Weather, Climate, and Society - Journal

Weather, Climate, and Society - Journal

Weather, Climate, and Society, a quarterly journal of the American Meteorological Society, publishes scientific research and analysis on the interactions of weather and climate with society. The journal encompasses economic, policy, institutional, social, behavioral, and international research, including mitigation and adaptation to weather and climate change.

Articles may focus on a broad range of topics at the interface of weather and/or climate and society, including the socioeconomic, policy, or technological influences on weather and climate, the socioeconomic or cultural impacts of weather and climate, ethics and equity issues associated with weather, climate, and society, and the historical and cultural contexts of weather, climate, and society. Because of the interdisciplinary subject matter, articles that involve both natural/physical scientists and social scientists are particularly encouraged.

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Current Issue - Volume 6, Issue 4 (October 2014) (subscription required to view articles)

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“Certain Death” from Storm Surge: A Comparative Study of Household Responses to Warnings about Hurricanes Rita and Ike
Hung-Lung Wei, Michael K. Lindell, Carla S. Prater
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (737 KB) 
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Deaths by Lightning in Mexico (1979–2011): Threat or Vulnerability?
G. B. Raga, M. G. de la Parra, Beata Kucienska
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (1022 KB) 
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Indigenous Knowledge for Environmental Prediction in the Pacific Island Countries
Savin S. Chand, Lynda E. Chambers, Mike Waiwai, Philip Malsale, Elisabeth Thompson
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (84 KB) 
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Adaptability of Mediterranean Agricultural Systems to Climate Change: The Example of the Sierra Mágina Olive-Growing Region (Andalusia, Spain). Part II: The Future
Josyane Ronchail, Marianne Cohen, María Alonso-Roldán, Hélène Garcin, Benjamin Sultan, Stéphane Angles
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (1595 KB) 
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Integrated Weather Effects on Cycling Shares, Frequencies, and Durations in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Lars Böcker, Sofia Thorsson
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (1281 KB) 
482 open access
Weather, Climate, and Resource Information Should Meet the Needs of Sahelian Pastoralists
Laura Vang Rasmussen, Ole Mertz, Kjeld Rasmussen, Hector Nieto, Abdou Ali, Idrissa Maiga
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (1114 KB) 
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Economic Valuation of a New Meteorological Information Service: Conjoint Analysis for a Pollen Forecast System
Joong-Woo Lee, Jinyong Jang, Kwang-Kun Ko, Youngsang Cho
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (147 KB) 
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The Cultural Theory of Risk for Climate Change Adaptation
Shannon M. McNeeley, Heather Lazrus
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (274 KB) 
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Social Media and Severe Weather: Do Tweets Provide a Valid Indicator of Public Attention to Severe Weather Risk Communication?
Joseph T. Ripberger, Hank C. Jenkins-Smith, Carol L. Silva, Deven E. Carlson, Matthew Henderson
Abstract . Full Text . PDF (543 KB)