Chapter News
February 2014


The Ark-La-Tex Chapter of the American Meteorological Society held its 1st meeting of 2014 on Wednesday, February 19th at the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Shreveport, LA.  This meeting began at 6:30 pm, with twenty-one members present.


Chapter President Jason Hansford began with a short business meeting and held officer elections for the New Year. Jason then began a presentation on the challenges associated with forecasting winter weather in the Ark-La-Tex region. His presentation began with outlining why forecast challenges exist, including the Ouachita mountain range and it’s affect on air mass movement. The presentation detailed forecast guidance for snow, sleet, and freezing rain, with winter weather case studies from December 25th 2012, February 11th 2014, and February 14th, 2004. Satellite and regional soundings were observed to point out lessons learned from snowfall with temps above freezing, as well as accumulation.


Ken Falk, retired Science and Operations Officer with the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Shreveport, followed with “Winter Weather Forecasting Made Easy”. This presentation outlined basic information needed for forecasting winter weather. It gave guidance to the main items of concern when forecasting including:

              -How cold surface temperatures are going to be during the event

              -Why type of winter precipitation is expected

              -When should the precipitation begin and end

              -How much snow and/or ice accumulation is expected

              -What types of advisories and warnings should be issued based on the forecast

Falk’s presentation outlined advice for forecasters to be calm, and remain consistent with information given to the general public and other inquiring agencies. He also used the weather events simulator to review forecast data in real time from the February 4th, 2011 winter weather event.


The following members were present:

Jason Hansford, President                        John Beck                                      Ernest Ethridge  

Daniel Fazio, Vice-President                     John Mussey                                  Emily Crescitelli

Leslie Sexton, Treasurer                           Stephen Dekock                             J. Sexson

Brittanie Langford, Secretary                     Daniel Muggelberg                         Larry Woodson

Kristopher Day-Bottai                                Brandon Rudd                                Nancy Holden

Matt Hemmingway                                     Ken Faulk                                       Rachael Layne

Chris Nuttall                                               Michael Berry                                  Mario Valverde             


The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.---Brittanie Langford.  



February 19th, 2014 – 8:00 pm

136 McBryde Hall - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Blacksburg, VA

Meeting called to order at: 8:00 pm


President, James Marrow

Meeting adjourned at: 9:15pm

Members in Attendance: 54---Hans VanBenschoten



The Coastal Carolinas Local Chapter of the American Meteorological Society & National Weather Association held its inaugural meeting on Tuesday, February 18th at BlueWater Grill in Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Co-founder, Michael Caropolo (MIC at NWS Wilmington NC), began the meeting with a welcome to all that were able to attend. Brad Reinhart (Coastal Carolinas Co-founder and Chapter Vice President) continued a welcome to the group with a brief presentation of chapter objectives, membership, future meetings, and introduced the other officers (Jamie Arnold – President (unfortunately not in attendance), Sandy LaCorte – Co-founder/Secretary & Webmaster). It was announced that a treasurer would be needed for the first inaugural year, and new member Dawn Wedig volunteered for the position and the group in attendance had no objection. After dinner was ordered, the Chapter’s first guest speaker took the floor.

The guest speaker for the evening was Dr. Len Pietrafesa (NC State University). He has not only earned a B.S. Degree in Physics & Mathematics, M.S. degree in Fluid Physics and Geophysics, and PhD in Fluid Physics and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, but he has 214 publications, over 50 PhD and MS students, and has been very active in several national offices, including the Commissioner of the AMS Weather & Climate Enterprise Commission, the NOAA NCEP Chair of NHC and OPC Review Panels, and the Chair of the NASULGC and APLU Board on Oceans, Atmosphere & Climate.  His presentation topic for the evening’s meeting was Hurricane Forecasting and The Need for a Coastal Flood Risk Index, which sparked some good conversation. After the presentation, members socialized briefly and then the meeting was dismissed around 8:30 PM. – Sandy LaCorte.



