AMS Giving Program

Making AMS a beneficiary or a partial beneficiary of an estate is easy and clear. A simple codicil, or addendum, is all a donor needs. AMS can provide wording and instructions for making such a change. A donor can add to a will in several ways:

  • Leave an outright gift of money in your will
  • Leave a percentage of your estate
  • Make the residual beneficiary of your estate
  • Leave a specific asset in your estate (a piece of real estate, interest in a business, stock account, a savings account, a bond fund, etc.)

Example: As John would like to leave a legacy, he adds a codicil to his will providing that 10% of his estate, after the specific bequests he makes to family and friends, goes to AMS. John knows that he has provided a long-term benefit to a cause important to him.


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