News and Announcements

The 21st Middle Atmosphere Conference will be held as part of the 102nd AMS Annual Meeting, 23-27 January 2022. Please consider submitting an abstract! We look forward to seeing you in 2022!


The AMS 20th Middle Atmosphere Conference took place in Phoenix, Arizona from January 6-10 2019 as part of the AMS annual meeting. There were 7 Middle Atmosphere Sessions, discussing transport and mixing in the upper troposphere/lower stratosphere, impacts of convection/aerosols in the middle atmosphere, stratospheric ozone, waves and circulation, atmospheric reanalyses and long-term observational datasets, the Quasi-biennial Oscillation, and Future observations of the middle atmosphere. Additionally, we had four poster sessions.

We also had two themed joint sessions, one on the Role of the Stratosphere in Climate Variability, Change, and Prediction; and the other on Stratospheric Ozone, Chemistry, and Climate. Additionally, we had two joint sessions, on Connections between Tropical Convection and the Stratosphere and Whole Atmosphere Coupling during Extreme Events. These sessions were highly beneficial for our community, and allowed us to interact and develop connections with other research communities.

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