February Chapter News.---Sean Stelten.



February Minutes 



February General Body Meeting Minutes – February 19, 2014

Members in attendance – 35

Science & Outreach

Event Recap:

January 15: Science Education Committee Meeting

February 1-6: 2014 American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

February 14: Capital Regional Science Fair

Upcoming Events:

February 24-28: FSU Weather Survival Week

March 1: Keep Tallahassee Beautiful “Super Clean Sweep”

March 7: Buck Lake Elementary Science Fair

Professional Development Speaker Series

Thursday, February 27 in LOV 307. Meet at 7:15. Talk at 7:30.

Ken Carey - Vice President of Earth Resource Technology, Inc.’s Science Business Unit

Presentation title: “Opportunities for Private-Sector Meteorologists”


Find us on Social Media

Follow on Twitter - @northflamsnwa #AMSNWA

Transitioning to new public page on Facebook

Email –

Google+ Page in the works           

Last available AMS Scholarship:

Father James B. Macelwane Annual Award – due June 13th

For undergrads, a paper written on topic in atmospheric sciences required. Only two from FSU can apply.

$1000 stipend, partial funding to 2015 AMS meeting

Other ideas!

Volunteer at a NWS Office or Newsroom back home

Network with AMS Fellows or other Leaders

Google is your friend!

Summer Internship Opportunities!


T-shirts and Polo shirts are IN!

Upcoming Social Events

Bake Sale – Mon Feb 24th & Tues 25th, Baking Party – Feb 23rd

Day at the REZ – Saturday March 22nd starting at 12PM

Spring Karaoke Night

Parlay Sports Bar – Friday March 28th at 8:00PM

Vice President

Next General Meeting

Tuesday, March 18th 7:00PM

Mark Zeigler, Professor of Communication at Florida State

University Distinguished Teacher 2009

Speaking on the importance of good communication for the sciences and how to do it better.



Professionals Seminar Planning Meeting

February 24th 6:45 PM, Love 3rd Floor Kitchen

For those interested in networking

Good for those interested in an officer position as well

Keep Tallahassee Beautiful

Saturday, March 1 along Blountstown Hwy

Executive Board Voting Meeting

Tuesday, March 25th 7PM

We MUST have quorum!

AMS 2014 was a big success!

Congratulations to those who presented research!

Pete Dellagrotta , Jonathan Martinez, Alli Keclik, Bianca Hernandez, Carlysle McNaught, & Sean Freeman

Guest Speaker

Nancy Dignon - Meteorology Instructor & Former Chief Meteorologist at WTXL-TV

Next General Chapter Meeting

Tuesday, March 18th

Executive Board Election Meeting

Tuesday, March 25th

2014-2015 Executive Board Nominations


Andrew Briscoe, Coral Arroyo, Brandon Daly, Zach Covey, Pete DellaGrotta, Ian Cassette

Vice President

Allie Brannan, Karly Jackson, Coral Arroyo


Kirsten Chaney, Shane Pendleton, Ian Cassette


Zach Covey, Kirsten Chaney, Lauren Stuart, Coral Arroyo, Ian Cassette, Karly Jackson

Science & Outreach

Casey Cloud, Lauren Stuart, Braden Robinson---Brandon Daly.



-We brought up the opportunity for members to travel to Wilmington to their NWS office to get a tour and see how operations are run, along with seeing a weather balloon launch.

-WxChallenge continues, and new members joined

-Mid-day forecasters for our lab on campus invited members of the chapter, especially underclassmen, to go up to the lab and learn to forecast as they do

-NWS volunteership opportunities were brought up for Pittsburgh, Grand Rapids, and Indianapolis

-We discussed the Pathways program 

-We decided who will be in the committees for our annual symposium at the end of March

-Brought up information for those interested in going to grad school as the campus would have free practice tests for GRE, MCAT, and LSAT

-Members also traveled to Atlanta at the beginning of the month for the annual AMS Student Conference, while a couple stayed for the whole conference as they either got the Assistantship or the Travel Grant.---Morgan Wentling.


