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The need to develop efficient and effective methods of collecting information on the enormous advances since World War II for the fields served by the American Meteorological Society is extremely critical. Information on the state of an experiment such as the GATE project could come from the scientists who planned the experiment, students who were on hand to help collect data, the crews of the ships involved, a government official who helped to facilitate international cooperation, or from a maintenance technician. Similarly, a broad range of people could provide critical information about the technology and discoveries that raised public awareness of the threat to the stratospheric ozone layer and brought about legislation to protect it. The development of the Internet now makes it possible for all of these individuals with widely different backgrounds and responsibilities to provide primary materials for developing the history of scientific and technological advances and their operational applications.

We invite you to participate by providing any of the following types of information.

TELL US YOUR STORY: Please share your personal remembrances about any aspect of the topics we have chosen.

ADD YOUR COMMENTS: No two people have the same view of events. Please read what others have posted, and where you can add new information or give an analysis from a different perspective, send your remarks as a "reply."

DOCUMENTS: To preserve an accurate and objective history nothing is so useful as actual documents created during the scientific work — letters, proposals for funding, reports, memos, etc. If you have access to significant documents that are not published or widely available, they are welcome on this site.

If you know of papers in a repository such as an office or archives, please give the address for the benefit of future scholars.

PICTURES: We welcome photographs or other pictorial materials showing people, instruments, locations, or other subjects of historical interest concerning our topics.

Please see How to Contribute if you would like to submit information.

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