculture Meteorologist in Salem, and George Taylor, Oregon State University’s Climatologist.

To make the meeting more exciting, the Chapter’s Executive Council decided to offer a “Snowflake Contest.”  Everyone present was offered the chance to guess the date and time of the first official recorded snowfall, as measured at the Portland NWS office.  The three winners will receive eight general admission passes donated from OMSI.  Response was overwhelming.

Welcoming remarks were given by Jim Todd of OMSI.  KPTV-Fox 12 chief-meteorologist Mark Nelsen reviewed the 2006-2007 winter weather.  Highlights included a wild and record wet November, a major wind storm in December, and ending with a quiet mid-to-late dry winter.  Two minor snow events hit Portland in January.  Temperatures stayed near normal during the winter.  Kyle Dittmer (current Oregon-AMS President) then introduced the guest speakers.

A common theme in the winter outlooks was noting the “La Nina” phase of El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO).  Forecasters differed on the specific impacts of “La Nina.”

The National Weather Service’s Steve Todd said to expect a moderate La Nina based on probabilistic forecasts from NOAA.  Expect an “increased probability” of above normal precipitation and “equal chances” of near normal temperatures through February.

CRITFC’s Kyle Dittmer uses sunspot cycles, multi-variable ENSO (MEI), PDO (Pacific Decadal Oscillation), sea-surface temperatures, and 20 surrogate water years.  He predicts near normal temperature (coolish by mid-winter) and slightly above normal precipitation.  He predicts three snow events (with a 3.5 inch event in January) for Portland, during December-February.

Pete Parsons, a former TV meteorologist, looks at many ocean and atmospheric variables, and selects appropriate surrogate years to use.  His forecast gives a wet November through February.  Temperatures will be near normal.  A 3-6 inch snow event for Portland in January is likely.

OSU’s George Taylor uses MEI, PDO, sea-surface temperatures, EP and PNA indices, sunspot cycles, and Atlantic hurricane activity to generate a forecast.  He predicts winter to be somewhat cooler than normal temperatures with slightly above average precipitation.  He says there is a “very good chance” for one or more snow events for Portland and above average mountain snow.

In an effort to help bring weather science to the local community, our chapter has partnered with OMSI since 1999 to host the popular Winter Weather meeting.  OMSI and the Oregon chapter benefit from the attention generated by ample local media coverage.  The presentations can be found at the Chapter website: Dittmer.



The month of November and beginning of December was yet another exciting month for PSUBAMS and its members. The 4th annual PSUBAMS/CWS date auction occurred on November 9th, 2007. 75% of the proceeds benefited THON, a Penn State student-run and organized charity to help in the fight against pediatric cancer.  This marathon benefits the Four Diamonds Fund and is the largest student run philanthropy in the world. This year’s date auction raised over 1000 dollars and provided an exciting social opportunity for Penn State students. On November 30th, Jim Berman, General Manager from WHP-CBS 21 in Harrisburg came to Penn State to speak to student about the world of television and television meteorology. He informed students on specifically how he goes about looking for potential meteorologists to work at his station. He also allowed students to critique a video of a potential applicant for his TV station in order to make it clear what he and other general managers looks for in TV Meteorologist. Over all it was a great meeting and student members of PSUBAMS and of the Penn State Meteorology program enjoyed his visit.

During the month of November the 2007/2008 PSUBAMS photo contest took place. Both students and faculty in the meteorology department, and students from branch campuses across Pennsylvania participated and were able to submit personal photos in this contest. The photos were openly voted on by student and faculty members of the Department of Meteorology at Penn State and the top 14 photos were selected and made into desktop and wall calendars. The photos chosen highlight the vast array of experiences had by our PSUBAMS members. The photos ranged from a wall cloud, a beautiful sunset over the Delaware and in New Hampshire, and an Alaskan glacier. 

With all this, we were also in the midst of planning for the 2008 AMS Annual Meeting in New Orleans.  PSUBAMS, in cooperation with the Penn State Department of Meteorology, Campus Weather Service, and the University Park Allocation Committee were able to fully pay for 19 Penn State meteorology students to attend the 2008 event.  We are all very much looking forward to the many opportunities that arise from attending the conference!---Maria Zatko.  