February Meeting 2014

La Mesa - Bellevue

The sixth meeting of the season for the Omaha-Offutt Chapter of the AMS/NWA was held at the La Mesa Restaurant in Bellevue on Tuesday, February 25th.  Approximately 30 members and guests were in attendance.  Our speaker for the evening was Laura Edwards, an Extension Climate Field Specialist with South Dakota State University's agricultural extension in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  Her talk discussed the impacts of the October 2013 blizzard in western South Dakota to ranchers and livestock in the region, as well as other climatic items of South Dakota interest.

Vice President Barb Mayes Boustead, currently serving as Acting President, called the meeting to order at 6:33 PM.  She announced that President Tom Shih had begun his deployment and would be unable to participate with the chapter for the remainder of the season.  She also announced that President Shih would also be interested in running for a second term as chapter president when he returns in October. 

Vice President Boustead also announced that three positions - Vice President, Treasurer, and Recording Secretary - are currently held by officers who are at the end of their allowed terms, meaning the positions will be vacant for the upcoming elections.  Members of the club interested in running for a position were encouraged to contact current officers to discuss positions and responsibilities.  Vice President Boustead also announced that the chapter also needs an election committee to help organize the coming chapter elections.  She volunteered to be a part of the committee, and she needs 2-3 more volunteers to help out, with the caveat that those volunteers cannot be running for office themselves. 

Vice President Boustead also announced that local youth science fairs would be coming soon, and that these science fairs would present the chapter a great chance to volunteer our services as judges.  Information about specific events would be emailed to the chapter.

The March meeting was announced for March 20th at the Valentino's Restaurant in southwestern Omaha.  The speaker will be Dr. Clark Evans of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee who will be speaking about the use of ensembles by operational forecasters in a testbed environment for a high impact precipitation event.  The April speaker was announced for April 3rd as Dr. Bob Henson from UCAR, whose topic is to be determined.  The chapter is still searching for a May speaker, and the chapter was encouraged to bring any potential ideas to the officers.

Treasurer John Roth gave the treasurer's report, including balances, incomes, and expenses.

Recording Secretary James McCormick, after ensuring that everybody had received the minutes, brought forth a motion to have the minutes from the January 2014 meeting approved.  The motion was approved. 

Mr. Bruce Telfyan suggested revisiting the idea of having a chapter forecast contest.  This item was brought for discussion and met with enthusiasm.  Dr. John Zapotocny suggested that this idea was a good idea and raised the question as to who would run the contest, as in previous years, he had run the contest without the ability to win prizes.  A "rotating" administration of the contest was suggested in order to allow everybody to participate.  Dr. Zapotocny and Mr. James McCormick volunteered to meet with Mr. Telfyan personally to discuss potential details for a contest to take place during the next chapter season. 

No other new business was brought to the floor and no travel allocations were needed. 

The meeting was recessed at 6:43 PM for dinner and for the speaker.  Following the presentation, no new business was brought to the floor, and the meeting was adjourned.---James McCormick.



The Oswego State Chapter has had a very busy February as we have had multiple events to plan for the coming months. We want to give our club the best opportunities to meet new people in our field as well as network with people for either graduate school or a future job in the field. Planning these different events will allow our club to get the experience they need to achieve getting into graduate school as well as receive that future job.


One of the big venues that were in the planning stages for the beginning of February was the trip to the NWS/TV Station in Buffalo, New York. We organized the day to see both of these places on Saturday February 22, 2014. The club officers organized drivers to bring people to this NWS and TV Station as well as attempted to receive gas cards to go. The club when they arrived there got to the NWS and then got a tour of the TV station. Everyone that went got to see many different things that the government sector does as well as what the Broadcast industry provides for Meteorology majors.


