Local Chapter Awards for 2004-2005

Local chapter awards for 2004-2005 will be presented
at the 86th AMS Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA

North Florida

"for their outstanding educational and community outreach activities, such as the extraordinary effort put forth in developing a homegrown K-12 outreach program in the Tallahassee area, including the work undertaken to develop a K-12 chapter in the Tallahassee area, for exceptional service to their members by providing significant scientific talks and social events and for participating in local, and regional science fairs, all of which reflect positively on our Society."

Lyndon State College

"for their incredibly hard work in bringing about the 30th Northeastern Storm Conference, for sponsoring a variety of other scientific talks which connect students with outstanding nationally-known speakers, for sponsoring innovative social events which have done much to create a significant meteorological learning community at the college and for the positive impact on the local community by providing a variety of educational events, all of which reflect positively on our Society."

Cook College
District of Columbia
Iowa State University
Plymouth State University
Texas A&M University

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