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2018 AMS Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, 7-11 January 2018

Ninth Conference on Environment and Health 

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Sessions Hosted by/with 9Health: 

Communicating Health and Weather to the Broadcast Media. Chairs: Wendy Marie-Thomas and Kristie L. Ebi

Effectively Engaging and Communicating with the General Public to Reduce Weather and Health Risks. Chairs: John Balbus and Augusta Williams

Making Better Climate and Health Decisions: Equipping heat-health practitioners to translate research into behavior change. Chairs: Hunter Jones and Shubhayu Saha.

Vector-borne Diseases: From basic research to early warning. Chairs: Andy Monaghan and Mary Hayden

Assessments of Air Quality Exposure Variability & Health. Chair: Jennifer Vanos

Health Early Warning Systems: Use of novel technologies and associated costs, benefits, and best practices  Chair: Jeremy Hess

Demystifying Public-Private Partnerships for Predictions in Public Health   Chairs: Juli Trtanj and Aisha Owusu

NASA Earth Observation Systems and Applications for Health and Air Quality Models and Decisions.  Chairs: Sue Estes and John Haynes

Indoor Heat Exposure: Measurements, impacts, and solutions. Chairs: Augusta Williams and Mary Wright

We also welcome any and all submissions dealing with Atmospheric Science and Environmental Health (see Statement of the American Meteorological Society).


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Co-Chairs: Jennifer Vanos:, Kristie L.; Andy Monaghan


Are you interested in engaging with the Board on Environment and Health?  

If you are attending the 98th AMS Annual Meeting and are interested in learning more about the Board on Environment and Health, plan to attend our networking social, occurring on Monday January 8th, 2018 at the Iron Cactus from 7-9pm. Contact for more details! 



Seventh Conference on Environment and Health - Summary

Summary of the Seventh Conference on Environment and Health from the 96th AMS Annual Meeting