Chapter News
April 2012


April 2, 2012 Meeting Minutes

The Ark-La-Tex Chapter of the American Meteorological Society held its 2nd meeting of 2012 on April 2nd at the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Shreveport.  This meeting began at 6:30 pm, with nine members present.

Jason Hansford, Senior Meteorologist with the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Shreveport, gave a presentation entitled “2012 Winter Temperature and Precipitation Recap and Spring Outlook”.  Hansford’s presentation broke down each month’s recorded temperature and precipitation, and their direct impact on the ongoing drought, which has stricken much of the Ark-La-Tex region since Spring, 2010.  December was the first month in over a year where above normal rainfall fell areawide, which also resulted in near to slightly below normal monthly temperatures.  Near to slightly below normal rainfall, but much above normal monthly temperatures, were recorded during January and February.  Excessive rainfall that fell during March across much of the region ended drought conditions across Northwest Louisiana and East Texas, with many stations observing one of their top ten wettest March’s ever on record.  This excessive rainfall also recharged many lakes and reservoirs which had fallen drastically the last couple of years, with Toledo Bend Lake, one of the largest reservoirs in the south, rising some twelve feet in just four months, from its record low pool stage of 159.42 feet November 22, 2011.  Hansford also discussed the roles that the Arctic and the North Atlantic Oscillation has had on the weakening La Nina pattern across much of the U.S., while also presenting the Spring Temperature and Precipitation Outlook.  In it, high probabilities for above normal temperatures are expected areawide this spring, with equal chances for observing below normal, normal, or above normal precipitation forecast.

Following the presentation, President Jason Hansford held a short business meeting to collect yearly dues, and also discuss the next meeting to be held during May.  This will feature a tour of the Barksdale Air Force Base Operational Weather Squadron and Base Weather Observing Station.

The following members were present:

Jason Hansford, President                      Patrick Omundson

Leslie Sexton, Treasurer                         Ken Falk

John Mussey                                            Matt Hemingway

Kelly Spencer                                           Chris Nuttall

John Beck                                                                               

The meeting adjourned at 7:35 PM.---Jason Hansford.



April Meeting Minutes.---Ryan Lueck.



April 21, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

8 am to 5 pm

University of North Dakota

Clifford Hall Room 210


$20 Regular / $10 Students

Registration and Abstract Deadline

Friday, April 27, 2012  



Greg welcomed the members to the meeting. We had a special guest Brian Lang science teacher from Lewisville ISD. Brian Long is a middle school teacher at Durham Middle School, Lewisville, TX. Brian has won an award from the American Meteorological Society...a Distinguished Educator Award for K-12. Brian has been part of a middle school science department for four years. He, along with his colleagues, has moved a low performing science school into academically acceptable, recognized, and last year, exceptional ratings. The students have undergone rigorous teaching, especially earth science. Brian has been recognized in the past as a New Science Teacher of the Year for CESI, a national science teaching body. He is a member and teacher mentor of the Texas Regional Collaborative for Science Teaching. He is currently an instructor for the state's new middle school science teaching curriculum. He has been a past committee member for the review of testing items for the state middle school science test. He has led teacher groups on geologic field trips in several regions of Texas. He is an instructor for the Texas Mining and Reclamation Association during the summer. Greg awarded Brian Lang the certificate.

Greg reminded everyone that members can pay their dues to Stanly and dues are $10.00.  

Nominations for chapter officers are open and elections will be held in May. If you are interested in running for office please see any of the chapter officers or email Greg.

The May meeting will be held one week earlier.  Tuesday May 8th.

Greg introduced our speaker Bonnie Schneider, author of the book “Extreme Weather”

Bonnie began her journey to write the book in 2009 at CNN while watching the coverage of the collapse of the training facility of Dallas Cowboy.  Her first interview, she found Todd Archer and got his first hand account his story was the beginning trapped. She wrote her proposal for the book from 2009-2011. She said that each chapter of the book starts with a survivor account, each chapter ends with how to care for your animal. The book also includes information on social media and how to create a supply kit. She provided members with a flyer that has a discount code if you are interested in purchasing her book.

