Committee on Weather Analysis and Forecasting

Welcome to the AMS WAF Committee website!  If you click on Terms of Reference, you can read about our Aims and Tasks.  We are proud to serve your needs as the AMS focal point for numerical weather prediction and weather analysis and forecast conferences.  We normally host joint WAF/NWP conferences at 18 month intervals so that every third AMS Annual Meeting will include our WAF and NWP conference.  Midway between those events, we host AMS WAF/NWP conferences at varying locations generally in the late spring.

Our committee is a diverse group with the government, academic, and private sectors all represented.  We have a mix of operational forecasters and research scientists.  Our members serve three year terms and the more active members can extend for a second term.  We are one of thirty boards and committees under the Scientific and Technological Activities Commission.

For questions or comments, contact our current committee chair, Clark Evans.

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