Student Awardees


Below is a list of awardees in the categories of student and very early career researcher (i.e., scientists within five years of their highest degree), selected for their poster or oral presentation at the Conference on Mesoscale Processes during the years indicated. Also listed are AMS Student Travel Award recipients, selected based on applications prior to the commencement of each conference.


2017 (San Diego)


1st Place Oral Presentation: Lawrence Hanft, University of Nebraska:  An observational and modeling study of mesoscale airmasses with High Theta-E

2nd Place Oral Presentation: Leah Campbell, University of UtahMechanisms of lake-effect forcing and the Tug Hill precipitation maximum during OWLeS IOP2b

2nd Place Oral Presentation: Hristo Chipilski, University of Oklahoma 2nd Place Oral Presentation: Hristo Chipilski, University of Oklahoma: Understanding MCS-bore interactions through high-resolution data assimilation and numerical simulations

1st Place Poster Presentation: Kathleen M. Magee, University of North Carolina: An observational study on quantifying distance to supercell-boundary interactions in the Great Plains

2nd Place Poster Presentation: Stacey Hitchcock, Colorado State University: Evolution of thermodynamic vertical profiles from pre- and post-convective environments of mesoscale convective systems observed during PECAN


2015 (Boston)


1st Place Oral Presentation: James Ruppert, Colorado State University: The diurnal cycle and large-scale tropical climate

2nd Place Oral Presentation: Brice Coffer, North Carolina State University: Non-tornadic and tornadic VORTEX2 supercell simulations

1st Place Poster Presentation: Yunji Zhang, Peking University: Mesoscale practical predictability of the 20 May 2013 tornadic thunderstorm event in Oklahoma

2nd Place Poster Presentation: Annareli Morales, University of Michigan: Effect of latent heating on mesoscale vortex development during extreme precipitation: Colorado, September 2013

Very Early Career Award: Kristen Rasmussen, National Center for Atmospheric Research: Interactions between the convective lifecycle and terrain in subtropical South America

Student Travel Award: Leah Grant, Colorado State University

Student Travel Award: Gökhan Sever, North Carolina A&T State University


2013 (Portland)


1st Place Oral Presentation: Jonathan Poterjoy, Penn State University: The predictability of tropical cyclogenesis examined through ensemble data assimilation experiments for Hurricane Karl (2010)

2nd Place Oral Presentation: Kristen Rasmussen, University of Washington: The mesoscale organization and dynamics of extreme convection in subtropical South America

1st Place Poster Presentation: Luke Madaus, University of Washington: Contributions of Dense Pressure Observations to Mesoscale Analyses and Forecasts

2nd Place Poster Presentation: Christopher MacIntosh, North Carolina State University: The 6 May 2010 Elevated Supercell Observed During VORTEX2


2011 (Los Angeles)


Best Oral Presentation (tied): Alison Nugent, Yale University: Triggered convection and orographic precipitation in the tropics: control parameters and predictability

Best Oral Presentation (tied): Rebecca Adams-Selin, Colorado State University: Examination of atmospheric waves associated with 13 March 2003 bow echo

Best Poster Presentation: Yumin Moon, University of Miami: Structures of spiral rainbands in numerically simulated tropical cyclones