AMS Local Chapter Awards for 2007-2008

North Florida

"Innovation, communications and inspiration are three words which sum up the past year for members of the North Florida, Local AMS Chapter.  We especially applaud their collaboration with other chapters, their officer’s town hall meeting.  They have consistent strong leadership and they are constantly growing and expanding their horizons. "

Millersville University

"We recognize that Millersville has a well established highly successful local chapter, yet they are willing to try new activities within their chapter as opposed to resting on their past achievements.  We especially applaud their mentoring program and their open officer meetings which encourage more involvement from the members."


Iowa State University
Lyndon State College
Omaha Offutt
Rutgers University
Southwest Pennsylvania
University of Puerto Rico
West Central Florida

Chapter Poster Awards

Regular Chapter Winners Student Chapter Winners

First Place - Anchorage

First Place - Iowa State University

Second Place - Metro Atlanta

Second Place - Millersville University

Third Place - North Florida

Third Place - Southwest Pennsylvania

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