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Our Five Year Plan


1.    Biennial Polar Meteorology and Oceanography conferences:

2017: 14th AMS Conference on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography to be proposed as part of the AMS Annual Meeting.  Polar Meteorology and Oceanography Committee (PMOC) conferences are typically organized separately from the AMS Annual Meeting, which often occurs within a month or two of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall meeting in San Francisco each December.  Since the AGU fall meeting typically has a strong polar focus, many prefer not to attend both AGU Fall, and the AMS Annual Meeting, and opt to attend the former.  However, we note that it has been many years since there has been a strong polar focus at AMS Annual Meetings, and therefore suggest this for 2017, and will work to advertise this early so that it can be considered early by the polar science community.

2019: 15th AMS Conference on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography organized as joint conference with another AMS STAC committee. Date and place to be discussed at a special meeting of the PMOC at the 2017 conference listed above.  Organization for this meeting will commence in 2018.

2.    Short courses 

The PMOC will work to make it broadly known amongst the polar community about the facility for providing short polar courses at AMS Annual Meetings and at separate AMS Polar Meteorology and Oceanography Conferences.  The intent of the committee is to encourage the polar community to use AMS short courses as an avenue for education and outreach in NSF proposals and projects.  

3.    Advocacy

The PMOC will nominate one committee member each year (2015-2018) to take part in an AMS congressional visit.  This is contingent upon a member of the PMOC visiting Washington D.C. at a suitable time and being funded in another capacity for the visit to the area, since no direct funding is available through the AMS, and all members of the PMOC live at distance from the northeast corner of the U.S.A..  However, given that some members of congress poorly understand current and rapid polar changes, we will make every effort to take advantage of congressional visits organized by AMS. 

4.    Glossary of Meteorology Review

The PMOC has noted that many polar terms on the Glossary of Meteorology are outdated, missing or inconsistent.  During the next four years, each committee member will choose one polar term per year that is in need of review or missing from the glossary, and prepare a submission to the editors of the glossary based on consultation with other committee members, and external experts, with a recommendation to update or introduce the chosen term.

6.    Award Nominations

The committee will reinvigorate our efforts to seek out and nominate deserving members of the polar science committee for AMS awards, starting with the 2015 awards.