Date: November 13, 2007

Minutes: 7:00pm-8:30pm

Board Members in Attendance: Melissa P, Heather D, Katie P, Norm S, Jeff V, Andy D, Josh F, Lindsay V, John S, Peter A

Attendance: 40


              Melissa spoke about the Photo Contest to be held from now until November 30th. There is no charge to submit photos, but there is a maximum submission of 3 photos per person.

            Katie encouraged members to sign-up for buying long-sleeve t-shirts. The sheet to sign-up is located in the back of the room and should be done at the close of the meeting.

            Heather announced the WSI trip to be held on Saturday, December 1st. The time will be determined and members will be notified.

            Peter and Norman displayed the new website design to members.

            Jeff asked members to pay their dues if they have not done so yet.

            Melissa mentioned the upcoming Icon Contest for use on future AMS apparel. She encouraged members to start working on their design ideas.

            Finally, the Accuweather guest speaker, Dave Dombek gave his presentation to the group.

Executive Board Meeting

Date: November 27, 2007

Minutes: 5:00-5:15pm

Board Members in Attendance: Melissa P, Heather D, Katie P, Norm S, Jeff V, Andy D, Josh F, Lindsay V, John S, Peter A


              This Saturday, December 1st will be the trip to WSI in Andover, MA. The group will leave Plymouth at noon and arrive by 2pm. An email was sent to members asking for interest in attending this event.

            The t-shirts should be ready for pick-up on Friday or Monday.

            It was decided that the Snowfall Contest is still ongoing since only ~2.5” of snow fell here last Tuesday.

            The chapter poster needs to be updated for presentation at the annual conference.

            The deadline for the Alumni Grant is December 7th. Ideas for potential guest speakers include Ken Barlow, a UNH global warming expert, and/or a professional from Mt. Washington. The invitation will be extended to all of the public, not just Plymouth alumni.

            The only additions necessary to the completion of the AMS Newsletter is the President’s message and alumni information. However, it was decided that the alumni information will be excluded until the spring edition of the newsletter.

            Ideas for Photo Contest prizes include photo paper and a long-sleeve t-shirt.

            Preparations for Storm Conference, especially monetary estimates need to begin soon.

            The website continues to be improved and updated.---Heather Dinon.



Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 8, 2007


The meeting was called to order by chapter president Phillip Marzette at 5:30 pm PST.

Map discussion:  Chapter president Phillip Marzette led the evening’s map discussion.

Evening’s program:

Dr. James C. Barnard, of the Department of Atmospheric Chemistry and Meteorology at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, in Richland, Washington gave the evening’s presentation.  The title of his talk was “Probing the world of clouds and atmospheric aerosols using sunphotometry”.


Dr. Barnard discussed how clouds and aerosols can affect greenhouse gases.  In his research Dr. Barnard uses an instrument called a Multi Filter Rotating Shadowband Radiometer (MFRSR).  This instrument measures the characteristics of clouds.  The thickness of cloud cover can affect the climate of a region.  In his studies comparing the cloud cover over Barrow, Alaska and Atqasuk, Alaska, Dr. Barnard found differing cloud cover amounts depending on how far the location was from the Arctic Ocean.  This had a noticeable effect on the microclimate of each location.

Officer reports:  There were no officer reports this meeting.

Committee reports:

Brian O’Hara (of the weather calendar committee) reported that the 2008 weather calendar projects are going well.  Borders Bookstore, Sundance Bookstore, and the UNR Bookstore are selling our calendars.  Brian will also put an advertisement in the Reno Gazette-Journal newspaper in order to help stimulate calendar sales.

Continuing business:

Brian Billings said that the upcoming “Fantasy Weather League” is still planned for this winter and urged chapter members to participate.  As mentioned at the September meeting, participants will choose various National Weather Service forecast offices from across the contiguous U.S.  They will get points for various weather events such as record low temperatures, precipitation and snowfall amounts, etc.

As at previous meetings this semester, President Marzette mentioned that the chapter still plans on viewing an evening weather broadcast at a local news station, and watching a weather balloon launch at the Reno National Weather Service forecast office.

New business:  There was no new business this meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:07 pm PST.---Brian O’Hara.



