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Ad Hoc Committee on Naming Winter Storms

The Weather Channel (TWC) has been naming winter storms for the past four winters.  The initiative has gotten much interest and discussion within the meteorological community and by the various users (obviously including the public) of winter weather storm and storm forecast information.  A number of other media outlets have had some process of naming winter storms for some time, and last year the Irish Meteorological Service and the UK Met Office began an experimental program of naming winter storms described here.  At the January 2017 Annual Meeting of the AMS, the Committee for Effective Communication of Weather and Climate Information (CECWCI), with the support of the Commission of Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise (CWWCE), voted to form an ad hoc subcommittee for an enterprise wide review and discussion of the winter storm naming issue.

In April 2017, the Ad Hoc Committee on Naming Winter Storms was formed to capture the current thoughts about this topic and review the experiences of storm naming in the UK. The co-chairs are Adam Rainear (UCONN) and Gary Szatkowski (Ret. NWS). The committee membership is listed below.

Adam Rainear - Co-chair (UCONN)

Greg Fishel - Broadcast Met


Megan Linkin - Insurance

Gary Szatkowski Co-chair (NWS Ret.)

Lance Bosart - Academia


Marshall Moss - AccuWeather

Bryan Norcross - Weather Channel

Jen Sprague - NWS

Doug Hilderbrand - NWS


Dave Novak - NWS


Jen Henderson - CIRES

Danielle Kozlowski - Southwest Airlines


Dave Robinson - Climatologist

John Dwyer -EM