Bonnie has worked with Bruce Thomas and midland radio to get the word out on how to get warnings. She is also a co-producer of a brand new TV program on the DYI Network called “Last House Standing”. Bonnie took questions from the members, she said that her most memorable moment was in 2005 while coming Hurricane Katrina; she realized what an important responsibility she had in getting the correct information out to her viewers. Bonnie said that her next project is working on a weather book for children. She welcomes any input members would like to give.---Bobette Mauck.


-OUCAMS held their 3rd annual Meteorology Symposium.  The event was a success and we were blessed to have six wonderful speakers!
-Three PACE positions were made available to meteorology students.  Applications are in and students will receive word of who was chosen for the positions in the fall.
-OUCAMS held a Krispy Kreme doughnut fundraiser at the end of April.  Due to bad weather, the event was not as successul as hoped.
-OUCAMS members are designing and ordering chapter t-shirts.
-OUCAMS members are keeping in contact with local elementary schools.  Members will go to the schools and speak during science classes that are on their weather units.
-OUCAMS is encouraged all members to apply for AMS and NWA scholarships.
-OUCAMS members attended a combined basic and advanced spotter training session at the end of April at Athens High School.
-April’s meetings ended the 2011-2012 officers leadership. Elections for the 2012-2013 officers will be held May 1, 2012 during the full chapter meeting.  Paid members are able to run for an office and vote in the elections.---Elise Dolinar.



Minutes for General Meeting

April 10th, 2012

The final meeting of the year was held at the National Weather Center in room 1313. The meeting began with Vice-President Kyle Thiem making general announcements. President Stacey Hitchcock was unable to attend due to a prior engagement. Secretary Emily Thompson announced the reminder that the Big Event, a campus wide community service day, was to be held on Saturday, April 14. Freshman Representative Brian Henning then announced that Relay For Life would be the following Saturday on April 21. Outreach Coordinator Patrick Hyland announced that SCAMS would be having a booth at the Earth Day festivities being held at Reeves Park on April 22 and encouraged members to stop by to help or simply to say hello. Publicist Lauren Duhon announced that the Talent Show being held in efforts to raise money for the American Red Cross was cancelled due to lack of participation. Member Meagan Rowlison announced the continuing of the SPARCE project and encouraged members to help. Patrick Hyland returned to the stand to announce the following: NSSL job openings available to students, OCS Weather Camp from June 10-15 needs student volunteers, and finally that the Wes Watkins Tech Center Weather Camp form June 5-6 is also in need of interested students.

Next, Kyle Thiem introduced the speakers for the evening. The focus of the meeting was to hold a graduate student panel to answer all questions and address concerns of the undergraduates who are on a graduate school track. Ryan Sobash, a PhD student talked about his research in severe thunderstorm modeling. Carly Kovacik, a M.S. in Meteorology student explained her work with the Oklahoma Climate Survey. Nicole Grams, a M.S. in GIS student spoke about her work with GIS, Hydrology, and her meteorology background. Jill Hardy, a M.S. in Meteorology student elaborated on her focus on flash floods. Finally, Patrick Hyland, a PhD student, walked the members through his research on lightning using data from dual-polarization radars. Each of the speakers came from different backgrounds ranging from out-of-state students who came to OU from another school; to students who have completed all of their studies at OU; to students who received a B.S. in Meteorology, but chose to study another subject for graduate school. It allowed the members to get varying views and opinions to help them expand their graduate school search beyond the University of Oklahoma.

Finally, Kyle Thiem closed the meeting by thanking the speakers and announcing that there would be a meeting to elect new officers on April 24. The final meeting of the year was adjourned.---Emily Thompson.



