Student Awards

First Conference on Atmospheric Biogeosciences & 30th AMS Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 29 May -- 1 June 2012, Boston, MA

The AMS Board on Atmospheric Biogeosciences and the STAC on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology would like to congratulate all student presenters for delivering excellent oral and poster presentations. The quality of your presentations was extremely high and made a significant contribution to the overall conference.

The AMS has awarded the following students with best presentation prizes at the First Conference on Atmospheric Biogeosciences:

Helen Amos: “Anthropogenic perturbations to the biogeochemical cycle of mercury” (Oral, BIOGEO)

Brian N. Bailey: “The Link between Coherent Structures and Particle Transport in Canopy Flows” (Oral, AGFOR)

Andrew Reinmann: “Impacts of a reduced winter snowpack on soil and stem carbon dioxide fluxes in a temperate hardwood forest” (Poster)