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Space Weather Enterprise Activities and Reports

The space weather community is well-represented within the Committee on Space Weather of the Scientific and Technological Activities Commission (STAC).  This committee has hosted over ten years’ worth of scientific discussions at the Conference on Space Weather held every year at the AMS Annual Meeting.  As the space weather community has evolved, there has been keen interest in developing a “space weather enterprise” in much the same manner as the “terrestrial” weather enterprise has developed.  In particular, a strong interest in conducting effective communications between the government, commercial and academic sectors led to the creation of a teamed effort between the AMS Commission on the Weather, Water and Climate Enterprise (CWWCE) and the STAC.  A series of events have taken place, and the meeting summaries are contained under the following links.

Communicating Space Weather Information through the Media

Host: Matt Parker, Savannah River National Laboratory, Aiken, SC, Co-Host, Genene Fisher, NOAA, Silver Spring, MD

Participants:  Mary Glackin, Glackin and Associates, Commissioner, AMS Commission on the Weather and Climate Enterprise, Washington, DC, Tom Champoux, Director of Communications, AMS HQ, Boston, MA, Bill Hooke, Associate Executive Director and Senior Policy Fellow, AMS HQ, Washington, DC, Veronica Johnson, WRC NBC-4, Co-Chair AMS Press Event Team, Washington, DC,  Jacob Wycoff, EarthNetworks and WBRE (part time), Co-Chair AMS Press Event Team, Germantown, MD, Erica Grow, WUSA, Washington, DC, Somara Theodore, WJCL , Savannah, GA, Jason Samenow, Washington Post, Washington, DC, Jeff Newmark, NASA, Director Heliophysics Division, Washington, DC,  Jennifer Rumburg, NASA, Helio-Science liaison and communications specialist, Washington, DC,  Lika Guhathakurta, NASA, Lead Program Scientist for "Living With a Star" (LWS), Washington, DC, Tammy Dickinson, OSTP, Principal Assistant Director for Environment & Energy, Washington, DC, Bill Murtaugh, NOAA, Program Coordinator NWS Space Weather Prediction Center, Boulder, CO, Maureen O’Leary, NOAA, NWS Public Affairs, Silver Spring, MD

Strengthening the U.S. Space Weather Enterprise Panel discussion held at the AMS 2014 Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA

Moderator:   Matt Parker, Savannah River National Laboratory, Aiken, SC

Panelists:  Jon Kirchner, GeoOptics, Boulder, CO, Dave Chenette, NASA, Washington, DC, Brent Gordon, NOAA-NWS, Boulder, CO, Robert Schunk, Utah State University, Logan, UT, Tammy Dickinson, OSTP, Washington, DC

Future Cooperation within the US Space Weather Enterprise Panel discussion held at the 2013 AMS Annual Meeting, Austin, TX

Moderator:  Matt Parker, Savannah River National Laboratory, Aiken, SC

Panelists:  Devrie Intriligator, Carmel Research Center and American Commercial Space Weather Association, Santa Monica, CA,  Edward R. Johnson, NOAA-NWS, Silver Spring, MD, Elizabeth Krajewski, WSI Corporation, Andover, MA, and Jeffrey Love, USGS, Denver, CO