Another big venue that was planned was the trip to the Northeastern Storm Conference in Rutland, Vermont from March 7-9, 2014. The club officers registered everyone at a club meeting we had during the first week of February to make sure that there was no problem in the registration process. Also, multiple different groups had presentations to be given at the conference and we wanted to make sure the registration process for those people went smoothly. We organized receiving three vans to allow everyone in the club who wanted to go to be able to. We designated drivers to each van to get us there.


GLASS (Great Lakes Atmospheric Science Symposium) is another huge conference that is in the planning stages.  This one is put on by the SUNY Oswego Meteorology Club officers. During the month of February, the club has been putting together the invites along with the keynote letter for the conference.  All the details on the conference will be coming soon as everything is just about in place for the conference to take place on Saturday May 3, 2014. The club officers have also worked vigorously to put together the food for the conference and have been working with catering to get this organized. As of the end of February, everything in regards to food choices, rooms has been done. There will be more information on GLASS to come very soon.


Relay for life is another venue that the club will be attending at the end of March and the club has been working very hard to get people signed up to go to this phenomenal fundraiser as well as touching night for those with breast cancer. This will be held on Oswego’s campus March 29th from 6pm to 6am and the club has organized a table to be at the venue for just the Meteorology majors.


Weatherfest is in the planning stages with more on this to come in March. Weatherfest is a festivity the club puts on for the elementary and high schools in the area for those students who may want to pursue a career in Meteorology.


The club is also trying to get all the members in the club hoodies or T-shirts to represent the club. We are also participating in Science Day meetings in which we are helping all the science departments to put on some experiments for elementary school children and high school students interested in Meteorology. This takes place on March 29th from 9am till 2pm. It’s basically a day in which all the science departments put on a collaborative day to show what Oswego has to offer.---Michael J. Vuotto.



February Newsletter.---Joseph Slezak.



February 25 meeting was called by Chapter President Brandon Hoving (National Weather Service Grand Rapids) at 7pm. Approximately 17 people were in attendance at the meeting. President Hoving, Vice President Nathen Jeruzal (NWSGR), Chapter Webmaster Linda Paige, Chapter Secretary Steve Derry were in attendance. Chapter Treasurer William Marino (NWSGR) was unable to attend.

Vice President Jeruzal gave a quick update on the Winter Contest and a reminder on getting Dues in.

Jerry Byme (Kent County Road Commission) was our guest speaker for the meeting. He talked about how they come up with their plans as to how, when, and where to plow the roads, or treat the roads in the Winter time. Other various aspects of his job in essentially running the Road Commission Operations. He gave the group discussion and took questions.

The meeting was adjourned by President Hoving at approximately 8pm.---Steve Derry.





The February 2014 meeting of the Twin Cities Meteorological Society was called to order at 6:40 p.m. on February 18 by President Mike Griesinger.  Vice President Jim Marusak, Secretary Chris Bovitz, and six other members were also there. Bovitz recapped the January meeting.  Griesinger relayed from Treasurer Jim Taggart that the club has about $1,000 in the bank.  The reports were approved.

For our April meeting, the  voted to allocate up to $500 to bring Lans Rothfusz, the deputy director of the National Severe Storms Laboratory, to town to talk to us about the FACETs project.  Members were urged to get the word out about Dr. Rothfusz’s visit.  We don’t have a location yet, but we are confident we’ll find one.

Griesinger mentioned the upcoming chapter events:

Our speaker for the night was Toni Schwartz.  She teaches earth science at Hopkins West Junior High School (since 1990-’91) and is the K-12 Science Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) coordinator for the Hopkins School District.

