Terms of Reference

The Committee on Radar Meteorology serves as the focus of the Society's national and international activities concerning the use of radar for atmospheric-science applications and research. The committee stimulates and supports the use of radar techniques to study the atmosphere by participating in the plans for and conduct of conferences within North America and abroad, including the series of radar meteorology conferences. It recognizes the broad spectrum of remote sensing techniques and encourages coordinated development and application. The committee also recognizes rapid growth in the operational use of radar by weather forecasting and warning services and seeks to foster the transfer of new technology and techniques. It promotes both research in radar meteorology and wider use of radar in research through interactions with related disciplines. The committee fosters the study of radar meteorology by students in the atmospheric sciences and related engineering disciplines. In addition, the committee advises the Society on matters relevant to the field of radar meteorology by producing statements on technical matters or recommendations regarding policy viewpoints.

The committee also nominates distinguished individual to become Fellows and to receive awards of the Society, including the Remote Sensing and Spiros G. Geotis Prize.