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Board on Societal Impacts Conference Summaries 2017-18

The 13th Symposium on Societal Applications: Policy, Research and Practice (SOCIETY) included four days of oral presentations and poster sessions at the annual meeting. SOCIETY also was the lead host for three panel sessions. We hosted one poster session, and were joint host on two poster sessions with the 32nd Conference on Hydrology. Our program included 102 oral presentations in sessions, including four joint sessions hosted by SOCIETY along with another conference.

The Sixth Symposium on Building a Weather-Ready Nation: Enhancing Our Nation (6WRN) also sponsored four days of oral presentations, posters and panel discussions at the annual meeting.  6WRN hosted 12 sessions plus one joint session with a total of 79 oral presentations. One panel session focusing on vulnerability and one poster session were also part of the program.

Major Weather Impacts, 2018 had a significant year and ended up with more than a usual one day conference.  Due to the Hurricanes of 2017, the Chairperson ended up working with others to host the Presidential Town Hall on the Devastating Hurricanes of 2017.  There was a full day of Major Weather Impacts (highlighting the wildfires, winter storms, flooding and severe weather of 2018), and a full day of Major Weather Impacts: Hurricanes of 2017.  This included a total of 43 oral presentations and 28 posters.   

The Fourth Conference on Weather Warnings and Communication, held jointly with the Conference on Broadcast Meteorology in Kansas City in June 2017, was another success.  Session topics included social media, communicating climate change, the evolution of the NWS and broadcast meteorology, updates on IBW and FACETS, and working together as partners to serve our publics.  Our Dr. Jen Henderson was a huge help pulling the final program together and has expressed interest in potentially chairing the next iteration of the conference in 2019  (This conference typically occurs every other year, and is expected next in the summer of 2019.)