Chapter members represented our profession as judges in these major fairs this year.  We provided judges who evaluated exhibits related to the atmospheric sciences at two of the fairs, and general science judges at two others. We awarded prizes (weather books or wireless thermometers) and/or Certificates of Recognition to these projects:

  1. At the Metro Omaha Science and Engineering Fair, in Omaha, NE we recognized:

1st Place award – Junior Division:  Meteorology book and certificate of achievement – James Lindsay from St. Cecelia for the project “When Air Masses Collide”

2nd Place – Junior Division:  Meteorology book and certificate of achievement - Elyssa Gray from Buffet M.S. for the project “Hot and Cold Attraction”

1st Place – Senior Division:  Meteorology book and certificate of achievement - Alden Zahn from the Zoo Academy for the project “Subdue the Tsunami”

2nd Place – Senior Division:  Meteorology book and certificate of achievement - Jacob Rix from Omaha North H.S. for the project “District Farm Water Pump Windmills in Action”


  1. At the Greater Nebraska Science and Engineering Fair, in Nebraska City we recognized:

1st Place award – Junior Division:  Meteorology book and certificate of achievement - Sylvia Jager for the project “Wind Turbine Blade Efficiency”

2nd Place (team project) – Junior Division:  Meteorology books and certificate of achievements - Abrianna Campos and McKeena Rogers for the project “Stop the Rush” (tsunami effects on shoreline construction)

1st Place – Senior Division:  Meteorology book and certificate of achievement -Stephen Davis for the project “A Prototype Electrochemical Landfill”

2nd Place (tie) – Senior Division:  Meteorology book and certificate of achievement - Joslynn VanDerslice for the project “An Analysis of Storm Water Runoff” and Brooke Pieke for the project “The Effect of Tile Drainage Systems on Water Quality”

Honorable Mention – Senior Division:  Certificate of achievement - James Rohwer for the project “The Protection of Electronic Devices from Electromagnetic Fields”---Karen Harder-Sittel.   



April Meeting Minutes.---Steve Pierce.



April was a very busy month for the Oswego State Chapter. Earlier in the month, members of the club went to a local high school to give a presentation on meteorology, and we had the pleasure of hosting another school on campus as we introduced them to basic meteorology through a presentation, and hands-on experiments. We also had the pleasure of having Dave Dombek from AccuWeather come and talk to the club about what AccuWeather does, and how someone interested in that career path could get to AccuWeather. Our nominations for next years officers took place, and the elected officers will be posted in next month's minutes. We also held our annual Great Lakes Atmospheric Science Symposium (GLASS) conference on April 28th. With more than 20 presentations by students and professionals, and local meteorologist David Eichorn as our keynote speaker, GLASS was a success, and we look forward to planning next years conference. Our chapter is beginning to slow down as the end of the year approaches. For more information, you can check us out at our student-run website, Pirraglia.



April 2012

The Rutgers Meteorology Club had another eventful month this April.  Our first event was another general club meeting that took place on Tuesday the 10th.  At the meeting we discussed design ideas and concepts for the hoodies and T-shirts that we would be ordering as a fundraiser.  The most popular designs were opened to further input from anyone in the Meteorology Club's Facebook group in the week following the meeting.  At the meeting we also held another of our popular weather photo contests.  The only restrictions were that the photos had to relate to the weather in some way and had to be taken on or after January 1st of this year.  The winning photo was a photo of a full 22 degree halo that had formed around the sun.  To finish off the meeting the club had a big and exciting game of Meteorology Club Jeopardy!  Once the meeting was adjourned all members were invited to stick around and take a trip to the local Applebee's for some food and socializing.

On April 20th, we had several student members take a drive to Dutch Neck Elementary School in West Windsor, New Jersey for the school's Science Fair event.  Our student attendees had a table at which they partook in the fair by teaching the kids about Meteorology.

The Rutgers Meteorology Club E-Board held a meeting on April 22nd to discuss upcoming events and what needed to happen as the end of the semester and school year approached.  Things that were discussed included:

On the 23rd of the month the Rutgers University Chapter also hosted the Backyard Science Club for a visit to our Rutgers campus.  We started by bringing the kids and their parents to the Rutgers Gardens Weather Station which is the official New Brunswick NWS weather station.  After a tour and discussion about all the instruments at the station, the group was then brought to the Rutgers Weather Watcher TV Studio.  The kids got to see how the green screen is used and observed as our members produced an actual Weather Watcher television segment.  The last event of the month that the Chapter had its presence at was having a display table at the annual Rutgers Day on April 28th.  The table had weather trivia for the public and other fun things like the tornado in a bottle.---Jeffrey Mart.