November Minutes    11/09/07

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Fundraising Events

Club Business



The November meeting of the Smoky Mountain Chapter was held on the 19th. Everyone first met at "Calhouns on the River" near the UT campus for dinner. Afterwards, the meeting commenced on the UT Ag campus where Dr. Jacqueline M. Grebmeier (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee at Knoxville) spoke about "The Bering Strait Region: A Cross Roads for Science, Society and Arctic Environmental Change". The following was a synopsis of her talk:

"The Bering Strait region is located between the United States and Russia and it is currently experiencing the greatest seasonal sea ice retreat in the Arctic. Significant increase in heat and freshwater transport into the Arctic is occurring, and both are intimately tied to Arctic and global climate. The marine ecosystem is highly productive due to the nutrient rich Pacific water inflow that supports rich biological communities that are the base of a food web that also supports local indigenous traditional hunting. Studies indicate that this ecosystem is undergoing reorganization from a benthic- to pelagic- dominated system, with potential system wide impacts in this shallow Arctic region. Environmental change in this region may also set the stage for enhanced economic activities, such as shipping, oil and gas extraction, and a northward movement of one of the world's most important fishing grounds now centered in the southeast Bering Sea. As such, the Bering Strait region within the Pacific Arctic sector is a cross roads for environmental change and potentially competing national and international interests, requiring proactive evaluation and a cooperative decision process for all stakeholders."---David Gaffin.



November-December 2007

On Friday, November 2, the chapter welcomed Brian Persons of Naval Seas Systems Command. Mr. Persons gave a presentation entitled “Environmental Science and Naval Warfare – Understanding the Operational Environment.” His talk was particular useful for students wishing to apply their skills in meteorology and environmental science toward a military career.

This past month was a very productive month for the educational outreach committee. Caitlin Lawrence visited her alma mater of Carmichaels, PA. She provided an atmospheric sciences-related presentation to approximately 125 pupils from grades 1, 7, 8 and 9. For the 7th, 8th and 9th grade classes she played a version of “weather jeopardy” and went through some fun weather facts and weather photos in doing so. For the first grade class, she read them a weather story and had them color weather-related coloring book pages. Science teachers from California Area [PA] and Ringgold High School/Middle Schools have been contacted for future visits, and a much larger project is in the works for Penn Trafford School District (along with the other public schools within the Pittsburgh Public School System) in which Lori Lerhman will be assisting outreach coordinator Adam Cinderich.

To conclude events in 2007, students of the chapter held a winter social on December 6 at a local restaurant, in order to provide a relaxing gathering prior to final exam week. Approximately 45 students attended this well-received event.---Reece Todd.



Our meeting was November 6th and we had the MIC from the NWS Brownsville office come and speak to our club. We also discussed our new idea for a service project next semester. We will be working on organizing a weather camp for elementary students in the Bryan/College Station area. We will also be starting up a member of the semester award next spring. We also discussed social events, such as our volleyball social which will be held this Thursday Nov 14th, and the Christmas party next semester.---Beth Bange.



November 30, 2007

President, Elise Johnson opened the meeting by introducing a guest speaker, Dr. Larry Carey.  Dr. Carey is a research scientist with the Earth Space Science Center and UAH, and he spoke about his career and gave some advice to the graduate students. 

Several fundraising ideas were brought up including the Holiday Bake Sale, the National Weather Service Open House, and a refrigerator to use to sell various items.  The Holiday Bake Sale will be on Tuesday, December 4th, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  The National Weather Service will conduct an Open House on Saturday, January 18th, and they have asked the chapter to assist in selling concessional items at the front door.  A refrigerator will be placed either in Elise Johnson’s office or the Climate Library (or one in both) in order to sell drinks and candy that are not provided in the break room vending machines.  Any ideas for items need to be emailed to Chris Schulz. 

Upcoming social activities include the Huntsville Havoc Hockey game and lunch with Melonie.  Chris Jewett is arranging for a department outing on Thursday, December 13th, for the local amateur hockey team, Huntsville Havoc; for a group greater than 10 tickets are a discounted $8.00 a person.  Melonie McClendon-King, the UAH Staff Assistant, has and always done an excellent job at servicing the students in whatever they need.  So, as a gift to her, the AMS will take her out to lunch on a day that is convenient for her. 

The Educational Outreach Committee has several ideas for the upcoming spring semester.  The Severe Weather Poster Contest is in progress; however, a theme still needs to be placed on this year’s competition.  Also, the UAH AMS would like to purchase or build a tornado machine; so, the organization will ask the department for money and ask the NWS how to build theirs. 

UAH AMS is in the process of becoming a co-chapter with the National Weather Association.  A draft of the joined goals will be presented in the near future before the request to become a student chapter is sent off.  Discounts on membership are possible if another member is sponsored. 

