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The things that have been important in our own lives set the course for what we choose to leave future generations. When the two of us met in graduate school, we found that we shared a passion for science and its ability to help society progress. It is a passion acquired from our parents, and one we chose to pass on to our children so they can in turn share it with new generations.  

The integrity of science matters, and it does not come for free. Institutions such as AMS are the foundation of that integrity. They curate knowledge in journals, share it at meetings, and enable a community of people dedicated to accomplishing this and far more. In its first century, AMS set a high standard for advancing the integrity of knowledge. Furthering that advance during the next century requires each of us to contribute in ways that ensure AMS extends its role as an innovative leader among scientific and professional societies.

—Elke Meier and Bill Gail

Elke Meier and Bill Gail


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Stephanie Armstrong
Associate Executive Director
American Meteorological Society

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