AMS Reduces Color Charges by 40% to $90 Per Piece

Another chunk has been taken out of one of the most significant financial impediments to publishing: the cost of print color figures.  It is a long way from the days a decade ago when the charge for the first color piece was $750.   Most recently, the color charge for authors who paid page charges in full was $150 per piece.  As of 1 May 2011 AMS has reduced that charge by 40% to $90 per color piece.  And we don’t intend to stop there.  As reduced print runs allow us to increasingly take advantage of reduced color charges afforded by digital printing additional savings will be passed on to our authors.  Many authors have wondered why we can’t simply run color in the electronic version of the journals (at essentially no additional cost) while limiting print content to black and white— that would result in a degraded print product and would be inconsistent with AMS journal quality standards as set by the AMS Council.  This latest reduction in color prices reflects our continuing effort to publish visually vibrant journals of the highest quality no matter whether one is reading the print or electronic  version.