The 88th Annual AMS Meeting will be in New Orleans this year, and the UAH AMS Chapter poster is in need of some high-resolution photos.  Any photos related to AMS events need to be given to Elise Johnson. 

The UAH AMS website is still under construction; however, webmaster John Fairman will be working on it over the upcoming break. 

The UAH Climate Library has finished its renovation as a student lounge and computer lab.  Anyone is welcome to stop by and check it out.---Holly Searcy. 



SCAMS@UIUC meeting minutes—Thursday, November 15, 2007


Internship Speakers:

The meeting began with three presentations about summer internship opportunities.  Andy was able to do research over the summer as an undergrad through the Illinois State Water Survey.  Amanda interned at both a National Weather Service office and a television station.  Nicki was a summer intern through the Department of Energy’s Summer Undergraduate Research Experience program.  All three suggested contacting people working in an area you think you may be interested in.  Even if the person you first contact can’t help, they may be able to point you in the direction of people or organizations offering internships related to that topic.  Other places and programs that sponsor internship opportunities include: NOAA Student Employment Program, NASA, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates, airlines, utility companies, NOAA scholarships, and local and national media (ex: local TV station, The Weather Channel, USA Today).

Committee Updates:

The Website Committee is still working on putting together new content for our website.  Information for new students, a meet your member section, and information about how to live greener in Champaign-Urbana are all under development.


After adding attendance taking to the Secretary’s duties, the new constitution was approved.


T-shirt designs have been finalized!  More information will be available soon about how to place an order.  All orders are due by 7am on Friday, November 30 and should be ready to pick up on the last day of classes.

Treasurer’s Report:

We currently have $43.  If you haven’t paid your dues, please give them to Amanda.  Dues are $2 for the year.

AMS Annual Meeting:

More information will be available shortly for those people who are attending the AMS annual meeting in New Orleans this January.

Upcoming Meetings:

We would like your suggestions about what you would like to see happen during future meetings.  More speakers?  Storm chasing videos?  Field trips?  Community Service?  Email us at and let us know!

Our next meeting is tentatively planned for the first week of classes in January.--- Faye Barthold.



Minutes from:

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Clifford Hall, Rm. 264

5:00 p.m.

Members Present:

              Alan Borho, Advisor

              Kira Dordal, President

              Katy Olson, Vice President

              Becki Legatt, Secretary

              Kelly Kramlich, Treasurer

              Erin Bertschi

              Kevin Skow

              Dan Koller

              Leah Tatarak

              Matt Saari

              Andrea Neumann

              Kelsey Watkins

              Chris Hammer

              Angelle van Oploo

              Shawn Palmquist

              Chris Kruse

              Aaron Hommerding

              Michael Phillips

              Sydney Souza

              Ashton Singhal

              Luke Johanneck

Call to Order:

              President Kira Dordal called the AMS meeting to order at 5:00 PM.

Past Minutes:

            Last meeting our committees met and planned out things for the semester.    

Officer Reports:

              Secretary’s Report: Past meeting’s minutes were read.

              Vice Pres Report: none

              Treasurer’s Report: Dues were deposited so now we have a balance of $1041.13.

Dues are $30.  All members should get them in asap to Kelly. 

Guest Speaker: none this week


Old Business:

              Summary of events since last mtg:

              *The girl scout badge workshop was about 2 weeks ago.  It went very well!  There was a story aired last week on Studio One about the GS event done by Kelly.  We had lots of positive feedback and we’re now waiting to get evaluations back from leaders. 

              *Trick or Treating was lots of fun at the professor’s house. 

              *Clothing orders were submitted.  They should be done and available by Thanksgiving.  The total order was $767.25.  AMS is making $2 off of each item sold.  There was lots of interest this year

              *The Alerus fundraiser was all day last Saturday.  They need an address to mail the check to.  There was lots of free extra food for workers… yay!  We don’t know how much we made yet, but we’ll get a grand total by the next meeting. 

New Business:

            -The Who’s Who wall presentations for each class were given by each class representative.  They will be finished up in the next week and hopefully will be up the following week. 

              -Only one more meeting for the semester, so we broke into committees to discuss if we succeeded in meeting our goals for this semester, and also about goals for the following semester. 