Schwartz began by introducing us to the Minnesota state science standards and how she and her school go through them to come up with general themes for each grade level.  There are four strands: nature of science and engineering, earth science, life science, and physical science.  Most of the time is spent on standards and benchmarks.  To partially illustrate this, she had us go through an exercise to peruse the state earth science standards and come up with themes.  During the ensuing discussion, the attendees came up with what they felt was missing in the standards:  forecasting, instrumentation and measuring (radar versus satellite, radar versus Doppler radar), and modeling (maps, computer, conceptual).  The standards will be reviewed in 2017 unless they’re ordered to be done sooner by the legislature.

Schwartz sprightly walked us through her curriculum and illustrated her earth science curriculum, discussing topics and the various technological tools she uses to help the kids understand.  She uses technology heavily in the classroom, using interactive web-based animations and videos.   All students have iPads that can access Internet and intranet resources and upon which they can compose assignments. Her teaching style emphasizes basic curiosity by asking “What if we…” or “Why?” and “How?” and designing ways to answer those questions and expand on basic scientific concepts.

Through all the units in Schwartz’s class, which feed upon each other, she stresses basic and standard scientific concepts: experimenting, data collecting, graphing, and drawing conclusions.---Chris Bovitz.  



The sixth meeting of the 2013-2014 school year for the Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society met on Monday, February 24th at 1:00 pm in the NSSTC, 4th floor classroom 4065. The first item on the agenda was for Tony Lyza (Vice President and Weather Fest co-chair) to thank the volunteers who helped with the success of the 4th Annual Rocket City Weather Fest. There were about 500 people including attendees, volunteers and exhibitors. Tony announced that there will be a debriefing of the event this coming Friday, February 28th at 11am.

Next on the agenda was the treasurer report from Sarah Stough. Currently the AMS chapter has somewhere between $600-$700 after Weather Fest. The chapter plans on having another bake sale fundraiser in early April to help replenish the AMS account. Sarah also announced the new snacks the AMS chapter is selling. President Aaron Kaulfus asked the chapter if they would like to participate in the Yankee Candle fundraiser again this semester and the chapter said yes.

Over 100 people voted on the severe weather posters at Weather Fest. The 1st - 4th Grade winners were: 1st Place, Luke Davis from Athens Bible School, 2nd Place, Caroline Knight from Moulton Elementary and 3rd Place, Rayne Curtis from Moulton Elementary. The 5th - 8th Grade winners were: 1st Place, Baylee Parton from Unity School, 2nd Place, Mackenzie Davis from Athens Bible School and 3rd Place, Meleia Watson from Unity School. Aaron then thanked the volunteers who helped out with Science Olympiad in early February. He then proceeded to talk about both the state and regional science fairs coming up. The North Alabama Regional Science Fair will be held on Tuesday, March 11th from 8:45 am until 2:30 pm. He reminded those participating as judges for NARSEF to complete the online registration. The Alabama State Science Fair will be held on Friday, April 14th and that again is an all-day event and we will have students volunteering as judges for this as well.

Finally, Aaron talked about nominations for new AMS officers are due by the March meeting and elections will be held at our last meeting of the school year in April. Lastly, we had approximately 26 members attend the February AMS meeting, a few of them being new students.---Danielle M. Kozlowski.



During the month of February, UGA AMS attended the National AMS Conference in Atlanta at the World Congress Center. Over the course of the week, over 20 UGA AMS members and recent alumni participated in the many exciting events that both the student and national conference had to offer. During the student conference on Saturday, February 1st, members attended many events such as the networking lunch, student career fair, and the LCAC town hall meeting where our own UGA AMS President, Matt Daniel spoke on a panel about how to improve local AMS chapters. On Sunday, February 2nd, several UGA AMS members volunteered to teach the Girl and Boy Scouts of America about meteorology and emergency management in order to help the scouts earn their Weather-Ready Nation Badges. After spending the morning with the scouts, many of the members attended Weatherfest where they spent the afternoon working alongside their professors at a booth for The University of Georgia Atmospheric Sciences department. Throughout the week of the national conference, UGA AMS members partnered with the NWS Peachtree City office to present the daily weather briefings. Each day of the conference, a team of UGA AMS members would present either local or national weather. On Tuesday, February 4th, the UGA AMS officers attended the local chapter officer’s breakfast where they were awarded 1st place in the student chapter poster competition. Also on Tuesday, the UGA Atmospheric Sciences department hosted a reception in the Omni Hotel for all current students and alumni to attend. The reception was a great opportunity for UGA AMS members to meet and connect with many successful alumni of the program.  Overall, UGA AMS had a fantastic time at the conference attending daily talks, discovering new research, and attending events such as the Super Storm Sandy Symposium.