President: Elizabeth Smith

Vice President: Donald Jellison

Secretary: Brittany Kusniar

Treasurer: Emily Timko

Historian: Jamie Melzer

Social Media Coordinator: Matthew Hladio



For our April TAMSCAMS meeting, we held elections to select the new officers for next year. In addition to this, the members were made aware of an opportunity for community involvement by helping with weather balloon launches at an air show. We had several members express interest and attend this event. On top of this, our meeting also included Skywarn training. This was extremely useful for the members, especially with storm chasing season upon us. Everyone in attendance is now better able to report conditions to the National Weather Service to aid in forecasts and alerting the public. Our next meeting will be scheduled by the new officers.---Kristen Collier.



Monthly Meeting:  Friday, April 13, 2012


The eighth and last meeting of the Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society met on Friday, April 13, 2012 at 12:15pm in NSSTC 4065. The first item on the agenda was to go through recent past events including the state and regional science fair,where AMS members volunteered as judges. Members have also been volunteering for the WAFF Wx Radio Programming events, with the last day of service occurring this Wednesday, 18 April 2012.

President Stephanie Mullins then gave a report on the chapter’s budget and the Yankee Candle fundraiser proceeds. The current balance is $890. The chapter was able to make approximately $220 from the Yankee Candle sale. Orders can be picked up in Stephanie’s office.

The judging for the 6th Annual Tennessee Valley Severe Weather Poster Contest is currently going on. Members of the NSSTC community voted for their favorite posters on the morning of April 13 2012 and the top three posters will be displayed at the Panoply Arts Festival on the 27th-29th of April at the National Weather Service booth. Prizes for the winners include NOAA Wx Radions, SciQuest and US Space and Rocket Tickets, and Chik-Fil-A certificates. Members are needed to volunteer at the NWS booth on Friday evening as well as Saturday and Sunday on the 27-29th of April. Members are encouraged to sign up to volunteer.

The Earth Science Student Association is holding an Earth Day week of events 18-20 April 2012. AMS members are encouraged to volunteer their time. Events include: cleaning the on-campus duck pond on Thurs 19 April and the community garden heirloom plant sale. Dr. Christy, a professor in the Atmospheric Science department, will be giving a talk on climate and human impacts on Friday, 20 April 2012. There will also be ozonesonde launch on Friday at 1pm.

There are several other important upcoming dates for the chapter. The Chapter of the Year application is due May 1st. AMS members are invited to read the first draft and make comments/suggestions. This can be read in the AMS Google Docs site and an email has been sent to everyone. There will also be a field trip to the NSSTC by the Hampton Cove Middle School on Friday, May 4th 2012. Volunteers are requested to help guide students around the building. We also have a list of upcoming events for the next academic year, including the third annual Rocket City Weather Fest which will take place on 13th October 2012. Volunteers are requested as planning has already begun. The UAH Girl’s in Science and Engineering Day will also be help on 20th October 2012 and two or three volunteers are required to give talks about careers in atmospheric science and meterorology to middle school girls.

The last item on the agenda for this meeting was to vote for new chapter members for the 2012-2013 academic year. Members voted and Matt Saari was named President of the UAH chapter of the American Meteorological Society for the 2012-2013 academic year. Adam Sherrer was reelected as Vice President of the UAH chapter of the AMS for the 2012-2013 academic year. Ryan Rogers was elected for Treasurer of the AMS for the 2012-2013 academic year. Danielle Kozlowski was elected as Secretary of the AMS for the 2012-2013 academic year. Rob Junod was reelected as Webmaster for the AMS for the 2012-2013 academic year.

There were fifteen members in attendance. The next meeting will be held when classes resume for the Fall 2012 semester.---Christina Branson.



Chapter News


April 2012



Monthly Meeting: Officer Nominations


The monthly meeting was held on April 10 at 10:45 a.m. A total of 22 members attended. At the beginning of the meeting, the president, the secretary, and the treasurer requested the approval of their respective annual reports. The attendees unanimously approved these documents, which had been sent to everyone previously via e-mail. The chapter officers then proceeded to discuss other pending matters, such as the monthly Weather Today, a field trip to the National Weather Service, and the launch of a new website section.

