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In an effort to promote the Certified Consulting Meteorolgoist Program (CCM), the followiccmng CCMs submitted profiles for publication in the Bulletin of the AMS (BAMS). The profiles are listed alphabetically along with their BAMS publication date.

James M. Caron, CCM (May 2009)

Gerald J. Dittberner, CCM (August 2009)

Charles "Chuck" Doswell, CCM (February 2008)

Bruce A. Egan, CCM (October 2009)

George D. Greenly, Jr., CCM (February 2010)

Paul Gross, CCM (June 2008)

William H. "Bill" Haggard, CCM (January 2008)

Howard Hanson, CCM (March 2008)

Jill F. Hasling, CCM (April 2008)

John Henz, CCM (October 2011)

Jerry Hill, CCM(August 2008)

Dennis Hlinka, CCM (December 2010)

Gale F. Hoffnagle, CCM (September 2010)

John L. Keller, CCM (February 2009)

Paul Knight, CCM (January 2009)

David R. Legates, CCM (February 2011)

Esmaiel Malek, CCM (April 2011)

Robert L. Mahoney, CCM (October 2008)

Bernard N. Meisner, CCM (March 2012)

John P. Monteverdi, CCM (September 2009)

Gerald J. "Gerry" Mulvey, CCM (June 2012)

Jan Null, CCM (April 2009)

Robert J. "Bob" Paine, CCM (July 2009)

Peter Robinson, CCM (May 2008)

Steven A. Root, CCM (September 2008)

Jay S. Rosenthal, CCM (July 2011)

John D. Shewchuk, CCM (March 2011)

Timothy Spangler, CCM (March 2009)

David Sullivan, CCM (September 2012)

William "Bill" Thompson, CCM (December 2009)

Vincent R. Tino, CCM (October 2012)

John Toohey-Morales, CCM (November 2008)

Peter Welby, CCM (November 2010)

Mark Wenclawiak, CCM (August 2011)

Richard J. "Dick" Westergard, CCM (June 2011)

Timothy L. Wilfong, CCM (October 2010)

Stephen M. Wistar, CCM (December 2008)



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