Who's Who in GATE? 

Contributed by Anneliese Sherer, a student at Pennsylvania State University

List of individuals
Interview: In-Depth with the Scientists
Graphical comparison

I am investigating some of the main scientists who were involved in the GARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment. My project is to find out about these scientists and look at what they have done since GATE. Some of them are college professors now and others are working for the government. Some were involved in later tropical research projects while the rest moved on to other things. 

I have chosen four researchers who were all at different points in their careers at the time of GATE. Bruce Albrecht was a graduate student, Peggy LeMone was a post doc, and Joanne Simpson and Michio Yanai were scientists. So far, Dr. Simpson and Dr. LeMone have replied to my questions. I have put their answers in this report 

There are a number of other scientists that I have gathered information on. Look at a list of these individuals 

I have also made a graphical comparison of where these individuals were working at the time of GATE to where they are now.  

In the following pages, you will come across a number of different abbreviations for experiments and departments. In order to help keep track of what these abbreviations stand for, I have made a glossary with their meanings. 

Finally, I have also tried to help make it easier to understand the order that different experiments, ones in which these scientists were involved, took place. Therefore, you may go to a timeline of these experiments. 


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