Several UGA AMS members were recognized for their research at the conference:
--Graduate Student, Jordan McLeod won 1st place in the student poster competition at the 26th conference on Climate Variability and Change for his research on Greenland blocks and ice sheet melt.

--Undergraduates, Minh Phan and Castle Williams won 3rd place in the student poster competition during the student conference for their research on regional WBGT heat safety for athletics.

Respectfully submitted,

UGA AMS Officers 2013-2014
President: Matt Daniel
Vice President: Dean Pryles
Secretary: Molly McCollum
Treasurer: Castle Williams
Historian: Jared Rackley
Graduate Representative: Kyle Mattingly---Molly McCollum.



February 11, 2014


This meeting was held in Room 1313 of the National Weather Center.  It was announced that the sevretary would no longer be keeping minutes of the actual presentations and would be only keeping minutes of the business portions of the meeting.


Addison and Megan informed the membership that Mr. Meteorology 2014 would be February 28th and they are accepting contestants and freshman dancers.  For people interested in outreach, look for an email about upcoming events and training opportunities.


Addison presented what was learned at the Annual  AMS conference and how we can prepare for the upcoming year and next conferences.


Addison closed the business portion of the meeting and welcome Sean Waugh and Kiel Ortega to talk about winter weather ballooning and the SHAVE  project.---Megan McClellan



February 2014


94th AMS Annual Meeting

Throughout February 1st to 6th we traveled to Atlanta, Georgia for the Student Conference, and the Annual Meeting. Several members presented their research projects about investigations they had started during their summer internships. During that week, our members attended several conferences that interested them; we also went to the Weather Fest, Local Chapter Officers Breakfast and lastly, the Banquet. It was a week filled with activities, and networking opportunities for future graduate school studies, internships or job opportunities.  



Visit from Dr. Barth

On February 13, Dr. Mary Barth from the University of Colorado came to Puerto Rico (part of the Diversity Program in which we are participating) to give us a seminar about Atmospheric Chemistry. The title was: Thunderstorms and Chemistry – Overview of the DC3 Field Project with a Focus on Scavenging of Soluble Trace Gases. Overall the seminar was very interesting and also useful for those of us who would like to pursue a career path involving Atmospheric Chemistry. The seminar was opened to everyone on the Mayagüez Campus. 


St. Valentine’s Party

On the night of February 13, we celebrated Valentine’s Day with a pool party at one of our member’s apartment complex. We baked cupcakes, listened to music, dance, and took a dip in the pool, while celebrating our friendship through an early Valentine’s Day Party.



Monthly Meeting

On February 20, we had our second meeting of the new semester in which we discussed future activities, such as, the Weather Fest, fundraising activities, and a summary of what we had done in January.


Weather Today

On Thursday, February 27 we had our first weather today of the semester, in which we saw a movie named: Earth 2100. The movie was about an imaginary character telling a story about her life, and the changes that were being made to save the earth. It showed us the negative effects climate change will have on human kind, and it also showed us what the creators of the movie thought that we should be doing in order to save the earth, or to extend the human race life here on earth. 



During the whole month of February we have been selling hot dogs and raffle tickets for a 1TB external memory to get funds for our Chapter, and our most important activity of the second half of our semester which is the Weather Festival.



February Chapter News.---Lindsay Rice.



February Chapter News.---Arden Gregory.




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