Interested in being a member of a STAC Committee or Board?

You can either contact the Chair of a particular Committee/Board or the STAC Commissioner.


Terms of Reference

The Scientific and Technological Activities Commission (STAC) is responsible for keeping watch on the progress of research and operations in the atmospheric, oceanographic, hydrologic, and related sciences. The STAC Commission is composed of 30 committees and is governed by a board including the STAC commissioner, who is appointed for a three-year term by the Council, plus the Chairs of each of the STAC committees of the Society.

The STAC Commission has the following responsibilities, as laid out in the Constitution of the AMS.

To keep watch on the progress of research and operations and to inform the Council of lack of support where support seems to be needed and of cases where important projects are in jeopardy for lack of funds; to be responsible to the Council for receiving and reviewing the reports of the scientific and technological committees and extracting therefrom those items on which the Council should take action and to transmit these to the Council with their recommendations (the original committee reports shall be forwarded to the Council for information); to recommend to the Council the establishment of new committees or the dissolution of those no longer serving a useful purpose; to establish and review the terms of reference of the committees.

Scientific and Technological Activities committees will be established by the Council on the recommendation of the Scientific and Technological Activities Commission to coordinate opinion and stimulate activity in any scientific or technological subject of interest to the Society.

The Scientific and Technological Activities Commission will appoint the chairpersons and members of the committees subject to the concurrence of the Council ex post facto. Terms of appointment are for two to three years as determined by the Commissioner with the privilege of reappointment for a period up to three years.

Each committee will report at least annually to the Commission; each committee within its assigned field is responsible for a continuous review of the Society's general activities and for making such recommendations as appear desirable to ensure that the activity of the Society reflects the importance of and interest in the field of the committee.