Commission Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise


Terms of Reference

Purpose:  Given that weather adversely affects the surface transportation system by leading to increases in crashes and delays, there is a need to improve the operational performance of the surface transportation system (i.e., mobility and safety under adverse weather conditions) through improved development and integration of advanced weather products and services with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).


Goal:  The goal of the ITS/STC is to continue to build and strengthen the bridge between the meteorological and surface transportation communities to support investments (i.e., design, development, deployment, operations and technology transfer) in inter-disciplinary solutions aimed at reducing human and financial costs of adverse weather on surface transportation system.


Activities: The ITS/STC will develop and participate in the following activities:


Committee Structure: The ITS/STC will be structured as follows:

 The Chair of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) of Surface Transportation Weather shall be invited to serve as an ex officio member of the ITS/ST Committee. 

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