The next part of the meeting was dedicated to the chapter officer nominations for the 2012-2013 academic year. Active members nominated other members for the positions of president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. Six members accepted the nominations, and another member nominated herself within the 10-day period open for auto-nominations after the meeting, as allowed by the Chapter Constitution. The candidates were asked to get involved in the preparation of the chapter’s year-end activity to get a feel for the commitment expected from chapter officers. Finally, members proposed three amendments to the Chapter Constitution, which were all approved. These amendments, effective next year, are:

              (1) chapter officers may nominate members for the positions of president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.

              (2) candidates are required to prepare platform statements to present to the chapter members.

              (3)  the preparation of the Chapter News is officially listed as a responsibility of the historian and not of the secretary.

Activity: UPRB inside the hurricane eye

Professors from the Physics Department at the University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon (UPRB) and the Puerto Rico NASA Space Grant Consortium held the event “La UPRB en el ojo del huracán” (UPRB inside the hurricane eye) on April 10. The activity included a series of meteorology-related talks by different professors and broadcast meteorologist Ada Monzón. Chapter member and former UPRB student Dennis Negrón presented his research poster and officially represented the chapter at this activity.  Another member’s research poster and one of the chapter’s posters were also exhibited during this one-day event.  


Activity: STEM Expo

The UPRM student chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers invited the chapter to participate in their STEM Expo on April 12. The purpose of the activity was to motivate middle school and high school students to pursue a career in STEM fields. Chapter members gave weather-related demonstrations and disseminated chapter information during this educational event. 

Activity: School Visit

On April 13, two chapter members visited a private school in Mayagüez, Academia Pentecostal Bethel, to present demonstrations to students from 5th and 6th grade. Both students and teachers learned interactively about the different types of clouds, the atmospheric layers, atmospheric pressure, and other meteorological concepts (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Chapter members involving students in learning about meteorology at a school visit.


Activity: Radar Workshop


The chapter’s Weather Today committee invited chapter member José Cordero to offer a radar workshop on April 24. Six other members attended his talk to learn about radar concepts and applications in meteorology. José explained the mission and operations of the NSF Engineering Research Center- Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA) at UPRM and the NSF Major Research Instrumentation Program for TropiNET radar network. The purpose of these programs is to establish a radar network in the western part of Puerto Rico to fill a lower-atmosphere gap in the NWS Doppler radar coverage of this region. José also showed the inner parts of a radar antenna base (Figure 2) and demonstrated the operations of a radar from the CASA network installed on the roof of the UPRM Research and Development Center.

Figure 2. Chapter member José Cordero explains the inner parts of a radar antenna.


Activity: Weather Rewards


A competition was held to design a new bumper sticker for the chapter, as a means to keep members engaged and motivated. Members who submitted designs would receive a portable weather station. Only members who were not chapter officers or committee leaders were allowed to participate in this competition.


Chapter Annual Report and New Website Section


During April, the chapter officers worked intensively in preparing the annual report for the 2011-2012 academic year. Each officer was in charge of preparing a part of the report and providing feedback to the others. The officers also asked for feedback from the rest of the members to get them more involved in the chapter affairs. An extended version of the document sent to the AMS is available at:

The chapter also launched its new website section, “Meet Our Members”, which hosts résumés and research posters to aid members in finding employment and internship opportunities. This section is available at:

Activity: Hot Dog and Donut Sales


The last three hot dog and donut sales of the academic year were held on April 9, 17, and 23. A creative banner prepared by one of the members was extremely helpful in calling people’s attention to the sales, which were very successful.



Annual Banquet and Meeting



April 4th, 2012



Tampa Yacht and Country Club


Dr. Robert Weisberg and Mr. Roy Leep


Dr. Weisberg is a Distinguished Professor of Physical Oceanography from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.  He received his PhD from the University of Rhode Island in 1975, and is the leader of the Ocean Circulation Group with research focusing on the West Florida Continental Shelf.  The real time observation and modeling efforts have advanced knowledge of the dynamics of the ocean circulation off the coast of Florida, and were crucial in the assessment and forecasting of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Mr. Roy Leep is a Past President and Secretary of the WCFLAMS as well as being involved with the setup of the Chapter when it was first chartered in 1961. Roy is a legendary Tampa Bay area media meteorologist (Retired Meteorologist WTVT).