-Future activities: Spring… doing something fun with money we make.  Trip ideas:  Science Museum in MSP (overnight trip), ski trip in ND or Bemidji, or some sort of water park, 7 clans casino (swim or gamble)

AMS could pay for gas to get somewhere and members could pay for ticket to get in and food.  Anyone could go but you must have participated in one function for AMS to pay for your part of the trip, and also must be a dues paid member.  Just about everyone was interested in an event. 

-No GS event next semester but will plan to do it the following fall.  Possibly talk with schools in the area instead.

-Holiday potluck will be on Dec 6th… reading and review day… this is a department event.

-No broomball this year due to the world curling championship.  We could possibly play at a park on our own or something. 


-We’re still in the process of looking for a banquet speaker.  An email was sent out for a final list of speaker nominees and we did not receive any other ideas.  Right now we have two female researchers with PhD’s that are now professors at Texas A&M.  Another idea was Wendy Pearson, a past NWS hydrologist that is now working for the central region.  Letters will be sent out before next meeting. 

-The date will be April 25th it’s a Friday it will be at the Holiday Inn in Grand Forks. 


-Orders have been submitted and items should be ready by Thanksgiving.


-David Delene is looking for students to help him and work on data analysis on his data from his summer work in Africa.  Anyone interested should stop by his office or send him an email.

-Class registration is coming up.  Schedule a meeting with your advisor to discuss your planned schedule for the next semester and to have the hold removed from your account

            -BWW this Thursday… meet at 7pm…


              Meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:46.


Minutes from:

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Clifford Hall, Rm. 264

5:00 p.m.

Members Present:

              Alan Borho, Advisor

              Kira Dordal, President

              Katy Olson, Vice President

              Becki Legatt, Secretary

              Kelly Kramlich, Treasurer

              Erin Bertschi

              Kevin Skow

              Dan Koller

              Leah Tatarak

              Andrea Neumann

              Kelsey Watkins

              Angelle van Oploo

              Aaron Hommerding

              Michael Phillips

              Ashton Singhal

              Luke Johanneck

Call to Order:

              President Kira Dordal called the AMS meeting to order at 5:00 PM.

Past Minutes:

            Past meeting’s minutes were read.

Officer Reports:

              Secretary’s Report: Past meeting’s minutes were read.

              Vice Pres Report: none

              Treasurer’s Report: Dues were deposited so now we have a balance of $1838.38.  We earned $123.35 at the Alerus selling concessions during the football game.  The curriculum committee is in the process of developing a new class for incoming freshman.  It will be offered as a 1 credit orientation class.  The committee is curious about what students would want in the course.  Ideas discussed at the AMS mtg included: the importance of advising, resources, meeting prof’s, lectures, various career path speakers, quick overview of met 110, forecasting, quick look at the weather, show around department and all resources available, comp lab 4th floor, secretary’s office.

The curriculum committee is also discussing revising tech elective.  At the meeting members were asked if there were any courses that they would like added to the list.  Current ideas include: space studies 435, climatology from geology department.  If you have any other suggestions send them to Kelly. 

Dues are $30.  All members should get them in asap to Kelly. 

Guest Speaker: Kira Dordal gave a presentation about her student summer NCAR workshop in Boulder, CO.  Any of this year’s juniors interested in attending the conference this summer should talk with Kira about the application process. 


Old Business:

              -Clothing items are in.

              -It’s been a successful semester with lots of good events and activities.


New Business:

            -The Who’s Who wall should be up soon J.

              -This is the last meeting of the semester.  We will start fresh next semester with new activities, fundraisers, and events.    



-The Gamble fundraiser will take place next week.  A signup was passed around again this week.  We will be selling coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and baked goods. 

-A box for our toy drive is now out on first floor.  We will be collecting toy donations for the next couple weeks yet. 


-The November photo contest voting will continue until the end of the month.  There will be no contest in December due to finals, but the contest will resume in January. 

-The Holiday/End of Year department potluck will take place next Thursday at noon in the conference room on 4th floor Clifford hall.


-Still working on a speaker for the banquet.


-Clothing items were distributed to those that had ordered them.


-David Delene is still looking for students to help him and work on data analysis on his data from his summer work in Africa.  Anyone interested should stop by his office or send him an email.

-We missed out on the popcorn lottery this semester, we’ll try again next year.


Meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:36.--- Becki Legatt.



