Reviewer Guidelines for Review Articles in AMS Journals

Peer review reports for Review articles should be approached slightly differently than for regular articles. In addition to the overall Reviewer Guidelines for AMS Journals, please consider the following points:

  • Being a Review, the manuscript does not necessarily need to have original content. But, the content of the Review should present the work in a manner in which it has not been synthesized previously. Does the Review, through its synthesis, bring new perspective to the topic?
  • Does the Review provide a comprehensive breadth across the topic, rather than being narrowly focused around one particular group of researchers or a small number of groups?
  • Is the Review timely?
  • Is the scope of the Review well defined?
  • Where relevant, does the Review lay out future research opportunities?
  • Where relevant, does the Review portray controversies and conflicts accurately and from a balanced perspective?
  • Where relevant, does the Review describe the limitations and strengths of previous research?