Figure 1: Chapter Officers and Banquet Attendees with Dr. Weisberg

Photo Credit: Matt Bolton


West Central Florida AMS Celebrates 50 Years

As part of our annual banquet and 50th anniversary commemoration, former Chapter President Roy Leep was given a plaque (with the newly designed Chapter Logo and the AMS logo on it)  in recognition of his status as a founding member and former president.  Mr. Leep then spoke at length about the history of our chapter, founded in 1961 and continuing to be populated today by weather enthusiasts from all backgrounds – from meteorologists at the National Weather Service office in Ruskin, to local broadcast meteorologists, to USF faculty and students, as well as members of the public with a shared interest for all things weather.

Next, he proceeded to give us some background information on his career, and talked about some of the historical firsts that he and WTVT were involved in, such as being the first to show a live radar image of a landfalling hurricane (Donna, 1960) on television, and having the first commercial radar in Florida.  Overall the Chapter has grown from a few members in the early 1960s to a much larger membership and reach today, further expanded this year to a national and international level with our use of Livestream technology.

This was followed with the annual presentation of the Dr. Dewey M. Stowers Award for Excellence in Meteorology, established in 2002 to recognize outstanding students in the field in memory of Dr. Stowers, who mentored many students over the course of his career.  Presented by Neva Duncan Tabb, the honoree this year was Justin Hartnett, a MS student in the Environmental Science and Policy program at the University of South Florida who is currently interning this summer at NCEP.

Dr. Robert Weisberg’s presentation focused on the capabilities and real time uses of the ocean models being produced for the West Florida Continental Shelf.  Through smaller domains and dramatically higher resolution than global models, highly accurate forecast output is possible along the coastal regions as well as near the loop current.  Proper integration of the latter was vital for assessment of oceanic circulation during the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and proved crucial for projecting the trajectory of the spilled oil.

Figure 2: Roy Leep and Presentation

Photo Credit: Matt Bolton

Figure 3: Dr. Weisberg and Presentation

Photo Credit: Matt Bolton


Results of the election for 2012-2013 Chapter Officers were announced at the banquet.  Congratulations to the officers on their election to the following posts:

                                          President:                                    Jennifer Collins

                                          Vice President:                            Nicole Carlisle

                                          Treasurer:                                    Nancy Knight

                                          Webmaster:                                 Mark Mantz

                                          Corresponding Secretary:           Justin Hartnett

                                          Secretary:                                    Kelsey Roberts

                                          Member at Large:                        David Roache


A record total of 50 WCFLAMS members and guests attended the banquet which was a coincidental and interesting number given that the Chapter was celebrating its 50th Anniversary. The meeting ended with a fundraiser for the Student Award from donations given by local businesses for this endeavor.---David Roache, Matt Bolton, and Jennifer Collins.



On April 19, 2012, the following chapter officers, Andrew D. Ross President, Warren Glover Vice President/Secretary, Debby Sibillio Treasurer were re-elected without opposition.

While the chapter is relatively small, it is enthusiastic. Many of the members participate in COCORAHS. Most members are Sky Warned certified. Among the programs this season, the chapter was invited to an art exhibit by a local artist Charles Burchfield (1893-1967). Many of his paintings had weather themes. Weather records/data were used as background information. This event was wall received in the artistic community. One speaker described the situation as a TV weather anchor in Tuscaloosa AL area when tornadoes struck with video as it happened live during a newscast.

The chapter conducts its meetings at the State College of New York at Buffalo, Department of Geography & Urban Planning. We work closely with Dr. Stephen Vermette, who has some weather research projects. Members can audit his meteorological classes. The last meeting of the season will be on May 22. The Winter Weather Review will be conducted by Steve McLaughlin, retired NWS lead forecaster.---Andrew Ross.


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