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Purpose:  The AMS established an Ad Hoc Committee on Climate Services in 2006 which successfully became the AMS Committee on Climate Services in 2008.  The committee’s creation and evolution was in response to the growing need to strengthen interactions between the private and public sectors and to improve their ability to connect climate science to decision-relevant questions.  The CCS helped produced an AMS Policy Statement on Climate Services in 2012 to characterize the benefits of climate services and to foster improved delivery of those services. 

The purpose of the Committee on Climate Services (CCS) is to enhance the climate services enterprise in accord with the AMS Policy Statement on Climate Services through a partnership among the government, private, and academic sectors.  The CCS now resides under the BEST (previously the CCS was under the BEC) and the CCS has an on-going goal to gather and organize recommendations to inform and guide the direction of climate services activities.  The CCS provides appropriate venues to consider, discuss, and present recommendations concerning climate services and emerging climate services technologies to both providers and users of climate information. Typically, a summary report will be issued for major events and an annual report on CCS activities will be provided to the Chair of the BEST and CWWCE Commissioner.  As appropriate, the CCS will utilize, or contribute to the enhancement of communication mechanisms used by the AMS such as email distributions and interactive web pages.

Structure:  The six (6) to fifteen (15) members of the CCS should represent the three main sectors of the AMS membership: academic, government, and private sector.  In addition, members from the broad climate services user community should be considered for CCS membership.  Climate service providers at all levels of government and in the private sector should be considered for CCS membership.  Consideration should also be given to ensure broad geographic representation.  Members will generally serve three-year terms, and will be nominated by the CCS Chair for approval by the BEST Chair and CWWCE Commissioner. In some cases, an extension may be granted to a member to ensure that sufficient continuity of the CCS is maintained between successive years. The Chair of the CCS will be appointed by the BEST Chair in consultation with the CWWCE Commissioner.  The Commissioner will approve the Chair of the CCS. 

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