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Commission on the Weather and Climate Enterprise (CWCE)

i. Membership:
· A Commissioner (three-year term on rotating basis from each sector) The Chairpersons of the constituent Committees/Boards

ii. Special Responsibilities and Authority: To develop and implement programs that address the needs and concerns of all sectors of the weather and climate enterprise; promote a sense of community among government entities, private sector organizations, and universities; foster synergistic linkages between and among the sectors; entrain and educate user communities on the value of weather and climate information; and provide appropriate venues and opportunities for communications that foster frank, open, and balanced discussions of points of contention and concern.

The Commission shall establish the following Committees and Boards:
· Commission Executive Committee (CEC)
· Commission Steering Committee (CSC)
· Board on Enterprise Communications (BEC)
· Board on Enterprise Planning (BEP)
· Board on Enterprise Economics and Development (BEED)

Commission Executive Committee (CEC)
· Commissioner plus the Chairs of the three Boards

Commission Steering Committee (CSC) · 20 leaders from the community plus 5 non-voting members (three-year terms, staggered for 1/3 membership change each year. Nominated by the EC in consultation with the CEC and appointed by the Council.)
o Commissioner of CWE
o Chair, BEC
o Chair, BEP
o Chair, BEED
o Seven Senior Members from provider community
o Five Senior Members from user community
o Four Members-at-large selected to ensure balance and diversity o Five ex officio, Non-voting members: AMS President, Executive Director, Professional Affairs, STAC and Education and Human Resources Commissioners

Board on Enterprise Communication (BEC) · To provide appropriate venues to bring together the provider and user communities to learn about, discuss, and provide input concerning issues of short-term nature identified by the Steering Committee. To consist of ten members-at-large; three appointed each year for a three-year term, with the goal of maintaining a balance of members from each of the three providers sectors. Board chair will be appointed by the Commissioner.

Board on Enterprise Planning (BEP) · To review issues identified by the Steering Committee that are of a long-term strategic nature with importance to the enterprise as a whole. To consist of thirteen members-at-large, a chair, and three working groups (WG); WG has one member from each of the three sectors and a fourth from the user community. Board chair will be appointed by the Commissioner.

Board on Enterprise Economics and Development (BEED) · To grow the economic base of the weather and climate enterprise by reaching out to the meteorological community as a whole, identifying user needs, and helping providers meet those needs. To consist of thirteen members-at-large; four members appointed each year for three-year terms. Board chair will be appointed by the Commissioner.

Ms. Mary M. GlackinCommissionerWashington, DC 20230
glackinmm@gmail.comterm expires 2016USA
Terms Expiring 2016
William P. Mahoney , IIIFuture CommissionerNCAR
mahoney@ucar.eduP.O. Box 3000
Boulder, CO 80307
Terms Expiring 2016
Mr. Matthew James Parker, CCMPast CommissionerSavannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC
matt.parker@srnl.doe.govSavannah River National Laboratory
Bldg. 735-7A
Aiken, SC 29808

Committees of the Commission on the Weather and Climate Enterprise



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