Activities for the month of November 2007


Service, Outreach & Recruiting:



Fund Raising:

AMS Meeting:

October 31, 2007

Meeting began at 5:00 pm and ended at 5:30 pm. 15 people were in attendance. This meeting was held to update members on Guess-casting, the AMS National Convention, Club Tee-shirts, and upcoming events.

The next AMS meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 5, 2007 at 5:30 pm in Ross Hall Classroom 3265. The club Secretary, Amy Dreiling will be graduating this month so we plan to hold an election for this position. This person will take over for Amy during the spring semester. We also plan to discuss the National AMS Convention, update everyone on the success of our Personalized Forecasting contest and thank the participants, and start taking orders for tee-shirts.---Paul Nutter.



November 7th- Meteorology Club (Jet Streaks) won their Flag Football Game.

November 10th- Habitat for humanity volunteer work. Hillsdale Community in Mobile, AL. This work lasted from 9am-4pm.

November 13th- Dr. Bill Williams was our guest speaker. He gave a speech on what it is like to work in the private sector of  Meteorology.

November 14th- Jet Streaks won their flag football game.

November 16th- The Meteorology club canned food drive started. All donations will go to the Waterfront Rescue Missions. Last day to donate is Dec 10th.

November 26th- Club cookout at 7pm. Flag Football playoffs at 9:30pm.---Miranda Hayes.



Radar Analysis Using GR2Analyst

Examining severe weather signatures through radar analysis using the software GR2Analyst was the topic of discussion for the November meeting of the West Central Florida chapter of the AMS. Andy Johnson, who was also the presenter at this meeting (FOX 13 Meteorologist and President of the chapter) explained the difference between Level II and Level III data used in radar analysis. Level II is the base data, the raw data which is available operationally and has a better resolution (1 km x 1 degree, X 230 km, 256 color levels). A discussion continued of the different products which GR2Analyst uses of which only three are actually directly measured. These are reflectivity, mean radial velocity and spectrum width. The derived products are Echo Tops, Vertically Integrated Liquid (VIL), VIL Density (VILD), Probability of Severe Hail (POSH), Maximum Expected Hail Size (MEHS), and Normalized Rotation (NROT). Radial velocity data can be used to determine velocity couplets which are an indication of rotation that can be associated with a mesocyclone or tornado. At long distances from the radar, information about variability in velocity can be gleaned from the spectrum width product even if low level rotation detection is not possible. The GR2Analyst program allows the user to adjust rotational values to determine weaker or low topped tornadic and mesocyclonic rotations associated with tropical cyclones

Johnson then went on to present the May 3rd, 1999 Moore Tornado using GR2Analyst. He noted that the Moore Tornado was close to the radar site. This 3-dimensional representation of a tornado (Figure 1) shows reflectivity with values greater than 50 dbz shown in red. He noted that you can use GR2Analyst to clearly see the vertical dimension of this storm and the condensation funnel. Johnson said that one can look at 3-dimensional or 2-dimensional displays in GR2Analyst. He then showed us a 2-dimensional display of a hook echo and explained that reflectivity data can be analyzed for hook echoes. He noted that one needs to look for persistent cells and that the basic criteria (as described in the literature) for tornadoes is the 50 dbz reflectivity.


May 3, 1999 Moore Tornado (taken from

Johnson made this a truly interactive presentation. With the meeting hosted by Dr. Jennifer Collins and being held in the computer lab in the Geography Department at the University of South Florida, members were able to take advantage of the facilities to have hand-on experience with some data that Johnson had prepared for them (Figure 2). Johnson explained that the data came from the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC). Specifically the members loaded and analyzed some level II data from Slidell from August 29, 2005 related to Hurricane Katrina. He showed that GR2Analyst defaults to PAN mode, but he also showed other tools available in GR2Analyst including the zoom function and smoothing function. He noted that for research purposes it is often best to analyze the data in the unsmoothed view. Members then clicked on the cross-section tool to identify the highest levels of reflectivity. Johnson pointed out the clear rotation of the eye coming ashore with Katrina and pointed out a possible outer eye wall as he suggested eye wall replacement was occurring. Johnson concluded by showing the base velocity product. He pointed out a clear S-curve that we typically see with hurricanes. Along the S-curve there is no motion to or away from the radar.

FOX 13 meteorologist and chapter President Andy Johnson shows techniques of three

dimensional radar analysis as chapter members learn using mirrored data on their own computers

Johnson’s presentation can be viewed on the chapter’s website at More information on GR2Analyst can be found on the following website: M. Collins.


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